Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 1428 D Street NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“NY Architect-designed English Basement, 1 BR, 1 Bath, minutes from Capitol, Eastern Market, Lincoln Park, Union Station & H Street Restaurants, Easy Access to Bus/Metro, Fully renovated, Cool Steel I-Beam Structure, Exposed brick & Wood Joists, Downlights, Tracklights, Central A/C, Contemporary Galley Kitchen, New Appliances, Ref., Range, Washer/Dryer, French doors to private front & rearyards.

Move-in Oct 1. $1100 mo. plus utilities.”

$1100 mo. plus utilities sound right?

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  • Ouch. Tiny kitchen.

    I pay $1000/month utilities included for a newer 3/2.5 in the same neighborhood, if that’s any kind of reference point.

    • I’d call the kitchen small, not tiny. A sink, oven, 4 stove burners and a couple feet of counter space on both ends is more than a lot of 1 bedrooms I’ve seen. My question is, where’s the fridge?

      Also, as someone in the neightborhood, how’s the bus situation? Seems pretty convenient with the D6 right there.

      • Fair enough, I love entertaining though and that just wouldn’t cut it.

        Bus situation is OK. D6 is good and takes me downtown through Union Station. The X2 goes all the way down H and is one of the most reliable routes in the city IMO. No direct routes to Dupont or Adams Morgan, though.

        • SouthwestDC

          “No direct routes to Dupont or Adams Morgan, though.”

          If you walk over to 8th Street you can catch one of the 90-series buses which go directly to U Street and Adams Morgan. I will agree that Dupont Circle is the one place that’s kind of a pain to get to from the Hill.

    • “3/2.5” as in three bedrooms/two-and-a-half bathrooms? If you pay $1000/month and all three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms are yours, then that’s a fantastic deal. If you’re in a group house, it’s kind of an irrelevant, apples to oranges comparison, IMO.

  • Hst…Really?!?! What street is this?

    • H Street (~4 blocks to 1300 block) is actually the strip this is closest to of all the centers mentioned in the ad (minutes to Eastern Market is the real stretch here).

      • Hm, i’d like to delete that one PoP.

      • Hst… that’s not correct. I live on 14th Place. This house is exactly one block down from me. The distance from my house to H Street and the distant from my house to Eastern market is almost the same distant.

        • That’s not physically possible unless you don’t know how to walk. Eastern Market is twice as far as H Street.

          • Are you serious? I have lived in this neighbor most of my life and have walked both plenty times. There is no way Eastern Market is twice as far as H Street!

        • I used to live there too, this is correct. to get to Eastern Market you walk down North Carolina it is about the same distance

  • “NY Architect-designed English Basement”


    If you are going to try to class up the joint by telling someone you overpaid for some supposed “cooler” architect “Ooooo he is from NY”, then your place shouldn’t look like your average home depot renovation.

    Ny Architect…hehehehe

    • agreed! i noticed that first! what’s wrong with DC architects? NOTHING, that’s what… they’re the best around…

      • I can point out a million buildings that would suggest otherwise. though my thought is that it’s probably more a result of the stodgy visually illiterate clientele.

  • looks miserable.

    • Not going to get much for $1,100 around here. I’d say it’s perfectly fine for a young, single person who wants more than a tiny studio or group house.

      • +1. What a bunch of snobs. There are a lot of tiny apartments like this that suit the needs of a student/recent grad/underpaid individuals just fine. One of my favorite apartments was a shoebox basement apartment in Georgetown. It literally had no windows but the front door, and a kitchenette that makes this kitchen look like Gordon Ramsay’s. I learned to live simply and it was one of the happiest times in my life. Now that I’ve upgraded to a much larger place, I must say that little apartment crosses my mind often.
        PS: In this economy, care snarking about small apartments. You may find yourself in something like this (or worse) at any time. 🙂

      • I live in a better location and pay the same amount for a 1br that’s much nicer than this. I just said it looks miserable b/c the ceilings are low and just the wood, meaning they’re thin and you’ll hear everything from above. it doesn’t look unfinished in a cool kind of way, it looks unfinished in a sad kind of way.

  • i wonder what big city, fancy NYC architect graced our good-for-nothing city with his presence long enough to design a basement apartment half a mile from H street. i just hope the lattices out back and the potted plant conveys

  • Notice that the ad didn’t say that a talented NYC architect designed the place.

  • anon. gardener

    I used to live around the corner at 15th and D. I loved the neighborhood, bus was super convenient. loved walking the dog to Lincoln Park, and now there’s adog park right there. not sure there’s enough room in there for a dog though. looks like a good deal to me. I’ve seen worse basements.

  • THANK YOU for posting something reasonable…I was a bit aghast at folks who were flaming me for complaining that the rent is too damned high in response to apts going for $2400 and up…

    • anon. gardener

      You’re welcome! we lived in a ground floor apt in the bldg across from the liquor store. very nice but tiiiiineeeee and we heard every cough and sneeze from the upstairs neighbors. and we paid more than 1100. and i still thought it was a good deal to live in that area. people were friendly, it had a great vibe, great connections into the city, and if you have a car you’re outta there in five minutes. i just wish we could have afforded to buy a house there. good deal people!!

  • For S&Gs, I lived at 14th Place in between C and D in the summer of 1997. Things have changed a bit.

  • Open floor joists like the ones in the pictures means you hear EVERYthing upstairs. Better to have some ceiling insulation or you’ll hear the dust mites blow across the wood floors.

  • Makes a nice luv shack!

  • I looked at this place, and I used to rent another property from the owner. He was a nice guy, and a fair landlord.

  • for those of us who live and work on Capitol Hill this is a great location and price. I’ve rented my fair share of English basement apts between Lincoln park and H st and the price seems just about right. For years I was a low paid non-profit employee so living by myself (not in a studio) for around 1000$ is awesome.

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