Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – H St, NE

This rental is located at Wylie St NE at 13th St NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“2475 + Utilities. 3BR, 1.5 BA. Beautiful house renovated about a year ago. Granite countertops, hardwood floors. Nice backyard/ patio. Parking for a small car. One block from all the restaurants and bars on H St. Upcoming street trolley train that links to the Union Station one block away.”

2475 + Utilities for this 3 bed/1.5 bath house? Good group house possibility?

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  • No way! Not even split. 3 ppl sharing one bathroom? So happy you refurbished your house but I dont want to pay for it. Maybe $1800.

    • When my dad was growing up 5 people shared one bathroom. When my grandfather was growing up 13 people shared one bathroom. Now apparently 3 people can’t share 1.5 bathrooms? Do we all need our own these days?

      • Did your dad pay $2475+? Didn’t think so. He shared a bathroom with 4 other people because it was CHEAPER. You could *buy* a house for less that $2475/month.

        As for the ad, don’t advertise a streetcar that won’t be there for a couple of years – why would a renter care? Talk about what is there NOW. Sheesh.

    • This is actually a bit under the going rate for nice rental row houses in Near NE. I bet it goes quickly.

    • “Maybe $1800”

      Maybe in 2005

  • Terrible, and parking is scarce on this street.

  • I don’t know where you’re trying to buy (Trinidad?) but mortgage+taxes+insurance for 2475/month isn’t happening in that part of H St. for a 3brd these days, even if you can afford the 20% down. Maybe for something that’s unrenovated, but even then maybe not.

    • Mike – Do you live around the H Street area?

      • No, but I was looking to buy there before I bought my current place in Eastern Market. I used to live just off H St, but it was about 10 blocks west of here so kind of a different feel to that area than this one.

        • Same here- we thought maybe we could get a good deal around H Street but ended up buying near Eastern Market because it’s a much nicer area and the prices were the same.

          • I will say, though, that I think it’s odd that the owner went through all the trouble of renovating the property but didn’t even bother to add a half bath. Would’ve boosted the marketability quite a bit.

          • *Full bath. Obviously it has a half bath already.

          • It may not have been possible. We were hoping to convert one of our half baths into a full but it would have been difficult and expensive. Remeber, these old houses weren’t originally deisgned to have bathrooms at all!

          • Exactly Anonymous 3:46PM – Like MH stated H Street is up and comming it hasn’t quite arrived yet. However, if renters and sellers can get people to buy and rent at these prices…Go For it!!!

  • Not a bad deal, 2475/3 = 825 a month. Steal in that area.

  • I agree with the initial commenter — those looking for group homes will not want to drive or take the X2 to get into downtown unless they are getting a real deal. It might rent for $1,800- $2,000 between two people willing to share a bath.

    The fact that the landlord mentioned the trolley that will not be there for another two years at least is indicitive of the mentality many landlords and flippers have gotten hold with the H St area — they are pricing it like it has arrived, not that it is up-and-coming.

    • Until just a couple of months ago, I rented a nicely renovated home about 2 blocks from this place. Ours was a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom and we paid $2300/mnth. Most of my friends in the area considered my rent to be a steal. (The only reason we moved is because we bought a home…also just a few blocks from the advertised house).

      So….2475 for a 3br seems quite reasonable.

      • Damn! I pay less than $2000/month MORTGAGE (including taxes, etc) for my 3 bedroom (with basement, garage, and backyard) 1 block into Trinidad, ie two blocks from this house. Is Florida Ave really so scary?

        • Yes.

          Also, you got an insanely good deal (but you probably already knew that).

          • Not really, mine was in good shape, but there are fixer-uppers nearby that aren’t yet flipper-bait (and also aren’t in bad shape, just old & a little shabby) that are still selling for under $300K.

            Trinidad isn’t all that scary, my neighbors have been nearly universally friendly and engaging. I certainly don’t see why renting one block south of FL should cost so much more than buying one block north of FL. It’s just a road.

          • Are they 3 bedroom fixer uppers? With basement, garage, and backyard? I think you’re comparing apples to oranges. Also, you’re straying pretty far from the point– just because someone can afford to share a group house here doesn’t mean they necessarily want to commit to buying a house that needs work here.

          • I don’t know, the mortgage for our 3 bedroom house 3 blocks from here in Rosedale is under $1800, and that’s with 4% down FHA financing. There are still reasonable mortgage rates to be had in the immediate vicinity.

            Rentals, however, are a different story. The rental market is absolutely bananas, and this specific house will go quickly for asking.

        • Exactly dt – It appears that some of the people paying this kind of money for homes near H Street obviously don’t know the close proximty of the Trinidad area.

        • Same thing as Eckington vs. Bloomingdale.

      • The homes on Wylie are smaller than the surrounding neighborhood. It looks like this property, 1244 Wylie is 1,200 square feet.

        That makes me think that at least one of the bedrooms is small.

        I don’t think it is horribly overpriced, but you can get a two-bedroom, two bath down the road near the Metro for about the same price they are asking for this.

        • AND, here is the biggie for that street — you don’t have to smell Horace and Dickies all day and night if you rent just West of here.

  • This is half a block behind the main strip of H street (1200 block) So a lot of people want to live there. The third bedroom is probably tiny. So I would say this is a good deal for two people willing to pay 1300 a month in rent.

    If you don’t mind walking 3 blocks you can find a parking space, otherwise forget about parking on that block.

    This will go fast.

  • about what I’d expect. I did a 3bed/1.5bath with good friends for a couple years and it was totally fine.

  • Spitting distance to trindad. Pass.

    • It’s also spitting distance to Trinidad. Could you tell me what this “trindad” is. I’d love to visit and educate myself about it, instead of passing judgment without ever going there. That would be very small-minded of me, don’t you think?

      • I dunno, IMGoph, do you want to go to Fata, Pakistan? I don’t and I’m perfectly comfortable with feeling that way. Not to compare the two, but I think that sometimes it’s not the worst thing in the world to have preconceived notions about neighborhoods. It’s what keeps some people alive.

        • Love the ignorant comments on here whenever Trinidad/H Street comes up. Those of us who have been here a while (four years in my case) know how great of a neighborhood it really is and how crime really isn’t an issue. Crime does occur, but not at the levels these anonymous posters seem to think it does. I’ll just keep enjoying my huge yard and parking, my rising property values, and my one block walk to all the H Street bars and restaurants.

          Also, the person that mentioned Trinidad the country should probably read the news. They declared a state of emergency to deal with an out of control crime wave. That actually is a place you should avoid for now.

        • Preconceived notions also could be called prejudice, and it’s what keeps some people from being able to experience the richness of life in our city. Your call.

  • I would not pay that much for a place that’s not near the metro, unless I worked around there.

  • also the H Street area is not city

    • I don’t get in to neighborhood beef, but this is house is closer to downtown (say 13th st nw @ hst nw) than Petworth.

      Petworth is great too though.

  • Fair to good deal, as the home seems quite small. Personally I prefer the area between say 6th to 9th streets, as then you are closer to metro but still close to the premier entertainment district.

    Not sure why people are tripping on prices – this is $825 to share one bedroom – remember those folks on U were trying to charge 1200, 1200 and 1050 each one shared bathroom (plus a couple who had their own bathroom). This seems like a much better deal, and buses will get you most places in the city pretty quick.

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