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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

A reader writes:

“Kind of a long shot here, but I lost a brown canvas messenger bag Wed. night, and I thought maybe it turned up in PoPville. I’m not sure if I left it at the restaurant (Graffiato in Penn Quarter) or in a cab. It was a nice bag and it had my keys in it so I’d like to get it back!”

If anyone thinks they found it send me an email and I’ll pass it on to the reader. Thanks.

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  • Rave: This time next week I will be in the motherland, Texas.

    Rant: Up until 3 AM doing homework and now I’m at work. Yes, I’m a procrastinator.

    • Hah, I thought I was the only native Texan who referred to our state as the “motherland.”

      • andy

        I consider WA the “homeland.” Wife also jokes based on the way I talk about it that Washington state is the Garden of Eden. There is some truth in that.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Taking off Monday to entertain visitors, so three-day weekend.

    Double rave: With Columbus Day coming up, that means 2 four-day work weeks in a row!

    Triple rave: Autumn weather is finally at our doorstep!

  • Rant: Part 2 of my car insurance saga. As I reported yesterday, elderly man hit my car when it was parked and is disoriented enough to not be able to take my phone number. After two calls of back and forth calls with his wife, I was finally able to get the name of his insurance company. Spent an hour on the phone with my insurance company, and then called State Farm (their insurance), only to be told that they did not have vehicle insurance with them. Called the couple and left a message, but have not heard back from them yet. Aggravated beyond comprehension right now. How can people drive and not know who their car insurance company is?

    Rave: Going up to Columbia tomorrow to look at townhome rentals. Looking forward to be able to decorate a nursery!

    • Have you considered that these elders are more wily than you suspect, and they are intentionally giving you the runaround? Moreover, if the man was legitimately that disoriented, why didn’t you call the police at the scene?

      There’s being compassionate, and there’s being a pushover. We all define it differently, but from what you’re reporting, you might be lapsing into the 2nd category.

      • I was once in an accident with an elderly couple up in Baltimore, and they gave me the wrong insurance information twice. They really just didn’t know — it had changed a few times over their 60 year driving careers. In the end, we figured it out and their insurance paid for the damage to the two cars.

        Good luck!

      • It’s crossed my mind lately, believe me. I wasn’t actually at the scene, however. I was at work, and my car was parked at my apartment (I bus to work). The only reason why I think he was having some difficulty was because it took him 5 minutes to take my phone number, until he gave up and gave the phone to his wife to take down the number. Also, he had told me that he was trying to call his insurance company all day, and the wife told me the next day that they weren’t sure who their insurance company was.

        That said, I’m trying to figure out what my next step is. I can’t afford to be paying out of pocket for this (in the form of a deductible) or for my insurance rate to go up.

    • Just give your insurance their license plate number. Your company will track them down.

      I got a call a few months ago because someone else had scuffed my parked car, and he gave my plate to HIS insurance. They found me and called to see if I wanted to make a claim. (Good man, major props to him for doing the right thing when he could have gotten away without it.)

      • When I called my insurance last night, they gave no indication that they could find the insurance based on the license plate. However, I had written it down and lost it when I called them (d’oh) so maybe if I call them again with it, they can help me.

        I also read that the DMV might be able to help me track down who the insurance is, maybe.

        Thanks for the help

  • me

    Rant: Still not preggo.

    Rave: It’s Friday, and I’m going drinking tonight!

    • me

      One more quick rant: WHY is my office always so f-ing freezing?! It’s hard to feel my fingers, and it’s quite difficult to type. I’m going to have to get those fingerless gloves after awhile.

      • SouthwestDC

        At least now it’s seasonally appropriate to wear warm clothes. I never liked the idea of having to wear scarves and sweaters and tights in July. A lot of buildings arbitrarily stop the AC on October 1st, so maybe we’ll get a reprieve next week.

    • Went through it for about a year before an endocrinologist solved the riddle.

  • Rant: Very quickly came down with bronchitis.
    Rant: My friend is getting married this weekend and I am debating if I can still go because of how sick I am.
    Rave: Used a groupon for a spray tan for the wedding and it turned out nicely.

  • Rant: Going to weddings is costly. I’m glad to have the chance to celebrate the occasion, but I do wish that it didn’t involve 8 hour drives or costly plane fare or over priced hotels. Is it poor etiquette to send a wedding gift a few weeks after the wedding? Because unless they’ll accept our bills to attend as evidence of our love, they’re going to have to wait a paycheck cycle or so.

    Rave: Trips out of DC. Sometimes I need to get away for a few days in order to come back and rediscover everything that I love and miss about this city when I’m not here.

    • It’s not at all poor etiquette to wait! It’s totally acceptable to give a gift later – or honestly, not at all. If they’re your friends, I bet they would much rather have you there to witness their marriage than get a toaster from you!

    • me

      Standard “etiquette rules” say something about being able to send a gift anytime up until about 6 months after the ceremony, and they’ve got a year after the wedding to send thank-yous without seeming ungracious. Of course it’s not set in stone, but I think you’re good.

      • No, standard etiquette does not allow a year to send thank-you notes. It’s a month. But it’s definitely better to send a note, even if it’s late, than not at all. I am still wondering if one couple ever received our gift, five years later…

        And yes, it’s totally ok to send a gift after the wedding or not at all.

    • I always thought wedding etiquette permitted gifts after the wedding. Probably for the very reason behind your rant! I have done this a few times and just brought a funny card for the wedding itself and bought/sent the gifts a couple months after when I had the funds. Both couples are still my friends so I don’t think I offended.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Miss Manners says you have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, if you choose to send a gift at all. Gifts are not mandatory, but they are a nice thing to do.

    • Personally- I preferred getting gifts after the wedding. Some of the best gifts were afterwards- photo album of pictures from the wedding, preserved bouquet, etc.

      PS Gifts given at the wedding reception, while greatly appreciate, were just a pain in the ass to haul home!!

  • So who’s loving this weather??

  • austindc

    Rave: Got a new bike from Bicycle Space with a groupon, and I think it’s mighty dapper!

    Rave: Got into school!

    Rave: Really enjoyed my visit to Minneapolis! What a wonderful city with lots of great bike paths!

    Rant: Sick wife. Feel better!

    • Minneapolis is an awesome biking city. The downtown lakesarea is wonderful to bike around – a great fall activity. I miss MN this time of year.

      • austindc

        Right? I couldn’t believe it! I thought Portland was good, but Minneapolis blew them out of the water. They were like bike highways. And they were well paved and flat and had lane markers and decent signage. We took their bike share out and jammed all the way down to one of those many lakes they are always talking about. And everyone was eerily nice. Also, when they had bike lanes on streets, they actually continued on each block. Heavenly. I hope DC will continue investing in a network of bike infrastructure. I would love to live in a city like that.

        • Yea, that’s the Minneapolis I remember. You should have seen it in the 80’s when everyone started inline skating – the dual lanes were finalized, repainted and people just adapted immediately.

          Too bad St. Paul is still stuck in 1946.

          • austindc

            For some reason, the thought of thousands of midwesterners gliding around on roller blades just made me laugh really hard. I don’t know why, and I don’t mean any offense. We didn’t make it to St. Paul. . . because there was no easy bike path there. . . but I wanted to check out their breweries. Oh well, next time for sure!

  • Rave: Went to the recruiting open house I was invited to last night and the company I interviewed with is amazing. Their corporate hq looks like a theme park! The guy I interviwed with was there and he told me they haven’t decided who to hire yet. Also, he told me that his boss liked my resume and if he doesn’t hire me she has another position in mind for me.

  • Rave: delicious peach jam my Mom left for me after her visit

    Rant: had to pull up the tomato plants last night so no more fress tomato sandwiches this year

  • Rave: FRIDAY + Beautiful weather!

    Rant: It is the end of FY11, and our clients have yet to approve or add funding to our contract. Could be an interesting few weeks ahead…

    DOUBLE RANT: I tried Smoke and Barrel last night and it was GOD AWFUL — the service, the food, everything except the beer list. They may have just opened, but when my friend received a pulled pork sandwich that was 70% FAT and the BBQ flavor itself was bland as all get-out, they lost my business for good. The server even tried to grab the check from me before I had signed it because his shift was over–I certainly won’t be back.

    • rant: why the hell don’t they just make fiscal years tied to the calendar year? makes my life difficult and it’s so stupid…

    • claire

      Thanks for the report on Smoke & Barrel, but damn, I was so hopeful . . . maybe they’ll get their act together and improve the food and service in the next few months.

    • Didn’t they just open Tuesday? aren’t you being a bit rash that it wasn’t perfect?

      • If it “wasn’t perfect”, I’d give them another shot, but they tried to pass off as food was revolting. The “grabbing the check” thing has gotten servers fired from other establishments. There are other complaints not listed in my original rant as well (like the server charging us MORE than our original bill so it was split evently.. that’s illegal.)

        Apologies for not having an itemized, properly submitted, Yelp!-style rant for you. It SUCKED and I won’t be back.

  • Rave: Walked past the house fire at 8th and D, SE this morning — so thankful for DC firefighters! No injuries, and they even rescued the owner’s dog!

    Rave: Fall weather! Fall weather! Fall weather!

    Rave: Date night with Mr. On the Hill!

    All in all, things are pretty darned great these days.

  • Rave–Good times w/ girfriends last night
    Rant–Didn’t need to open wine bottle #3…can’t wait to go back to bed….

  • Rant: Major migraine wiped me out last night- but I managed to have a great evening at the barn despite it.
    Rave: Dinner and movies with good friends and the hubby tonight.
    Rave: Fall weather this weekend, heading to Philly to be with family, and watching the Phils start the post-season in my hometown :-D.

  • I did everything I could to find the owner of the ipod I picked up off the street on Tuesday– posted here, put up a flyer, called the apple store (useless)– and no luck. I’m really bummed that I couldn’t get this thing back to its owner.

    • Try Craigslist lost & found section. I was just there looking for my missing BlackBerry . . . .

    • andy

      if you open it up does it have serial numbers or anything?

      • Yes, but the apple store (I called two of them) said that even if they had the device, there’s nothing they could/ would do with the info.

        • Maybe you could try shooting an email off to Apple itself, rather than just the Apple store. If I recall correctly, every time I’ve added an iPod or iPhone I had to register it online. You could send an email saying you found an iPod with these serial and model #s and ask if there is anyway someone at the company could shoot the person who registered that iPod an email letting them know it’s been found.

  • rant: i feel like i have a hangover and i had one glass of wine last night. ugh.

    rave: i’m leaving work in 1/2 hour to enjoy the rest of the day!

    • I’m feeling the same way, and all I had was some Maker’s Mark on the rocks (which I didn’t even finish). When did my tolerance go down so much?

    • Well, hope you’re having a nice afternoon off.

      I sometimes get hangovers after 1 beer. 🙁

      • claire

        Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a hangover after one beer may be an indication of gluten intolerance (if it happens with other drinks as well, feel free to disregard this).

        • true, but let’s not go wild. the gluten-free folks are ruining perfectly good sections of the grocery store for the rest of us… and they make up less than 1% of the population. usually it’s just another way for people to have an eating disorder that others aren’t allowed to comment on because it’s supposedly physiological. *sorry, end rant.

          • From my understanding there’s pretty firm evidence (that a bood test will find) if you have Celiac. It’s not an eating disorder, and it can be damamging if you keep eting gluten.

          • nothing that I said doesn’t hold that to be true. what I’m saying is that one percent means that all these freakin’ gluten free food products in the stores are an indication of a total overreaction by the general population who thinks they have celiac disease. one percent, dude! and I happen to know a bit about eating disorders and how people who have them often hide behind the veil of veganism, vegetarianism, celiac disease, etc. to justify their weird behavior about food. it was just a silly rant b/c I’m miffed that I bought a $9 box of cookies that I didn’t know were gluten free and they were absolutely disgusting.

  • Bear

    Rant: Fight with the BF. Sometimes I wonder if we are just too different for this to work.

    Rave: Chill weekend planned before I jet off to Uganda again next week.

    • Bear

      Additional rant: got two more doses of really bad news at work today. This week has been particularly rough for my division. I think that I am pretty secure here for the near future, but next FY is going to be pretty rough.

      • if you have to try really hard and if you’re fighting, then yes, I’d operate under the assumption that it’s not going to work. be free, little bird!

        • Eh, not so sure. I fight every week with my wife and we /are/ two different people. If we were the same person, it would probably be under ‘deviance’ in a psychology book somewhere. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to work, it just means we’re two different, passionate people who think the other person must have been raised by stray cats.

          People who stay together decide to stay together even when you absolutely don’t want to stay together. The things you need and want right now will look downright silly 5 years from now when you’re down the road a bit.

          If you don’t own RE together and you’re not afraid of being single though then don’t waste the other person’s time hemming and hawing for 6 months. They deserve better.

  • Rave: moving downtown with my boyfriend tomorrow!

  • Moving day! Yay for movers! How much do you usually tip movers?

  • Rant: New Bank of America fees
    Rave: Not a Bank of America customer

  • Rave: Going to see Fela tonight at the Shakespeare Theatre!

    Rave: got free geraniums in Crystal City—the landscapers invited people to help themselves so they could do their fall planting.

    Rant: bike stolen two weeks ago. Still no bike.

  • claire

    Rave: Finally Friday!

    Rave: I’ve been meaning to update my resume for about a year and got around to it today. Feels great to have that off my plate.

    Rave: Block party tomorrow and so many other awesome events going on in DC this weekend!

    Rant: Not enough time to go to all the awesome events!

  • Rant: Today my bathroom ceiling caved in.
    Rave: Today my application was approved on a new apartment!

    Now I need to find out how long it’ll take to get the ceiling fixed and if I can get free rent.

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