WMATA Metro Map Survey

Photo of Metro System Map, 1996 by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

“Dear PoP,

Can you inform your readers that WMATA has released a survey to gauge DMV response to a revamped metro map including the silver line? I think it’s incredibly important to get opinions.”

You can take the survey here.

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  • Is it really “incredibly important?” Even if I don’t like the way the map is drawn I’m just going to grumble to myself for half a second and then just get on the train.

    • I think it’s critically important that they get their system running, their escalators operating and staff working efficiently.

    • Opinions may vary on whether it’s “incredibly important.” I think if you use Metrorail then it’s important. If there’s a good chance you will complain about the new map when it comes out, then I would say it’s very important.

      • andy

        I took the survey. It felt “more useful than not.” I might even say it was “worth three minutes’ productivity loss at the office.”

        I just laugh about importance inflation. If this survey is “incredibly important,” how important is putting on the right pair of socks in the morning?

        • Point taken about “importance inflation.” But I do think there are a lot of folks with, um, strong opinions in this town and if WMATA (or whoever) is actually asking for them, they should get them.

    • the point is that design of public stuff like this IS important, whether you recognize it or not. maybe we should replace roadsigns with comic sans in yellow on a red background and you’ll change your tune.

  • Are we all happy with the DMV thing? I think it’s confusing. It doesn’t irritate me as much as, say, CoHi, but it is irritating and confusing.

    • No, I am not happy with DMV, CoHi, FroYo, or any such abbreviations. Maybe I’m old school (or just old) but I like using actual names to refer to actual places and things. Catchy abbreviations usually seem to me trying too hard to be hip and clever.

      Also, get off my lawn.

      • Totally agree! Can’t stand the “CoHi” thing or the “DMV” thing. This ain’t Manhattan.

        I also can’t bring myself to abbreviate, even when I’m texting. Old man.

        Do you want to meet in the park and play checkers?

        • I always thought DMV meant Dept. of Motor Vehicles and wondered why so many DMV employees were always posting on Craigslist. I only recently learned what it meant. I guess I am just not hip.

          • Craigslist was where I first started seeing it too, and I was wondering the same thing at the time. I also thought the MPD were the police in Maryland.

        • Right so I guess we are supposed to call the DMV the DepMoVeh. I also hate CaBi – makes no sense and is the same number of syllables as Bikeshare.

        • saf

          No, I would rather play backgammon.

    • What does “DMV” mean in this context? I seriously cannot figure it out. (I generally think Dept. of Motor Vehicles)

  • I don’t care whether or how they change the map, I just want them to fix the two broken escalators at the east entrance to Columbia Heights station!

  • I think it’s good they’re getting public feedback – they’re definitely a more participatory organization than others in the region. Not that it’s incredibly important if I end up taking a silver or a hot pink line to Dulles, but it’s nice to be asked.

    • notlawd

      +1 worth the few minutes even though I am not a regular metro rider. I immediately thought “how nice, they are adding symbols for the stations that have parking” then I realized that they have always been there just in another form and I never notice. So I even learned something!

  • I appreciated being able to provide feedback because I often watch tourists staring at the map trying to plan their route. I think it is important for it to be clear and to maintain some of its iconic value. We gripe a lot about Metro, but every day the Yellow Line gets me to work and back with little or no incident. Yeah, I wish all the escalators worked, but they don’t.

    • +1. Those of us who use it on a regular basis have little use for the map, but it’s extremely important that it makes sense to tourists and other visitors with as little learning curve as possible.

  • I read in some article the designer of the map wants to call the silver line the “cherry blossom line”. I went to vote for silver right after I read that. there are a bunch of proposed aesthetic changes too.

    and what are you guys talking about, of course it’s important. maybe not now, when you have your metro routine down pat, but how about when they add service? (like from franconia to up the yellow) or you have visitors in from out of town? it’s not like they’re paying people to take the survey, and they have to change the maps anyway…

  • There is something interesting going on in the survey. Lance Wyman recently said he didn’t want to use silver for the new metro line. He wants to use pink. But the survey lists orange, silver, or ‘another color’. Interesting that they didnt list the color the designer wants to actually use. Possibly when the results are in, WMATA can point to them and say, “See Lance, nobody wants another color, they want silver or orange…”

    Even if no one claims to care about the survey or the map, the color of the future line is an interesting conversation to have, no?

    • I think so. I heard about the “Cherry Blossom” thing on the news and that they tried to do something similar in LA. I personally think it sounds like a Disney ride. I like silver line because it reminds me of sleak brushed metal, like an airplane.

  • See also a bunch of comments on the Metro map, survey, etc. from within a Rant/Revel thread from last week, starting here:


  • I just got around to taking the survey.

    I was a little disappointed that there was no opportunity to provide written comments, only multiple-choice questions… but it’s still a good thing that they’re seeking public input.

    I suspect whatever they end up doing with the map, they’re still going to need additional signage to explain the peculiarities of the Yellow Line (so someone at Columbia Heights isn’t standing at the platform during rush hour and wondering why the board lists only Green Line trains).

  • I thought the silver line was cool sounding but once I saw it on the map, I thought it looked gray and dull (compared to the other colors already on the map). I would pick another color…maybe hot pink!

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