Your Afternoon Animal Fix + Update on Pregnant Stray Cat

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

“Mugsly checking in from U Street”

“Pan from H Street decides to make herself comfortable”

“Chester – the one-eyed, watermelon-loving English Bulldog”

Update on Stray Pregnant Cat after the jump.

“Dear PoPville,

A few commenters expressed interest in adopting the cat so I wanted to tell people that she has found a permanent home. Through the original post I got connected to the Alliance for Stray Animals and People. Marilyn, a volunteer with the organization, trapped the cat and took her to the WARL clinic where she was spayed & given some other health treatments like a rabies shot and ear mite cleaning. She recovered in our basement for a couple of days and now our friend has adopted her. Even though she’s moved to a condo downtown, we’re calling her Cleopatra, Princess of Petworth. I would like to personally thank Joanna and Marilyn of ASAP, and Michelle of Dogs XL in Baltimore who connected me to ASAP. The animal rescue community is a very caring and committed bunch and I encourage others to seek out ASAP or other rescue groups if you have a similar situation or would like to adopt an animal. I know it’s just one small step but I feel good that this little lady found a home. And thanks to PoPville!”

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  • Our thanks to you, cat rescuer, for taking action! Now this little girl will have a happy and healthy life with loving owners.

    She looks remarkably like a small family of strays that I feed in Petworth. I’d lay odds that they’re related.

  • Thanks for sharing Cleopatra’s happy ending story! Kudos to all involved.

  • Chester is awesome!

  • binpetworth

    Ha! My cat loves that same position that Pan is in–and it’s hard to get a 13-pound weight off your chest.

    And Chester and Mugsly are adorable.

  • Yes, thanks cat rescuers!!!

  • Holy God, Chester is the shit!

  • I want to hug all of them

  • Wait.. this might be obvious but, wasn’t she pregnant? Did she have her kittens? Spaying a pregnant cat kills her kittens.

  • My guess is that she got a kitty abortion. Not sure why that bothers me as much as it does. My sister took her cat to be spayed and it ended up having an abortion, but neither my sister nor the vet knew the cat was pregnant before starting the procedure.

    • I share your sense of unease on this.

      If the cat was obviously pregnant, it seems like she ought to have been allowed to have her kittens and THEN spayed.

      • jebus people, it’s just a cat

      • Given the hundreds and hundreds of kittens up for adoption in this area many cat groups spay pregnant cats up to a certain point in their pregnacy. (If you question this, I would be happy to send you the euthanasia list at Prince George’s Animal Management Division which weekly includes beautiful kittens of all shapes and breeds which shows there is no shortage of adoptable kittens).

        If they are far along or have a medical reason not to, they let them give birth and adopt out the kittens. Perhaps the OP thought the momma was farther along than she was.

        I am not a kitty expert so cat rescuers may have more details (or stats) to share.

        Glad everything worked out for this little princess!

        Dogs XL

      • Except that I contacted every single animal organization in DC, MoCo, and NoVa (including Alliance for Stray Animals and People) when I had trapped and spayed (with my own time and money) one feral cat and two feral kittens, and no one would adopt them. After three months I let them back out (I’m allergic), and one was killed by a car, and I haven’t seen another one for months.

      • Oh please, pro life rally. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find homes for ALL the animals that are ALREADY in need right now?

        Unless, of course, you care to adopt them all… spare me.

  • on related note, has anyone recently adopted a stray but friendly black and white male cat (neutered, ear clipped) in petworth, in the decatur-emerson-farragut area between 2nd and 5th NW. he has a tiny white tip on his all black tail. i feed him but would be glad to know someone has taken him in [last time i saw him, he’d been away for a while and looked like someone had bathed and brushed him].

  • Okay – so this opinion won’t be popular, but I’m astounded this pet feature has lasted this long.
    I’m just BORED by it.
    And, frankly, when dogs are seen as a controversial (perhaps unfairly so) symbol of gentrification I’m amazed this feature is so prominent all the time on POP.

    I get it. It’s easy. People send it in and it writes itself. You don’t have to get a model release from a cat.

    But I didn’t start reading this blog to see pictures of other people’s pets. I wanted to learn about our community. I know some people connect through animals, but I’m not one of those people.

    I’d love to see as many pictures of human faces from the neighborhood as we do of buildings and dogs.

    The dog owners already meet each other at the dog park. Any chance of making this feature less prominent? Perhaps a weekly feature? Or spinning it off into it’s own blog? Pets of Petworth? It feels like the photographic equivalent of the “My child is in the honor society” bumper sticker. Great for the kid it honors. A bit obnoxious for the rest of us.

    I fear the we’re doing nothing to dispel the myth that young professionals in the city are only interested in dogs, happy hours and property values. I know many people on here are motivated by deeper and more interesting values than that. The Danny Harris series is the kind of rich storytelling I appreciate on regular basis from PoP and would love to see more of.

    • I love the afternoon animal fix! I can’t have animals due to my family’s allergies, but I love to see all the animals that live in my neighborhood up here. ^_^ They make me happy.

    • jburka

      It’s really too bad there isn’t some magical way to skip past the AAF as you read the blog…you know, like SCROLLING PAST IT. Which you can totally do.

      It’s not some socio-economic statement. It’s a bunch of cute animals that can make you smile toward the end of a work day.

      And it’s not like PoP is dropping any posts to be able to include these. Blogging is not a zero-sum game.

      “A bit obnoxious for the rest of us.” Actually, what’s obnoxious is when you try to speak for the rest of us.

    • i am also baffled by the love of animal pictures.

      but i just ignore these posts and when friend pass on the oh-so-cute-you-must-watch-this animal videos they find on youtube.

      but whatever, i like “door of the day” and “sweet transoms”, even “sweet city signs”. and people hardly ever comments on those.

      there are definitely enough posts on here to keep people entertained no matter what they like.

  • I love afternoon animal fix. Sometimes I’m having a not so nice day like today and I come across a picture of Chester and the day all of a sudden is not that bad. This is usually the DMZ for sugar coated comments and not the normal negativity and 20/20 hindsight that permeates the rest of the internet. Thanks PoP for this.

    I might be bias but I do think Ernie should have his own website.

    Chester is so damn cute I can’t stand it. I’m going to ride my bike around today looking at houses, stop at a happy hour and try to find Chester so I can hug the living hell out of him.

    • That’s fair. Maybe it could be 3 times a week?

      • Seriously? Your life is so diminished by Animal Fix that you want UN negotiations over the number of times it appears each week? You can SKIP IT if you don’t like it! This is the weirdest series of posts in the world. Why would anyone even bother to post that they don’t like this? How much more time out of your life than the 1.3 seconds it takes to SKIP IT!!! each day???

        • I get it. I skip it all the time. But frankly, every time I go to PoP and this shows up first I click away. I don’t scroll down. I navigate elsewhere. That’s why I posted. I had navigated away from PoP and wondered to myself “Wait, have I looked at PoP yet today? What’s going on there today?” I clicked back. Here was my exact thought process “Shoot. Dogs! I already saw this. That’s why I navigated away. Pictures of dogs. Maybe PoP and others would like to know that some people don’t like this. Maybe they’d like to know that in some cases it might cause people to stop viewing PoP.”

          It’s been going on for months. For months I’ve been clicking away. I thought I’d speak up and say that this was the case on the off-chance that others felt the same. This feature annoys me. It’s worth pointing out. I’m not gonna be a troll on every animal-related post. But I thought I’d share my two cents. Nuff said.

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