Win 2 Tickets to Wilco Sept. 25th at Merriweather

Wilco is playing Merriweather on Sept. 25th and I’m psyched to be able to give away 2 tickets. Though to be honest I hate giving away these tickets because I love Wilco but I hope this will make up for my being away last week. I’ll announce a winner on Friday afternoon. To enter just let me know your favorite Wilco song/album/story or just tell us a random good story about anything or, as always, you can just let me know why you want to go in the comments. Good luck!

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  • Not only do I love Wilco, but I found the perfect family to babysit for. While working at a summr camp, twin 4 year oldsd got out of the car with their dad, both wearing kid-size Wilco t-shirts. To see little munchkins repping one of my favorites warmed my heart, and I talked to the dad and have spent most Saturday afternoons with them since! It’s amazing that these kids already have such great taste in music. 🙂

  • My random sob story: My basement apartment flooded in the storms last week and my management company won’t do anything to fix the issue, so all my stuff is molding, and I’m currently sitting on the phone on hold with the DC Office of the Tenant Advocate…

    My favorite Wilco song is their rendition of ‘California Stars’ because “I’d like to rest my heavy head on a bed of California stars” instead of dealing with this nightmare.

  • Honestly the best Wilco song is an Uncle Tupelo song. But then again, I’m a Heavy Metal Drummer who is cooler than Jesus, Etc.

    Really I’m just a bassist in a punk band…but whatever. I saw Wilco and Sonic Youth play at DAR and boy was I disappointed with Wilco. Maybe a free show can make up for Jeff Tweedy’s migraine that night.

  • How to Fight Loneliness. Brilliant!

  • Do you think they’ll play a lot of their old stuff? Because the past couple albums have been total garbage, in my opinion.

  • Because I love Wilco and I can’t think of a better way to pre-party like it’s 5772.

    Honestly, PoP, I think you should keep them for yourself (giving them to me would be a close second).

  • Being There–love the whole album.

  • I wanna go because the last time you gave away Wilco tickets, I accidentally entered the contest two years late!

  • My favorite Wilco song is Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway(again)from Summerteeth and always reminds me of the amazing summer I had in 2004, when I was working as a server before my junior year of college. That song (and album) will always bring me back to that beautiful summer where I drove up with my friends and saw Wilco in Milwaukee. Great memories….

  • You should give me the tickets, because my ex-girlfriend and I loved Wilco and she got the tickets when she dumped me. Plus, I’m not above bribing you with the other ticket since I don’t have her to go with anyway.

  • Who cares about Wilco? ITS NICK LOWE !!!!!!!!!

  • California Stars! Would love to see them live.

  • i listened to the Minutemen in high school, and then fIREHOSE once they formed. they had a song called In Memory of Elizabeth Cotton. one of my favorite songs, but i had no idea who she was.

    I moved to Chapel Hill, NC in the early 1990’s and started going to the newly reopened Cats Cradle in Carborro. Right behind the Cats Cradle was the “Libba Cotton Bikeway”. Since i didn’t have a car, i rode my bike all around there. i thought that it was very odd and I was intrigued about who she was.

    I started to learn more about Elizabeth Cotton. She was a folk signer from Carborro, just a few blocks from the club. She had written a slew of songs at a really young age, then got married to a man that thought music was from the devil and she gave it up… at least that’s the story i was told when asking around about her.

    her songs got a bit of notoriety and when she was much older she came out and said, Hey i wrote those songs.” one was about a freight train that ran through carborro. there used to be a coffee shop in a caboose along those tracks, right near the cats cradle. I saw Uncle Tupelo playing there during the time that a guy from Zen Frisbee was painting a portrait of Libba Cotton on the back wall of the place.

    When i moved to DC i lived in the Chevy Chase area and learned that after She had gotten married she moved to Chevy Chase. Then i felt a stranger connection because i learned that she worked at the Landsburg Department store and i was working in the Landsburg! i felt this connection to the woman whom i only learned about because she had a song written about her death. the first time i saw her image was when i was listening to Uncle Tupelo, the band the Wilco spun off from.

    maybe thats a weak story, but I would like to go see wilco, and i will think of the ghost of libba cotton.

  • My dad introduced me to Wilco. My dad is a silent, thinking man who often speaks with actions rather than words- his recommendation was a perfect example of who he is as a person.
    One day I was visiting home from college and I decided I need to expand my musical tastes. I started going through my dad’s CDs and importing them onto my computer- mainly Bob Dylan and other classics. I stepped away to hang out with friends or do some similar 19 year old activities and when I got back to my laptop Mermaid Avenue was sitting on top of my “to burn” pile.
    Now whenever we are driving and I turn on Wilco we both smile.

  • Jesus, Etc. Done and done. (Thanks for the contest!)

  • I love Wilco so much, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot especially. I’ve followed them around from Wolf Trap to Birmingham, Alabama for their first ever performance in that state. Only Wilco could make it worthwhile to venture out to Merriweather!

  • My reasoning will probably seems “too convenient,” but, hand-to-god, it’s all true.

    First, their new album, “The Whole Love,” drops two days after this show, which also happens to be my birthday…so, what a birthday present it would be!

    Second, this show is on my parents’ wedding anniversary.
    As a native Chicagoan, I’ve been a huge fan of these hometown heroes pretty much since I’ve been conscious of good music. And I have my folks to thank for fostering my love of the band, for they accompanied me to my first Wilco show. Since that show, they to have become big fans of the group. Thus, I think it’d be a pretty cool way to bring it all together; I know they would love that I’m celebrating their anniversary at Wilco.

    Favorite song…”Kingpin” off of “Being There.” It’s just solid, driving, but simple alt-country-rock.

  • i discovered wilco shortly before ‘yankee hotel foxtrot’ was released, when Jane magazine put ‘i’m the man who loves you’ on the sampler cd included with their yearly music issue. i fell in love with wilco immediately, and it’s still my favorite song of theirs.

  • Song: I’m the man who loves you
    Album: Yankee hotel foxtrot
    Story: I actually first heard of Wilco when I was staying with my ex gf at the apartments featured on the cover art for this album. One of the best Chicago bands!

  • “I am trying to break your heart” or “”Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key” off the Mermaid Avenue album. I know the latter isn’t exactly a Wilco song I love it just the same!

  • Wilco is hands down my favorite band. Although it may not be their best, my favorite album is Sky Blue Sky. I am not sure I can have just one favorite song but Radio King, by Golden Smog is consistently of my favorite Tweedy songs.

  • Years ago when I first met a buddy of mine from Chicago and we were sizing up each others’ tastes in music, he mentioned that he was bonkers for Wilco and gave me a couple albums to peruse. For whatever reason it didn’t stick immediately, but when I first sat down and listened through Kicking Television it kicked my ass. God, that was an awful pun.

    No joke, though, I got heavily into Wilco and then moved onto looking into side projects and earlier bands of the members intensely as well. I’ll always identify Northern Kentucky with driving around listening to No Depression.

    Anyhoo, my favorite song is still Spiders as heard on Kicking Television, and I’d just be tickled pink to get to see Wilco at Merriweather.

  • Many of the best nights of my life have involved Merriweather or Wilco. I can’t imagine how great a night it could be if I combined both of those things.

  • I used to run a music blog and I often got photo pass credentials to shoot the bands so I had pictures to go along with my live show reviews. When Wilco played at the 9:30 Club a few years ago, I had gotten on the list for their opener, Melomane. When I got to the will call booth to claim my photo pass, the woman running the booth handed me my pass for Melomane, and then paused and looked at me. She said, “Some magazine photographer didn’t claim his photo pass for Wilco, he just wanted the guest list ticket. Do you want his photo pass too?” I nearly died right there. Of course I wanted the photo pass, Wilco is one of my favorite bands it’s hard to get on their list. I snatched that pass right up and got to spend 15 or so glorious minutes standing inches from the band as they began their set. I distinctly remember getting the side-eye from Jeff Tweedy, as I was in front of the barrier with two or three other photographers who were clearly professionals while I was not. I’m sure he was wondering how I managed to get in. Regardless, it was great fun and one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Sadly, I haven’t seen them live since.

  • Allow me to go into annoying, I-was-into-that-band-before-they-got-big mode.

    I grew up in St. Louis in the 80s and early 90s. My high-school years coincided with the too-short life of Uncle Tupelo, the great country-punk band that Jeff Tweedy started with his high-school friend Jay Farrar. But I missed out; one of my biggest regrets is never having seen Uncle Tupelo play live, despite growing up a couple of miles from a club they played all the time.

    I was a freshman in college when Wilco’s first album, A.M., came out. I bought it and instantly fell in love – both back in time with Uncle Tupelo, and forward in time as Wilco grew and evolved sonically. I have seen Wilco play 12 times over the years, and they remain my favorite band.

    There are so many great Wilco songs that it seems unfair to pick one favorite. But since first loves hit you the hardest, I’m going with “Passenger Side,” a poignant and funny number about a chronic drunk driver who’s had his license suspended. It’s on A.M., of course.

  • I would love to go because I’ve been a fan of Wilco for years and haven’t been to a real concert in ages!

  • I’d love to go for the remote chance they perform My Humps.

  • Mermaid Avenue is my favorite album, though I like the all, Wilco just makes me smile.

  • Saw Wilco for the first time during a concert in Dublin, Ireland and was won over by their performance of “California Stars” – so good!

  • Sky Blue Sky is my favorite album.

    I was living with a good friend of mine who was helping get back on my feet after a rough patch for all intents and purposes leveled me.

    In addition to providing me with a very cheap place to live and much needed companionship he introduced me to Wilco via Sky Blue Sky.

    Whenever I listen to that album now, I am reminded of my great friends who were there for me when I needed them the most and of everything they did for me to get me back on my feet.

    • YES! They totally peaked with Sky Blue Sky. And almost every album before that one was good, as well. Nowadays, they just seem to be content with getting old and inching ever closer to the County Fair Circuit. What happened, did they all get married and have kids or something?

  • A few years ago, I spent about five months working day and night preparing to submit my dissertation. I spent many nights curled up with Jeff Tweedy and a treatise on the Law of the Sea Convention. Sky Blue Sky was one of the very few albums that I could enjoy while reading and writing. On top of that, I was living in Berlin, so I knew like, two people total. “Impossible Germany” – and the entire album – got me through a tough, lonely summer. It’s an album that I never tire of. I have never seen them live, but I would LOVE to see them at Merriwether.

  • i’ll trade you those two for a pair for Bryan Ferry at Strathmore (10-3)…i got extras by mistake….

    • oh, and spouse loves Wilco more than Ferry (or me), so i can score some real points with the spousal unit if you swap with me.

  • I love Airline to Heaven. I spent 3 months in Switzerland and this was my theme song. It was the background to every flight I took around Europe as well as on my jogging-in-the-alps mix. It will forever take me back there.I want to see them again!

  • I swore to my wife I will never ever never ever go back to Merriweather after the last concert. That was five years ago. I will break that promise for this.

    A friend and I picked up A.M. to drive west. We were headed to be ski bums in Colorado. A.M. was the perfect car trip ride. We had to burn it to a tape, because my car only had a tape deck. Tom Petty Echo-incidently is also a perfect car trip record.

    As ski bums we got to live the dream for 3 months. It was life changing. 3 months doesn’t sound like much, but I can always go back to those days and it will always bring a smile to my face. The soundtrack is always the same “Casino Queen, “Passenger Side”, etc. The whole album will always hold a special place in my life.

    And on top of that I was and always will be a “Sandwich Artist” as a ski bum. Hint from an insider: Always put Parmesean cheese on your sub.

    Wilco will always be my cartrip band. And for a trip to Merriweather, I’ll need it.

  • I heard my first Wilco song – She’s a Jar – when I was in college in 2002, and have loved them ever since. I have unsuccessfully tried to buy tickets for every show in the DC area since I moved her in 2004, but have never able to get through Ticketmaster or whatever other online ticketing site is used.

  • Jesus, Etc.

  • Favorite Wilco song: The Jolly Banker.
    Why I should win: PoP is my favorite blog and I read it every single freakin day.

  • I also love Yankee Hotel Foxtrot — what an amazing album!!

  • It’s California Stars, naturally.

  • A couple weeks ago I listened to nothing but Wilco all week. Just put the CDs in the player and pressed RANDOM. Then added a Wilco station on Pandora. That week the song California Stars really struck me because a woman from CA had recently made out with me at the Black Cat. I made it my ringtone for a week or two, learned the guitar riff, the whole bit.

    But historically my fave might be Heavy Metal Drummer, because I’m a sucker for a great pop song.

    And where is the love here for my man Nick Lowe? What a bill!

  • sky blue sky – will always remind me of back home. great album.

  • Yankee Hotel Foxtrot! Love it all… seriously, I can’t pick just one! Reservations was definitely my break-up song of 2003.

  • “on and on and on” from sky blue sky is so sad yet beautiful

  • The opening track of Yankee, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”… Gets me every time! Kind of chilling and calming at the same time… And beautiful, of course :]

  • When my best friend and I moved to NYC, on a whim, and were instantly poorer than we’d ever thought we would be, I saved up and bought two tickets to see Wilco at Radio City. We ended up sitting in the last balcony row and the band were like ants from our view, but the music enveloped us just perfectly. After months of the Big Apple beating us up, Sarah and I had three hours of reprieve in the form of Jeff Tweedy and the band playing us songs we knew and loved. I was transfixed, tears streaming down my face. A perfect moment in this imperfect world.

  • First things first! Favorite song: “Company in My Back.” Hard to choose amongst so many gems, but this is a perfect example of the band’s stylistic/songwriting genius. I like to imagine Jeff Tweedy (and sometimes myself) as a fly buzzing around singing it. Perhaps the song is more of a metaphor, but I enjoy my own interpretation way too much to find out.

    I’ve never won tickets to anything. If that doesn’t cripple you with pity, you should also know I’ve unconsciously pissed myself twice in the front seat of my car. Twice. In both instances, I passed out and spent the night in the driver’s seat of my ’98 Camry after drunkenly stumbling out of whatever house party I was attending (no doubt seeking a few minutes of air conditioning), only to awake to confusion and dampness. No amount of Febreze can right that wrong.

    Incidentally, I don’t own a car anymore.

    Because I have no friends willing to accompany (read: drive) me to the show (leading me to conclude that all my friends are turds), my plan was to rent a car and drive to Maryland to see one of my favorite bands live for the first time alone on a sailboat towel. No one should have to do that!

    BUT NOW YOU’VE PRESENTED THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! After learning that I might possibly have two free tickets, a very dear, un-turd-like friend has agreed to join me and drive us both to the show. It is with great humility (and a weak bladder) that I ask you to make this dream a reality.

  • My favorite Wilco song? It depends. Right now, right this second, the song that I would most love to hear is Impossible Germany, live – when Nels does his guitar solo live, it’s always different, always perfect. Earlier this month, I couldn’t stop singing Passenger Side. But then there’s Via Chicago, or A Shot in the Arm, or Hate It Here, or Walken or Far, Far Away. And Spiders – the song that turned me into a Wilco fanatic when I saw them perform it at Merriweather in 2005. How to choose just one?

  • Please help, PoP. Jeff Tweedy is my Dark Lord and Master, and he will psychologically mistreat me somehow if I fail to pay due homage by attending the concert at Merriweather. Like this summer’s Solid Sound Festival, held outdoors at Mass MoCA. It was raining, everyone was drenched, and so the crowd wasn’t participating as enthusiastically as Tweedy would have liked in the synchronized clapping portion of the program, leading him to scold us, “I should think it would be fairly obvious what you should be doing right now.” Or, something to that effect. Smartass. What kind of fan interaction is that?

    Having said all that, Wilco is my favorite band despite/because of Tweedy’s sarcasm, and I would quite like to see them again at Merriweather. Please help, PoP. Help save me from Tweedy’s wrath!

    Oh, and Hummingbird’s good, by the way.

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