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Rant: 3rd and 21. It was freaking 3rd and 21…
Revel: Nats improving.

A reader writes:

“Found an ipod this morning on Holmead, near Oak. Actually ON Holmead. It’s lucky it wasn’t smushed. If the ipod-dropper wants to provide some identifying info (such as the first three bands, alphabetically (or something)), I’d be happy to reunite them.”

If you think this is your ipod email me and I’ll put you in touch.

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  • Birds are migrating! Here is what I saw at Fort Totten Park yesterday (post from eBird.org):

    Red-tailed Hawk 1
    Rock Pigeon 1
    Mourning Dove 2
    Yellow-billed Cuckoo 1
    Chimney Swift 5
    Red-bellied Woodpecker 1
    Downy Woodpecker 3
    Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted) 2
    Eastern Wood-Pewee 4
    Empidonax sp. 3
    Red-eyed Vireo 3
    Blue Jay 7
    crow sp. X
    Carolina Chickadee 2
    White-breasted Nuthatch 4
    Carolina Wren 1
    House Wren 1
    American Robin 8
    Gray Catbird 5
    European Starling X
    Black-and-white Warbler 12 (everywhere!)
    Common Yellowthroat 1
    American Redstart 2
    Northern Parula 7
    Magnolia Warbler 4
    Blackpoll Warbler 1
    Black-throated Blue Warbler 1
    Eastern Towhee 5
    Song Sparrow 2
    Scarlet Tanager 3
    Northern Cardinal 6
    Rose-breasted Grosbeak 2
    Indigo Bunting 1
    House Sparrow 1

  • Rant: Lady on the elevator this morning asked me when my baby was due. I said January. Then she asked me if I was having twins. Then I almost cried.

    Rant: New bus schedule either forces me to drive to work or wake up even earlier in the morning.

    Rave: Caps preseason game last night. Arena was cold, but it was my first pro hockey game, and I had fun!

    • I’m sure she had good intentions but I will never understand why strangers think it’s appropriate to comment on a pregnant woman’s size (or even assume pregnancy).

      • I always fear mistaking obesity for pregnancy so I keep my mouth shut. Besides, the pregnant ladies are probably so sick of making the same inane conversation about it.

      • This happened to my intern earlier this summer. A stupid woman who should have known better asked the poor girl if she was expecting, then tried to cover it up with some lame comment about her sweater.

        Seriously, people, if you don’t know for certain, keep your mouth shut!

    • Wow. Can you spell R-U-D-E?

    • Oh, I’m sorry. People are STUPID about this. A male coworker whose wife had just had a baby said the same exact thing to me when I was about 5-6 months pregnant. I was normal-sized, NOT huge. I could have strangled him.

      My only advice is to use this time and the stupid things that people say to learn how to tune them out and not get upset. Just wait until the baby is born–EVERYONE is going to give unsolicited advice on feeding, sleeping, dressing, you name it, and they all think their way is the only way to do it and that you’re going to totally screw up your kid if you don’t do it their way. Nod, smile, ignore as best you can!

      • people are just people. we live in the same world and we interact.
        when people try to engage you in something positive, aint no reason to assume rudeness. just roll with it. have a conversation. ask them about them.

        lifes too short to be pissy about shit like this.

        • I think it also has a lot to do with hormones. A lady may already be on full tilt with dealing a growing body out of her control, and comments like that may very nearly set her off.

          No, they’re not trying to be rude. But that doesn’t make it any less annoying or hurtful.

          • I don’t buy the excuse that woman, while pregnant, have a hormonal imbalance severe enough to render them exceptional to the rules. If comments like that make someone want to cry or “go off” they should be taking leave and staying at home or else don’t complain and want special treatment. Im tired of being the only demographic that doesnt get any special treatment ever. This is not meant to be mean but I’ve always had a problem with people saying “it’s ok she is just hormonal” to me that is admitting a disability.

          • WTF- Do you think it would be the same if someone knew she was gaining weight and someone commented that she looked like she was really packing on the pounds? I’d be pissed in either case, regardless of hormones.

            And, I would feel totally justified in telling them off (in either case, regardless of their intentions).

          • Wtf, I’m sorry you’re tired of being the only demographic that doesn’t get any special treatment, but we all have our crosses to bear. I can’t pee standing up. Life is tough.

          • WTF, wtf?

            Have a little kindness toward other people and stop resenting them.

            I don’t know what “rules” you’re talking about, unless maybe it’s rules of civility. Meg didn’t lash out (verbally or otherwise) at the woman who made the inappropriate comment; it just hurt her feelings.

            She didn’t say being pregnant/hormonal meant an exemption from the rules of common courtesy; she just implied that being hormonal might make someone react more strongly than she would otherwise.

            And if someone were admitting a disability, what then? Do you scowl at anyone you think is receiving “special treatment”??

          • WTF, wtf?

            Have a little kindness toward other people and stop resenting them.

            I don’t know what “rules” you’re talking about, unless maybe it’s rules of civility. Meg didn’t lash out (verbally or otherwise) at the woman who made the well-intended but inappropriate comments; it just hurt her feelings.

            She didn’t say being pregnant/hormonal meant an exemption from the rules of common courtesy; she just implied that being hormonal might make someone react more strongly than she would otherwise.

            And if someone were admitting a disability, what then? Do you scowl at anyone you think is receiving “special treatment”??

          • I don’t agree with the disability/hormonal comment but I will say I was definitely confused as why the OP almost cried at the twins comment. If you look big enough then it’s a natural question…

          • I guess I didn’t think I do look that big. And I’ve got a LONG way to go.

        • Where did my comment go???

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Continuing restore operation civility – I deleted it. If you have a problem with that you can email me directly. Though I feel very sad if I have to explain why.

          • If you thought my comment was offensive you ought to delete the one I was responding to, also. That’s clearly a lot worse (though I obviously think both are fine).

    • When I see visibly pregnant women I’m always tempted to ask when they’re due or what they’re having. But it seems to be a sensitive subject so I just ignore it until they bring it up.

    • Mostly I think people are trying to make conversation and share that they are happy for you. It may be clumsy and seem rude, but I don’t think that’s the intention.

      • Oh totally, I don’t think she was trying to be rude. It was just not the right thing to say.

        I’m all hormonal anyway. 🙂

        • Hooray for hormones! Maybe they need a little love too. HOpe your day improves.

        • I get what you’re saying and sympathize that you were hurt, but you’ve now twice written it off to hormones. That’s fine, but since you’re implying that your reaction may have been over the top, you’re also implying that the comment could be construed as reasonable (maybe you are actually large enough for some to wonder if you’re carrying twins. Not saying that’s true or right to say, but is that so evil?) and not worth bringing up as an affront in the first place.

          This is what confuses and frustrates those of us who do not suffer hormone swings. From one side of the mouth comes the indignation and anger, from the other side (if we’re lucky) comes “never mind. sorry. It’s just hormones”. Either way, were still saddled with the blame of having done something wrong.

          And by the way, if a man had suggested even a hint of hormones playing role, he would have been torn to shreds. So, thank you for bringing it up.

          I also hope your day improves.

          • Sounds to me like you’re mapping other people’s past “It’s just hormones” excuses onto Meg’s case (and possibly onto women in general).

            Nobody likes to be called fat (or for someone to say something implying they’re fat). Pregnancy hormones could make someone feel more upset about such a remark than she’d feel otherwise.

            Feeling hurt enough to be on the edge of tears vs. feeling a little bit hurt is a difference of degree, not kind.

          • @anon:

            From Meg at 11:04
            “I think it also has a lot to do with hormones.”

            From Meg at 11:37
            “I’m all hormonal anyway.”

            I agree that it’s a matter of degrees. My point is that taking the hormones out of the equation may very well have made this a non-issue and not worth even mentioning… meaning that’s it’s just possible that the original comment wasn’t that mean or bad to begin with – or that it could have just been taken in stride rather than venting to a blog about it. That’s all.

          • Listen, I’m not calling the lady evil and going off on a vindictive tirade against her because my feelings were hurt. Asking a pregnant woman if she’s having twins is probably akin to asking a non-pregnant lady when she’s expecting. You get horrifyingly big, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Most women understand this.

            Had I not been pregnant, a comment like this (or something akin to this, since I hope that I wouldn’t look pregnant if I wasn’t) would probably not hurt me AS much. The hormones do play a part in how I felt about it. I am an adult, and I can normally brush off rude comments easier than if I wasn’t also bombarded with hormones that thwart that. I didn’t go off on her, I smiled and took it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t bother me.

            I’m not trying to play victim here, it was just a rude start to my morning, and I was venting, like this post invites us to do. I’m not sure why you’re arguing this.

          • I’m sorry that person made such a rude comment to you.
            Have a nice day.

  • rant: wondering when to just give up on a job opportunity. it’s been a month since the interview, and i’ve send 2 unanswered emails to HR about a timeline. i called once and she said they would have something “by friday”, but that was 2 weeks ago. i’m bummed because it was a great opportunity and great pay, and i would have gotten out of DC. just keep swimming, i guess….

    rave: anniversary trip coming up!

    • Bear

      It took my organization a month and a half (with no contact in between) to offer me my position, after the guy who interviewed me said he wanted someone to start right away. He wasn’t lying, but he had no control over it–the position got stuck in HR. For 6 weeks. So don’t give up just yet–you never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    • Don’t give up. I currently work in HR and I was hired for my current job last Feb, however, I interviewed in September of the previous year. Things happen, positions get put on hold until the new fiscal year rolls around, hiring managers get sick, and some people are just plain slow at hiring people. I know it sucks, but it happens.

      Also, it is not a great image on the HR department not to be responsive. I could see maybe a day or two, because speaking for myself; I am constantly receiving phone calls from people wanting updates on positions. I can’t always get back quickly, because that is not high on my priority list. Can you call the person’s supervisor to get an update?

      • Well, it is not really an HR “department”. It is a stage agency with one woman in the HR role. All of the contact has been through her (and she is very nice when I’ve actually spoken to her) and I would feel weird going above her. I don’t expect her to get back to me immediately, but please give me SOMETHING! I am just anxious because my partner and I are kind of in limbo right now, and this would provide some much-needed direction. The job is still on the website, and I know they have been regularly taking down jobs that have been filled, which leads me to believe that they haven’t filled the position yet. But they interviwed all of the candidates on the same day, so it is kindof ridiculous that the process is dragging on this long.

    • I know you’re having a hard time over there, but your job rant is literally “cut and paste” every day. Same terminology, same story.

      • The story does sound familiar. But every Rave/Rant day there seem to be several different posts about frustrations with the jobhunting process. Times are tough. I don’t envy anyone looking for a job these days, unless they are computer science majors.

    • A day feels like a week to those seeking employment since they are so focused on that paramount task. A week seems like a day to the hiring manager since filling that position is probably not his or her only responsibility. I feel for you and hope you can remain optimistic.

  • Rant: Does anyone else feel like this is a completely crappy week? I am not sure if the weather or me just trying to shake the general dreariness of my job is what’s causing my mood to be foul.

    Rant: Still not one person has contacted me for an interview and I have applied to over 100 jobs since July. I have redesigned and altered my resume to no end with no luck. Hmm, just keep swimming.

    Rave: Cooler temperatures this weekend.

    • Yes, I’ve been achy, stiff, and tired all week. I cabn’t wait for the weekend.

      • omg! me too. My back and head are killing me, but in general I ache too. Not sleeping well. stomach has been upset, but I don’t feel sick sick.

        I need to see a ray of sunshine!

        • that’s odd. EXACT same feelings .. especially the “stomach has been upset, but I don’t feel sick sick.” part.


          • me too! just kind of dizzy and out of sorts, especially in the morning. I’d think I was pregnant, except the baby would have to be the messiah or something.

    • Ditto on the crappy week. And ditto on trying to figure out whether it’s weather related or if my job really is as problematic as it seems to be lately.

    • Have you reached out to specialists in your field to review your resume? I know it’s hard to read, but have you considered that you’re overreaching for a position that doesn’t match your skill or experience level?

  • Rant: Had a nervous breakdown over the weekend.

    Rant: Lost a wonderful man who, apparently, I’ve been hurting for some time with my craziness.

    Rant/Rave: I’m going to get meds & help so maybe I don’t do this anymore.

    Rant: I feel the need to broadcast this anonymously on the internet.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that rosasharn. Go get the help you need, and take care of yourself. I know what your going through. I’m still going through it, you’re not alone.

    • You’re absolutely not alone, and the fact that you recognize that you need help is a wonderful first step (and sometimes the hardest one to boot).

      I wish you the best.

      • Thanks for the encouragement, folks. Hugs to all the DCers who are hurting!

        • Do you have appointments to get the help you need?

          Do you have support? If not, PoP can give you my email and I can try to help
          I’ve been there, I know how hard it is, and you’re not alone.

          • Things are bad but, I think, OK: I’ve got appointments and good people around me. Thanks so much, though, Jane. Your offer is so kind.

          • rosasharn, I remember you posted about feeling like you were slipping a few days ago. I know it takes a seemingly impossible amount of effort, but keep at it with dr’s appts and reaching out to friends as much as you can. you’ll come through it!

    • claire

      Best of luck! It can be slow going sometimes, but if you really care about helping yourself become the best person you can be, you really can do it. And everyone (no, seriously, everyone) goes through some shit like this; it takes guts to actually face it head on.

  • Rant: Someone left their poopy purple panties in our trash can last night. Yuck!

    Rave: Going to treat myself to a bookstore run tonight and buy Amitav Ghosh’s new book River of Smoke.

  • Rant: DC is doing construction on a fire hydrant outside my home. Every time a car drives over the metal plate covering the road, it sounds like cinderblocks being dropped on a huge metal drum.

    Rave: Is that really all I can complain about?

  • “Poopy Purple Panties” would make a great punk band name.

    • Rant: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. PoP is fixing this at some point, promise. But until then, slow down. Please. And be sure to copy what you just wrote because once you click Back, it’s gone. So sorry. And if you’re replying to something, be sure to click reply instead of just pasting the comment back into the text box and hitting submit, or else you will start a new thread. Our most sincere apologies. But PoP is fixing this… at some point.”

      • Yeah, it’s hardly worth posting comments if half of them are lost becuase we misread the captcha, were “posting too quickly,” or said something that could possibly be offensive if you took it out of context and made a deliberate attempt to read too much into it.

        There’s gotta be a better way to do this…

  • claire

    Rave: Today is the last night my boyfriend’s sister is staying with us – it’s been great having her visit, but damn will I be glad to not have to be super quiet during sex anymore . . .

    Rant: Trying to figure out Thanksgiving plans. Don’t want to offend my parents by not doing Thanksgiving with them, but would also really like to visit my boyfriend’s family in Nashville. Maybe I’ll fly down and join him the day after Thanksgiving?

  • Rant: Job opportunities for me when we move overseas next year are pretty abysmal. There are tons of great positions in mainland China, but nothing worthwhile in Hong Kong.

    Rant: The positions that interest me all require fluency in both Cantonese and Mandarin. I can’t quit my job to study a language full-time even though the training is free.

    Rave: Maybe this transition will be the push I need to finally focusing more on my photography and get my business off the ground. I will be surrounded by an exciting and vibrant city to photograph.

  • Rant: Match.com is stupid. Winking, and favoriting, and all kinds of “ing”, and I still haven’t met anyone for coffee. What the frICKING FRACK.

    Rave: I dyed my hair red last night, and it’s fabulous. One of my 6 year old students said it reminds them of a pumpkin. 🙂

    • rant: okcupid is stupid. what is it my profile that attracts the people i’m not interested in. if we actually met in real life, would i be more interesting, more approachable? maybe it’s not me. i’m getting used to the idea that i’m actively “looking” for someone to spend time with.

      is match any better? i’m thinking about taking the leap and actually paying money.

      rave: moving on friday to my very own (tiny) apartment

      • I have not tried Match, but I know 6 happy couples that have met through Match. It took them about 4 to 6 months to meet their significant other.

        • em

          I tried online dating – no luck in finding people that were compatible. However, I do have a friend who met her husband on Chemistry and they are pretty darn happy.

          I ended up meeting the love of my life when we were competing on a game show. And not one of those dating shows, either.

        • binpetworth

          I think it depends on your age and what you’re looking for. As a female fast approaching 40, I found that Match didn’t have many men in my age group who didn’t live in say, Leesburg or Woodbridge or some other place i don’t have transportation to get to. But I also know happy couples who met there and on similar venues. That said, i’ve done the whole gamut over the past 5 year–Match, eHarmony, OKCupid and now have written it off entirely. I figured if online dating were a business plan, I would’ve been bankrupt by now!

      • I met my husband on the interwebs, via the dating site on The Onion. I would suggest finding a niche site like that because then you know you have something in common from the start.

        And it still took a while for me to find him. So give it some time.

        Oh, and I didn’t like him at first, so give a person at least 2 dates before you write him/her off.

      • The real promise of online dating is the volume of potential partners to choose from. But what I’ve discovered after having sifted through many volumes of people in several different fora is that having a lot of people to choose from does not make for better, more succesful choices. If we were all just looking for “smart, funny, warm, cute, nice, athletic, outgoing, blah, blah, blah,” none of us would be single. It’s all a search for the needle in the haystack. Online dating sites just provide bigger haystacks to sift through.

    • PoP, any possibility of a “Your Experiences with Online Dating in PoPville” thread sometime?

  • Rant: dog had an anxiety attack at 4am and forced his way out of his crate (bad dream?)

    Rave: it was sweet that as soon as he saw me he calmed down-made me feel warm and fuzzy inside

    • This is not intended as a criticism of your dog parenting styles, but it seems that more and more people are using crates when sleeping or leaving their dogs alone. I can understand it for puppies, but what’s the benefit of doing it with an adult dog? Could the nightly confinement be adding to his stress?

      • Actually, if crate trained as puppies the dogs will grow to enjoy the crate and see it as their little home. My schnauzer eventually started going in there without any command at all. There is a certain time threshold that the dog can stay in there though.

      • Actually it’s more stressful to the dog to have free reign of the house… they feel like they have to “protect” the whole thing themselves. Crating them or confining them to a room is better. I don’t crate my Schnauzers anymore, except when they start to slip on the housetraining, but I leave the crate doors open because they like to hang out in there anyway.

      • @C3PO I definitely was a little skeptical of the crate training thing but after adopting my dog I was amazed to find he actually likes his crate. He goes in himself at night when he gets sleepy. Plus it gives my cranky old cat time to roam around the apartment at night freely. Kind of a space sharing arrangement.

        And from what I could tell doing research on crates prior to adopting my dog there are 1 gazillion opinions about it-so my opinion is: each situation is unique. I’ll definitely keep tabs to see if the crate is bothering him though, good tip!

    • Could it have been a night terror? My dog has those, and wakes up barking/panting and can’t focus his eyes on anything. Benedryl before bedtime helps. My vet suggested I talk calmly and not touch him when he wakes up in a terror. It’s no fun. 🙁

      • He usually is only anxious during thunderstorms, but I’ll keep the Benedryl in mind if this keeps up sans thunder and we go visit the vet. Thanks!

        • I haven’t used it yet, but if it is related to thunderstorms a lot of people are raving on about Thundershirts. You can put it on the dog when you know a storm is coming. It goes along the theory of swaddling a baby, makes them feel safe, but it’s just a tight t-shirt (so you could try to fashion your own as well). My foster-pup crawls under the bed during storms and is terrified (he’s a GSD), so I’m thinking of getting one for him.

          Crates are excellent, and many dogs love them. That being said, if they’re being crate day and night it might be somewhat excessive, and you may want to either keep the pup in the bedroom with you, or think about more exercise during the day.

  • RANT: Really, really pissed that the football game wasn’t aired on ABC. Usually when the home team are on ESPN, ABC airs it, so we had to listen on the radio. No, I will not cave and get cable.

    RANT: home sick today with a cold.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It was on channel 20!

      • Haha, I was totally watching FOX5 thinking it was coming on after this crappy Dinosaur show for a bout 15 minutes until I tried channel 20. I laughed at myself, I never expected it to be on the channel that usually is playing infomercials! What a country! LOL.

    • This is for Sozzles – Just FYI – Monday Night Football was on “My20” (the old UPN 20)last night. I panicked when I couldn’t find it on one of the regular broadcasts, but found it on 20.

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! For some reason, I couldn’t pick up 20, although I tried. Sometimes my antenna won’t pick up a station in one room, but it will in the other even though it all runs through the same cable. Damn, damn, damn.

        CAPTCHA: TSFK (sounds like a good cuss word)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The bathrooms at work are disgusting. What is wrong with people? Are they marking their territory?

    Rant: Kitty decided it would be awesome to have a heart to heart talk about 45 minutes before it was time for me to get up. I finally settled her down and my alarm went off; she had the nerve to be pissed about it.

    Rave: Stayed up way too late watching cheesy TV last night.

    • I share your rant (#2 that is), except that my cat wanted my undivided attention around 2 hours before my alarm clock usually gets it. But when she purrs, I can’t be too put out by it.

      Rave: The Nationals ending their season at least in 3rd, and still in the running for a winning season.

    • Agreed, The people I work with must have the most immaculate bathrooms at their homes, it seems like they wait until they come to work to do their business. Its horrible in our bathroom, glad I don’t live 24/7 with these people.

  • Rave: Finally got the cojones to make my dream of moving to the west coast a reality! I leave on October 18th and will spend 10 days traveling to visit friends/family and then land outside Tacoma WA on october 28th to live with a college friend and spend 3 weeks job hunting before Thanksgiving. I’d be completely lying if I wasn’t really nervous about job hunting somewhere I don’t know the area. But I’m also really excited. I’ve been talking about this seriously for 4 months and vaguely through 2 years of grad school.

    Rant: I have no idea how to pack for 6 weeks of living/job hunting/traveling in a carry-on bag! Because I have 4 flights before I hit tacoma I don’t want to check anything and risk the fees. Looks like I’ll be shipping a box ahead of me!

    • You can do it! When I packed for a summer internship in North Dakota I had a backpack with pillow, sheets, and blanket, and a small rolling suitcase with everything else I could possibly need. I did get sick of the same 5 outfits but it was only for ten weeks. Luckily there was a bookstore I could walk to so I didn’t need to bring books.

      • At Christmas, I would always ship a box of presents by Greyhound rather than trying to figure out how to carry it all on the plane. Worked great and was cheap. You just have to go pick it up at the other end.

  • Rant: Building management won’t call me back about renewing my lease even though I have to give notice today if I’m moving out. I’ve been trying to get in touch with them for a week to discuss it.

  • Rant–VERY surprised that I need my actual social security card to get a DC drivers license, event though I have one from out of state as well as a passport. I haven’t seen my social security card since I was a teen ager. Everything else I may have w/ the number on it x’s it out.

    Rave–Wait at SSA was only an hour…but I can just imagine how long it will be at DC DMV.

  • I’m quitting my job next week, I can’t wait. I only wish I had something lined up.
    I’m in IT, so things have a way of being readily available, not too worried.
    Toxic boss can bite me.

  • Rave: My best friend, who has been in East Africa for the past year, came to stay with me for a week.

    Rant: Today is a day where all I feel like doing is going home, curling up in bed and watching TV.

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