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  • H Street the most over hyped first to be lost of the housing market (I’m still holding out for the STREET CAR) corridor… I wish you the best of luck with no metro, a lot of speculation, and two years in the future overpriced real estate. Cheers!

    • hahahahahha. dude, don’t have to get the full litres at the biergarden haus. they have smaller beers.

      • Good point, I will remember that next time 🙂 Just having some fun.. I wish H St as well as the city as a whole good luck. It has all been moving in the right direction

    • Nice trolling dude. Sounds like somebody’s got a case of neighborhood envy.

    • You haven’t been over to H Street in a while, have you? It’s becoming very Adams Morgan-like on the weekends.

  • Haters gon hate.

    But really, I don’t get this neighborhood vs neighborhood beef. The whole city benefits when a neighborhood (whether in NW or SE whatever) is improved. It’s not a zero sum game.

  • Please do stay away, mr. Woo woo

  • I’ve lived in the H St neighborhood for 8 yrs, my next door neighbor has been there for 40 yrs. This is one of the best communities in DC and is moving in a positive direction. The festival is a great example of the interesting businesses and people that exist here.

  • The H street fest just keeps getting better. Bropocalypse blew my mind.

  • this was the best street festival i’ve been to in my 20 years in dc.

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