What the Helen of Troy is This?

“Dear PoPville,

Saw this today at the little triangle/pocket park between NY Ave. NW, 1st NW, and M st. NW.
Looks like some sort of MPD star wars police droid. It was moving it’s “eye” around, looking at things.
No police were present, just the empty cruiser and truck.

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  • Speaking of the Police Truck anybody know what happened at the corner store on Lincoln Road in Eckington Sunday night? The Po-Po had the intersection taped off with crime scene tape and had the crime scene truck there for a good long while. I have not seen anything in the news about it.

  • Looks like surveyor gear to me…

  • it is probably a 3d scanner. See TV show (on hulu and Netflix) Crime 360 for how it works. It maps a crime scene so investigators can go back and view the crime scene.

  • It is a 360 Degree laser scanner manufactured by Leica. It was originally designed for surveying purposes but is an excellent way to document crime scenes. MPD has 3 of these machines.

    It is a relatively time consuming process and you don’t see any police as they are in the truck parked there. They wouldn’t want to sure up in the scan.

    • Show up in the scan is what I meant.

    • So is this a crime scene, or are they just testing it out?

      • MPD has had them for a few years so the officers who use them are well versed in their operation, so there would have been a crime scene there at some point. The are sometimes brought out a while after the original incident to document the scene in daylight.

  • surprised no one tried to steal it

  • orderedchaos

    It’s an advance probe from V’GER.

  • Looks kind of like an Imperial probe droid to me.

  • These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

  • We won’t hesitate to spend 10 million dollars to get that “guilty” verdict.

    Too bad we aren’t as gung-ho about keeping kids from growing up to be criminals in the first place. It’s not hard: just look at what ANY other rich country is doing today, and copy it. Because although we’re the very richest country in the world, the next 20 richest countries in the world all do a MUCH better job of educating their kids and keeping them out of jail.

    But no. Instead, we buy Buck Rogers laser-precision crime-scene mappers, and Dickensian social infrastructure.

    • You can thank the council, in particular, Phil Mendelson for that.

      Do I smell a huge RECALL petition in January??

      • Can you explain? Because, from what I’ve seen, Phil Mendelson has been a consistent voice FOR civil-rights and AGAINST the failed model of hyper-incarceration.

        America has an incarceration rate 7 times higher than Western Europe and Canada, but making prison such a huge part of our American culture has made us LESS safe than those other countries, not more. Here, Phil Mendelson has been part of the solution, not part of the problem, particularly in his fight against “mandatory minimums” that would have forced judges to hand-down long sentences even when the judges themselves found the sentences unjust.

        Our problems don’t come from the fact that we “don’t have enough cops” or “don’t thrown enough people in jail.” We’ve got more police per capita than any other major US city. And we have an order of magnitude more convicts per capita than any other First World capital city.

        Demonizing this or that politician as being “soft on crime” isn’t going to solve anything, given that the USA is already insanely HARD on crime by any objective free-world standard — and all it’s gotten us is the top spot as “world’s most violent First World country.”

        • Phil Mendelson never met a convicted criminal who didn’t deserve 10 more chances or an arrest that wasn’t either a mistake or due to police error or society not addressing the root causes of inter-generational criminal entreprises. If you’re looking for a solution to crime, take whatever Phil says, do the opposite, and you should be on the right track to a solution.

          • Either Americans are genetically SEVEN times more criminal than the rest of the First World, or there is something about American society that causes us to put our citizens in jail at a rate seven times higher than the rest of the advanced democracies.

            If Phil Mendelson is questioning the sound-bite-driven “tougher on crime than my opponent” incarceration-centric policies that America — and America alone — has pursued for the past generation, good for him.

  • If the advanced Europeans imprison fewer people than us, then of course we must be doing it wrong. Thank you for the enlightenment.

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