Will There Ever be a Community Garden in Walter Pierce Park?

“Dear PoPville,

Do you or your readers know anything about the city’s plans for the former community garden on the edge of Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan? Gardening has been banned for years now, but it’s hard to understand how a weed field is a better use of the historic cemetery.”

I can’t recall hearing any plans for this space recently. We spoke about Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan (including the community garden and cemetery) here.

What do you guys think should be done with the plot of land?

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  • On one hand, it’s a disgrace to see an historic cemetery covered in weeds like that, especially when it’s DPR’s responsibility to maintain it. On the other hand, if they trimmed it down, you’d have people kicking soccer balls all over it, turning it into dust, and before you knew it, dogs would be digging up human bones.

  • The old garden site is on the edge of the park by the zoo; it’s quite inclined and not suited to much other than gardening. No danger of soccer games, which take place on the other side of the park. It’s my understanding that all of Walter Pierce is a historic cemetery, so it’s not clear why the garden site is singled out for neglect.

  • how can you garden when you might dig up bones? I’m confused.

  • Has no one seen poltergeist? Leave it be.

  • No bones have been found there and it’s probably safe to say that there aren’t any left there. You can thank Mary Belcher and the Kalorama Citizens Association for getting the community garden shut down by falsely claiming there still were bones under there. It’s a disgrace really that they were able to ruin a great community garden for so many people by making such false claims. I truly hope it will become a community garden again soon, but I’m not holding my breath since they’re willing to say or do anything to get what they want.

  • Yes, there are still graves there, unmarked. They’re not that close to the surface, though. Certainly raised bed gardening would be possible. And I personally would rather fertilize tomatoes than weeds in the afterlife.

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