Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

Photo by PoPville flickr user mosley.brian

This rental is located at 1615 Q Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Now Available! Move in ready! 1 bedroom/1 bath on the 9th floor in the Cairo with spectacular views! Renovated kitchen with ceramic tile, stainless steel appliances which include a microwave and dishwasher. Exposed brick in both the living and bedroom. Tons of windows with excessive sunlight. Renovated bath, great closet space and central HVAC. 24 hour front desk and a roof deck with the best views of Washington D.C. Washer/Dryer located on the premises. Blocks from Whole Foods, Safeway, Vida Gym, Restaurants and much more! Street parking only. There is NO parking in this building. No pets are permitted. 2100.00 plus electric. Rentals go as a first come first serve. There is a 60.00 application fee per applicant and a security deposit equivalent to one months rent.”

I believe when we looked at the great photo above a reader was curious about getting a look inside. You can see a look inside unit 901 here.

This 1 bedroom is going for $2100 plus electric.

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  • Sounds gorgeous. You’re probably paying about $600/month for the view.

  • That slideshow format is horrid. I agree, there’s a premium of a few hundred at least for the view and the ability to say you live in the Cairo.

    I looked at a unit there for a rent a few years ago that was quite similar. Neat layout and great views, but the place I saw was a terrible mess (holes in the wall, really stained carpet, decrepit kitchen).

    • Agreed on the slideshow. Totally unnecessary to have video, and there’s no way to advance from one photo to the next. A simple MRIS-type photo display would’ve been better.

  • Ahhhh, the Cairo. Great building to look at from the outside, crappy place to live. I don’t know what the floor plans were like before the place was gutted in the ’70s, but the units I’ve been in have been cramped with a lot of unusable space.

  • Ridiculous. This is an awesome building but the units are TINY. I suggest befriending someone in the building so you can have roof top access a few times a year and call it a day.

  • The building is a dump inside – especially the elevators and dank hallways. Seriously. And I’m not sure I’d enjoy lugging laundry down to a laundry room for $2100 + bills! But, that is a great view and location, so some fool will pay it. FYI: for reference, my buddy rented a studio on the 7th floor for around $1,500.

  • i was supposed to go look at an apt there a couple of weeks ago that was a studio going for $1395 +utilities.


    $2100 + utilities for a small 1 bdrm?! Rents in this town never cease to bewilder me.

  • The Cairo used to be some sort of mental institute before it was gutted for residential use. Spoooky.

  • Who lives in this building? It is atrocious. The units are small, cramped and have silly layouts. On top of that the building has not been maintained well and it looks completely outdated. And let’s not forget about the insane condo fees. AND someone posted the units do not have laundry?

    Yes yes, you get a view. But who gives a hoot? It’s not like you can’t find a similar view elsewhere. That building really is a shithole. I looked at 2 places in there when I was going looking to buy about this time last year. I have never walked out of 2 places so fast. I guess I walked out so fast I didn’t even realize the unit didn’t have laundry, but maybe it did.

    I absolutely abhor this building.

    • I don’t think 13NW likes The Cairo.

    • Seeing as this unit is on an upper floor of DC’s tallest residential building, and according to the photos appears to tower over the roofs of all the other buildings in the sight line, I would imagine that you can’t find that many many similar views elsewhere…

  • The carpet in that unit makes is look SO dumpy and cheap. Hardwood flooring could at least make it into a cool-but-tiny space.

  • Did I miss a shot of the bedroom? there seemed to be a lot of shots of the view but what about the bedroom and closet? Looks small. Then again, 90% of units for rent look small for what you pay in DC.

  • This place used to be the most coveted address for all of us young things…it was IMPOSSIBLE to get in there. But that was over a decade ago…

    Makes you wonder if DC real estate will get to the point where converted buildings get re-developed…take a LOT of $$$$.

  • I have a friend that lives on one of the top floors and has an in unit washer/dryer. It’s small but I’m a little envious of the view and location.

  • When I was growing up in the 60s, the Cairo was a residential hotel (and occasionally rented rooms by the hour, I’m told). There was a cabaret in the basement where they did old melodramas – Snidely Whiplash rescuing Pauline from the railroad tracks. They never carded anyone, so it was a great place to go.

  • Question for the folks reading. Studio vs 1 bd rm apt. When does a studio become a 1 bedroom without walls? I’m talking about sqft. What is a good size 1 bd rm apt? and what is a good size studio?

    • I have a one-bedroom that’s 580 square feet, but I’ve seen studios advertised going up to 600 or so square feet.

      IMO, a one-bedroom is better than a studio the same size… offers more privacy, and having walls means you can put things against the walls — bookshelves, etc.

      I’d say a 580-square-foot one-bedroom is a small one-bedroom. My previous one-bedroom (in the suburbs) was (I think) 700 square feet, and that felt generous at the time (and huge after I moved into a smaller place).

  • I’ve seen units in the Cairo, and they all tend to be tiny. I chose a place nearby that was cheaper and bigger back when I lived in Dupont.

  • Having lived in the Cairo, the pricing is actually fairly reasonable consdiering the neighborhood. Maintenance is responsive, I always felt safe, and loved the rooftop for entertaining! Some of the condos are in fact, equipped with laundry units.

  • I’m not so sure ‘excessive sunlight’ is a good thing.

  • As possibly the guy who lived in 901 until August, I can (maybe) verify that the views are exquisite and nearly unrivaled, hypothetically the excessive sunlight is a fantastic feature on a dreary February morning, and I can plausibly deny being the one who pointed out that roof access on the tallest building around for miles is a treat anytime there’s anyone visiting you who needs to be impressed.

    And yeah, expensive (rents even higher than the high one I allegedly paid previously) and the bedroom is small, but on the positive side, those kitchen and bathroom fixtures/appliances are only 3 years old, the laundry is at least in-building, and it feels safer inside the hallways there than a lot of other places closer to the Logan Circle divide.

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