Sequoia Tree @ US Capitol

“Dear PoP,

(Not so) Giant sequoia tree on south side of US Capitol. I’ve always found it beautiful, if not oddly out of place.”


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  • Sweet! Would love to host a special picnic for all the guys and gals taking care of the trees on the grounds of our various national treasures here in DC.

    Are there tree tour guides or maps available in this city for tourists to see our nice offering of champion trees?

  • Yes, in fact, I vaguely remember seeing a website that catalogued every public space tree in the District (now probably out of date) – it listed their scientific name, age and size!

    • ah! it’s not out of date (although irene may have affected inventory a bit – i know it did in my neighborhood). and it’s here:

  • Oops, sorry for the double post, got hung up on the captcha

  • Also, for those interested in trees, let’s not forget about the National Arboretum, incluiding one of the country’s foremost bonsai collections (where there are trees that have been trained as bonsai since the 1600s as well as venerable trees that survived the bomb blast at hiroshima and were gifted to the US as a true gesture of goodwill–talk about turning the other cheek).

  • That Sequoia is just a baby, what a couple of hundred years old maybe…

    Give it a few centuries and see how big it grows.

    That would be cool.

  • Are we sure it’s a Giant Sequoia? I can’t see the foliage up close to tell…I guess since I work there I should just go look!

  • US as a true gesture of goodwill–talk about turning the other cheek

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