Terrible Fire at 7th and Gallatin St, NW Sat. Night

“Dear PoP,

There was a terrible fire on 5100 block of 7th St NW Saturday night (just south of Hamilton). DCFD had the flames that were in the rear of the house out quickly. They appeared to rescue a few people from the home. We didn’t know the family; hope everybody got out safely.”

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  • The post blog indicated that there was a fatality. We live around the corner and were there when EMS arrived. Apparently a child was taken out covered, but we haven’t heard anything more about it. Horrible tragedy, thoughts and prayers with the family and friends in the neighborhood.

  • Oh no! This is terribly sad. We live around the corner too and went there when we saw all the firetrucks. Nobody knew anything about fatalities. Our thoughts are with the family. If anyone knows of anything that we can do to help, please share.

  • My dad texted me about this, him and my mom were freaking out, when they realized we are about 1.5 blocks from here and they hear it on the news.

    The news indicated there was one fatality and one person (potentially a firefighter) in critical condition. Terrible tragedy, hoping and praying the news had it wrong here.

    Best wishes to the family as they try and rebuild their lives.

  • I could smell the smoke from this on Sunday morning in southern Park View, scary.

  • Although I saw this on the 11 pm news Saturday night (Channel 4 lead story), there has been a dearth of news coverage. This is all I could find:

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