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  • because I just found out I lost my job and I need to get outside and DANCE.

  • I like dags.

  • because i’m still sore about the show he never showed up for in Portland, ME back when he was still Raycharles Lamontagne.

  • I heard the word, its going all around town. Listen to me beg and plead…. I work like the devil every night and everyday, bustin’ my back just to make my pay. So, Can I come home for the summer? I could slow down for a little while. Get back to loving each other. Leave all those long and lonesome miles behind??

  • Ray LaMontagne is my long lost brother. I want to jump on stage and let him know in a cathartic burst of emotion. Please, let me tell him… before it’s too late…

  • Because we used a song of his as our wedding song last summer and we have never had the opportunity to see him Live! That also happens to be within a week of my birthday!

  • Because I missed my friends birthday a few weeks back and she really wants to go to this show and I want to take her to make it up to her!

  • because I looove his babymakin music, & haven’t been able to go to any good shows this summer!

    • My husband and I have been using his “Songs for Conception” album for so long that it’s become a real turn-off, so no baby yet, but if it works for you, then congrats 🙂

  • Because the weather might actually finally be cool enough for me to actually enjoy an evening at Merriweather!

  • tterrag

    I just discovered Ray LaMontagne’s cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” and loved it! I would love to hear more of Ray’s music.

    If you’d like to hear Ray’s cover mentioned above, listen at http://goo.gl/Rpn9e.


  • 1 – I need an exposure to Ray, much like a kid learning to swim – drop me in.

    2 – I’m absolutely obsessed with Brandi Carlile’s music. “Give Up the Ghost” is such a spectacular album.

  • 1. He’s Awesome!
    2. His hometown is my Mom’s hometown. What up Nashua!
    3. Who else can sing and write song about putting “tomatoes on the griddle” and still have it be one of the best songs that came out last year.
    4. I’m broke, but would really, really like to go.
    5. Pretty, pretty please!

  • I am willing to beg, steal, or borrow two tickets to see the Pariah Dogs! Your choice, prince….

  • Because Henry nearly killed me,
    before they hauled his ass to jail.
    Slapped me right across my face,
    with a flour sack full o’ nails.

  • Because Ray LaMontagne’s songs have been the soundtrack to my life for the past 7 years but I haven’t had a chance to see him yet and because it’s my best friends birthday that day and it would make her life complete if we won these tickets.

  • because my new fiance just bought me a really pretty ring and he is a huge Ray LaMontagne and Brandi Carlile fan

  • Because I love Ray LaMontagne, his music set the soundtrack to our wedding, and next week my hubby and I celebrate anniversary #2!!

    • Damn you Jennifer! You beat me to it. Ray’s “You are the Best Thing” was our first dance at our wedding. Would be lovely to dance to it in person.

    • Jennifer, you beat me to it. Ray’s “You are the Best Thing” was our first dance at our wedding. Would be lovely to dance to it in person.

  • Because i LOVE him. he sings the blues like no white man can! I saw him on Storytellers and he actually TALKED. he is super shy usually. Please choose me! It’s been a loooong hot summer and I would love to see that show.

  • Because his music is perfect for fall and makes me feel drunk off happiness!

  • Because I am awesome. And Ray is awesome. So we have lots in common.

  • because he is awesome and I haven’t been to a concert this summer

  • Because my beautiful daughter was conceived while listening to the song “Baby Batter,” and my son was conceived while listening to “You Are The Best Thing.”

  • I don’t want to beg, steal, or borrow. Besides that would just get me in trouble. Oh Prince, you are the best thing. So please, you’ll be forever my friend if you just let it be me.

  • “Let it be me” melts my heart…. so, let it be me!

  • Because Sunday is my 30th birthday and I feel like immersing myself in Ray melancholy to make me feel better about turning old.

  • I’m in love with Ray LaMontange. Let it Be Me is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I’ve had a rough go of it the past few weeks and listening to that song helped me realize I needed to get out of a toxic relationship.

  • Because I dig his music.

  • Because I’ve been working like a maniac and an evening with Ray at Merriweather would be the perfect way to unwind.

  • Because “Shelter” was our wedding ceremony song 12 days ago! It was a duet sung by our best friend and brother and it has meaning to us on so many levels. We have never seen him live and would love to go..it would be a perfect ending to our wedding month.

  • Because I just convinced my boyfriend to move up here and I need to prove to him that DC is more than just policy and fighting! Plus, I work in the minority on the Hill and need a nice, relaxing evening, free of frustration! I love Ray and Brandi!

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