Readers Report Shooting at 7th and Emerson St, NW around 7:30pm Wed. Evening

One reader writes:

“A shooting happened around 7:45 or so, just north of Sherman Circle. Possible homicide, based on the police activity. They had one suspect in the back of a police car.”

Another writes:

“There was a shooting tonight about 7:30pm. We heard about 7 shots. Cops showed up, have the crime scene tape out etc. At least one ambulance left at about 8:00pm.”

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Update from MPD:

“Around 8pm, units received a call for a shooting at 7th and Emerson Sts NW. It was determined 3 male victims received apparent non life threatening gunshot wounds and have been transported to area hospitals for treatment. There is no suspect lookout at this time. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIME.”

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  • I heard 7-8 shots. According to neighbors, sounds as thought two people were shot. One ran south on Decatur, making it to the northside of Sherman Circle and according to police was in bad shape, “bleeding to death”. Another ran east on Delafield. More cops still arriving, and the media is hear now.

    Very disconcerting on an otherwise quiet street at a time when kids are typically out playing in this very area.

    • Are you sure a guy made it to Sherman Circle? I saw the cops questioning a BM and putting him in the back of the police car, on Illinois, just on the north side of the circle. Perhaps you are referring to him?

      I was walking my dog in the circle and came across the scene, but there was no actual activity in the Circle when I got there, around 7:45. Apparently, I missed it by 15 minutes

      I chatted with a guy who lives right on the circle. He claimed to have seen two BMs ride by on bicycles right after the shots, and one of them was crying profusely. He was wearing a light-colored American football jersey (yellow or beige). The neighbor also said that the guy they put in the police car had been laying in hiding, but the cops showed up and found him.

      • I saw only the surge of cops at Illinois and the green space on the north side of the circle, but one of the cops pointed to that area and said that one of the injured/shot was in that vicinity.

  • I heard the shots too from Crittenden. Pretty loud.
    Damn shame, I was just wondering how long it’s been since this crap happened around here. I guess school is officially back in session!

  • I heard the shots from Dellafield. Sounded like they were right outside. Also saw one of the vics being wheeled into the ambulance. Cops have cordoned off 7th and are still around. They responded pretty fast. Unfortunately I have not heard anything about motive yet. I wonder if its gang related given the number of injured, or a robberu gone bad. You don’t see this type of stuff here usually, at least not since ive been here. I wonder if the area may be getting worse crime wise…

  • Lets find out what happened first, before we turn this into a “neighborhood is getting worse” kind of deal. I have seen an absolute ton of progress in the past year or so, and refuse to believe that one incident is the downfall of all of that.

    I am just keeping the guys who got shot in my thoughts, and hoping they caught all the perpetrators. Definitely don’t want to see any retribution from this.

  • 7th and Emerson is a pretty obvious drug corner at nearly all hours of the day. I hope the cops do something about it now that we’ve actually had people get shot.

    • So true of that corner…there are kids hanging out there at all hours of the night and cars stopped in the intersection “talking”.

  • Rape culture made them do it.

    • Uhhh, that was in reponse to a comment that has been deleted. It doesn’t make much sense now. Heck, it didn’t make any sense before, either. Sorry.

  • Were the weapons really automatic weapons?

  • I was at 7th and Hamilton and hear the shots clear as day, then watched the police cars and ambulances scream down Georgia Avenue.

    One City.

  • My son got a call late last night that one of his friends had been killed in this incident. I have not heard/seen that someone had died, other than what he told me.

  • I hope the press covers one important part of this story that never gets coverage — where did these children get their guns and ammo?

  • Hate to see this, I recently moved in to the 600 block of Hamilton. I am surprised, the neighborhood seems so quiet, and everyone I have met seems to be looking out for their neighbors and vigilant in general.

    I realize stuff like this is a fact of life in a city, but I thought moving out of Columbia Heights I would be further away from incidents like this.

  • If these are actually “kids” under the age of 18, I hope they will be tried as adults but more importantly I think we need to start holding their parents (if they can be located) legally/criminally responsible for the acts of their children. That might actually make a few of these kids think twice.

    • Under what legal theory would you hold parents responsible for their children’s violence? And perhaps more obvious to a layperson, what makes you think these violent kids care one whit about their parents’ supposed liability?

      • Me apparently has no children.

        • I’m not sure how being a parent changes the law, so I assume your vague comment references my second question (although it still makes no sense).

          FWIW, I both have children and was a child. I also have seen the way many of the kids who are constantly in trouble in Columbia Heights, Petworth, Chinatown, etc. treat their parents, both at home and out in public. Most kids love their parents, but most of the violent kids who are running around shooting at one another care about no one but themselves, and have no no respect or concern for their parents except as the provider of their shelter and food.

          • Criminal liability might be difficult, but parents can be held liable in a civil case (i.e., money damages). Simple negligence claim – but for the parent’s failure to supervise their kid in a manner that any reasonable parent would, [whatever crime was committed] would not have happened. Not saying it would be an easy case to prove but a case can be made.

      • There could be some theory of civil liability. I can’t imagine criminal.

    • Supervising grown teenagers who get out of school at 3:15 when we parents work till 6 or 7 is not as easy as it sounds. We can tell them—insist—that they participate in a sport, get an after-school job, go home and do their homework, but that doesn’t mean they do it. Yes, teenagers lie about their whereabouts. Is that the parent’s fault? We do our best to direct them and only hope that it takes. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.

      • It is a parental obligation to raise what they have created to be productive members of society. Granted, teens will always test their boundaries, but this is the kind of thing that happens when they have none. Parents are solely to blame for this.
        I have two teens and am rarely able to be home until later in the evening. I could never even imagine my kids doing this. They know better. There’s a mountain of homework ane chores to do. The things they want in life are not going to earn themselves . . .

  • Damn kids bringing down my property value. Wish Petworth weren’t still so “shooty.” Sorry to hear that Soozles’ son’s friend died because of this. Whatever they were fighting about wasn’t worth it.

    • I actually had to pull bullets out of my house when I renovated it. I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone add them back in.

  • No one died in this incident.

  • what do you people actually talk about that makes since im from this same neighborhood an apparently you guys dont know what the hell is going on its all ways been crazy yall just never payed attention because it wasnt outside your door but now it is an things look very real…walmart aint sellin them damn ammo..gun shows sellin them ammo…guns are like candy in d.c you can get one any where.these out of state dealers…what the hell yall really think that summer job money pay for??? pay attention to this generation before you end up losing all these kids i cant make too much of a change im a kid myself but i see all this stuff..

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