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  • Where are the Animal Cops when you need them?!?!

  • That just ain’t right.

  • Oh my goodness. Thanks LOP, that was Hilarious! I am not a fan of the Animal Fix – I think it is a waste of blogging space. Plus I rarely find any of the pets cute. I was so entertained by that video.

  • wow – I’m not sure if I find that video cute or disturbing. for those of us who feel pet-fix-deprived, I highly recommend the site zooborns.

  • I love Animal fix!! It makes me smile to see cute pet who is thoroughly loved and adored.

  • I am about 99% confident in saying that the only people that DON’T like the Afternoon Animal Fix are serial killers or will soon be serial killers. It is widely known that serial killers begin by torturing and killing animals long before they start killing people. Not liking the animal fix is just the first step.

    • I like animals, but I view the Animal Fix posts the same way I view my friends’ Facebook status updates about their children: I don’t care. Your animal/child is not as cute as you think it is. It’s not special. I can go a GIS and find way cuter animals. Now get off my lawn.

  • Hahaha, that made me laugh. Thanks LOP.

    Never having been a dog owner, do Pekinese dogs normally behave so docilely? If I were a dog being dressed up in a tiny hat and tails I think I’d be inclined to bite some hands 😉

    • My parents have a Peke and yes, she does. She sometimes runs to the window and barks when their other dog (a Bichon) does, but sometimes she can’t even be bothered to do that. And putting clothes on her has never been a problem either. The hats do impress me, though! Their Peke has a rain hat (my parents are strange) and she’ll let you put it on her with no problems, but usually tries to get it off as soon as you’re not looking.

  • I posted a bunch of turtles to the flickr pool, but they may have been ugly turtles…

  • I love the Animal Fix, but this headline just made me laugh so hard. I haven’t even watched the video!

  • where is everyone with the animal pics? Although this was an enjoyable replacement.

  • My favorite quote about the Bridesmaid Petainers, “Old enough to appreciate their role in the wedding scene.”

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