The 5pm Post – Fundraiser for the Santi School on Thurs.

From an email:

Happy Hour to Furnish a Rural School in Nepal:  Thursday, September 29, 5:30-9:30 at the Saloon (1205 U Street NW).  Join us for drinks and a good cause.  Santi Schools, an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to improving the conditions of rural schools in Nepal, recently built a new school in a rural Nepali village, but now it needs furniture.  So, we are gathering on Thursday night at the Saloon for drinks, mo: mo: (Nepali dumplings), and an all around good time.  Make the minimum-suggested $25 donation and your first drink and first mo: mo: are free!

Learn more about the organization or donate here:

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  • Saloon is having a fundraiser for the kids and I still won’t set foot in that hell hole. I like to actually “have a good time” when I go out. When I sit at a bar to have beer I don’t need to get yelled at for:
    – Being too loud
    – Standing (to stretch my legs)
    – Sending a txt message
    And I don’t need to feel like an ass if I want to watch a football game at a bar.
    I hate that place. I wish everyone would stop going there so it would close down and a decent place could replace it. Or even the exact same place with a different owner.

    • Well, this might just be your lucky day, then! I am running this fundraiser, and can guarantee that standing, text messaging, and having a genuine good time will all be allowed. The won’t be any TV’s showing football, but heck, so long as you make a donation for the kids, you can watch football on your iPhone, as far as I am concerned.

    • This is a fake post to drum up reponses. It sounds like you go there a lot or have a real good memory of the posted signs.

      Why would you ask to watch football game at a place with no TVs?

      You’re a loser and not very clever.

    • the beautiful thing about a city is that you can go somewhere else. there is no shortage of places to go. don’t wish ill will on another.

      i personally find their rules makes for a better time.

  • Love the Saloon . . . crazy rules make great conversation starters. Ditto for fava beans. Don’t need no TV. Talk to a random and share a slice of apple pie with cheese.

    Party for the children, plus free mo: mo:? I’m in. I dig anything with two colons!

  • For every person who hates this bar, there is another one of us who will support it, fervently. Sorry, 13NW, but you’re beating your head against a wall of painted brick…

  • I think they need to have fundraisers for this country’s crappy schools first.

  • Yea, I would say that I’m one of those fervent supporters.

    The owner introduced me to the guy I’ve been dating for the last several months, and he always remembers what I drank the last time I was there (even if it was a month ago). He certainly has a wry sense of humor, but he’s awesome! And, even if you’re not a fan, go to support a great cause.

  • The Saloon is a neighborhood pub and Commie is a very reasonable, benevolent man, who does more for his community and this planet, frankly, than 99.9% of anyone I’ve ever met.

    His thing is that he just doesn’t like assholes. The guy built his bar with his own hands from a burnt-out building. He’s in it for charity and doesn’t need the money. Having been in the Saloon 10000 times and never running into any problems, I think anyone who whines about Commie or his rules is highly suspect, and quite likely an asshole.

  • Hear, hear! Well said, sir.

    The fava beans are weird, though.

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