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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • claire

    Rave: Day one of my three day weekend!

    Rant: The weather. Way too damp for me – I need some sun!

    Rave: My final post on recreating Rasika’s palak chaat went up today! I know some people on here were interested; use the link on my name to check it out!

  • Rant: The weather sucks

    Rave: Its still 100 times better than June/July….anything over 90 degrees is an abomination.

  • Rave: First day of Autumn, and it’s my birthday.

    Rave: ALMOST got hit by a bicycle when crossing the street, but I didn’t!

  • Revel: Its friday and I get to lay around and be lazy with the manpiece.

    Rant: I had a terrible week at work this week.

    Rant x2: Everyone I still talk to from highschool are trying to guilt me into going to our 10 year reunion this weekend. Am I the only one who would rather be waterboarded than go to my 10 year highschool reunion? I can think of about 8 billion things I would rather do. Everyone I am interested in staying in touch with I already do…sooooo whats the point?

    • I would rather be waterboarded into a shark tank while having my finger and toenails pulled out with pliers than go to my high school reunion.

      • Skip it – I feel the same way and didn’t attend mine a few years ago – perhaps I’ll go to the 20 – it’ll be interesting to see folks.

        • 20th is definitely the one to go to. 10th is WAY to competitive – some folks will have advanced degree + hot husband + 2.5 charming, perfect kids, and make everyone else feel inadequate. By the 20th, 1 of the charming perfect kids will be in rehab and most everyone else will have gotten their act together in at least some aspect of life, and everyone will be older and more easygoing.

          • You guys are all as insecure now as you probably were in HS. Way to go on the personal development! Who cares how other people are living their life, the only life you’re responsible for is your own.

            10 year was fun for me. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in years. I was surprised by the number of people who became teachers and the number of people who married someone from our graduating class after going to different colleges. The key was it was at a bar, so it was very casual.

          • 12:16,

            i’m not insecure, i just didn’t like the people i went to high school with. or the town i lived in then.

          • Yeah Im not sure I would care about any of that stuff…because I am not very conventional…and I don’t want those things for myself. I don’t wish anyone that will be there ill will, I just disliked a large portion of them…and really have no interest in who married who or how many kids (rehab or no) they have.

            It all seems a little sad maybe? I feel like a lot go to get some sort of validation or to parade their accomplishments around. Its just not for me.

          • There are plenty of positive reasons why people want to go to a HS reunion and not all of them are “to participate in a beauty contest and show up your classmates”.

            MAR, if you don’t want to go, don’t go. But automatically assigning reasons to other people you didn’t like, especially negative reasons, just screams “I’m insecure”.

            Looking down your nose at people you didn’t like when they were teenagers is pretty childish of an adult.

          • Im sorry you feel that way. I don’t disagree that there are many reasons people go (positive and negative). I brought it up to see what other people’s experiences were.

            I wasn’t assigning negative reasons to the people I don’t like…I was commenting on what FOCH had said above (re: 10th being competitive). I don’t know if thats what it will be like at all…since I won’t be there. All I said was that I don’t have any interest in “catching up”.

            You are welcome to think I am childish and insecure…everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • I would love to be going to my 10 year high school reunion because it would involve some serious time travel. 1986 Whooo hooo! Peter Gabriel, Walk Like an Egyptian…

  • It’s my own little unofficial Friday Question of the Day:
    What do you love about the way your office is run? Does the metro benefit make you warm and fuzzy? Are you excited for weekly team lunches? Are there any procedures that you use frequently and that make your life easier? What innovative ways does your management show you that they care about morale?

    My company is cramming on a project and everyone is working really, really hard. I’m trying to come up with ways (now and ongoing) to make their lives as easy as possible while they’re working long hours with lots of stress. And, using the opportunity to think about long-term morale, staff retention and the reputation of the company with future hires.

    • I’m not trying to be a jerk – and I know that my work ethic isn’t the same as a bunch of folks in DC (I try and keep it under 36 hours a week, just cause), but I would think that my job would show me respect by not forcing me to cram on a project at the last minute. If I were in that position, I would just add up the hours that I worked over normal, and expect to take them off in a lump sum rounded to the nearest day after the project was done. If I worked 5 extra hours a week for 3 weeks, I would expect 2 days off, paid. I don’t like working around the people I work with – having a lunch with them, paid or not, isn’t my idea of fun. Benefits such as metro are just benefits – it’s nice if they are there, but having them really isn’t that big of a bonus.

      • @stinkypesto Good luck with that. In the real world extra hours are not compensated on a one to one basis. Also I would love to have a benefit like paid metor–that means I pay less out in MY cash. v

      • I don’t care that you disclaimerd the heck of of your post, you really do come off sounding like a whiney child.

        You acknowldge that you work less than 99.9% of the employed and you get your panties in a bunch because your job occasionally requires you to work outside your comfort zone and contribute a couple more hours?

        I haven’t worked less than 50 hours a week for a decade, most of us don’t like our coworkers and we don’t get to pick our assignments, but you know what, it comes with being an adult.

        Put your man pants on and quit being such a wet blanket. Or, go to your boss, express your dissatisfaction with having to put in a full work week when 10% of the city is unemployed, and we will find out how valuable you are to your organization by whether or not he decides not to find such a whiney delicate flower as an employee

        • Boohoo. Being an adult means realizing that your job isn’t your life. Being around for your children is being an adult. Having fun in life is being an adult. Doing what you want with your life is being an adult.

          I’ve been at the same job for 7+ years. My boss knows how I work, and they are fine with it. When I am at work – I give them their $$ worth. It’s my day off today, thats the only reason that I am posting. Chances are that your big-boy 50 hour workweek is full of breaks and browsing the internet to post here.

          • I’ve worked with smelly cilantros before and the problem is they expect the same rewards as everyone else–in fact I have seen some threaten lawsuits. It’s great that you have made a choice of a life centered around your family but don’t expect the rest of us who work harder to make up for your slack.

          • There are some bitter angry people working these 50 hour work weeks. I think people are missing the point of SP’s post: if you want to reward people for being a crappy project manager and not scheduling resources properly to a timeline, then reward them by giving them some comp time.

            It’s not a rocket science concept.

          • +1,000,000 to the poster immediately above.

            Everyone should make a choice of life centered around their family, rather than their employer.

            If you’re doing otherwise, you’re raising your employers expectations as far as the sacrifices employees should be willing to make — for yourself and others. In other words, you have to work harder not because of someone else’s attitude, but rather because of yours and that of people like you.

            I mean, it’s a recession and all, so we’re all doing things to be more competitive — but it’s people like stinkypesto that help keep employers somewhat reasonable.

      • Wow, I’d kill to be able to only work 36 hours a week.

        I’m not going to lay into you, but I will say that if you’re salaried, you’re basically signing on to work more than the average 40 hours, if necessary. The employer does this so that they don’t have to pay you overtime.

        God do I miss being hourly.

    • Simple recognition of the hard work that you as an employee are putting in can be a big deal. I would appreciate it if my boss would sometimes acknowledge my work ethic when I am doing things he put off until the last minute.

      Money is also a great way to say thanks!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Money/gift certificates is the way to go.

      My management is fond of giving balloons, certificates, and for a while a single rose, all crap. I’d rather have an extra $5 than a cheesy balloon or some other office crap. One year for appreciation they gave us ugly clocks that didn’t even work.

      I’d like to second @stinkypesto’s comment about team lunches. I already spend enough time with these people, I don’t want to be forced to socialize with them as well. The people I like, I already lunch with.

    • saf

      “What do you love about the way your office is run?”
      It’s more about the folks I work with. We’re a small non-profit, and we all pitch in as necessary.

      The metro benefit is nice, but not a determining factor for me.

      “Are you excited for weekly team lunches? ”
      No. I use my lunch to get away from the office. I like the people I work with, and sometimes I have lunch with some of them. But I really like to decompress on my lunch hour, not work more. I strongly advise again team lunches on a regular basis. Also, team lunches are billable time, as you’re working, not getting to do what you want to do for lunch.

      Procedures: What makes my life easier in the office, improves my morale, and gets the work done better and faster is cooperation. Clear direction on what is expected and who will be doing what part of the task. Willingness to answer questions from the team leader, and willingness to ask questions on the part of the team members. Cooperation and clarity are essential.

      • saf

        Oh, and appreciation:
        Comp time (and permission to USE the comp time) and money. And recognition of my hard work in my review and in public.

        I don’t want a lunch. I don’t want a dinner. I don’t want more tchotchkes. I don’t want a silly certificate.

    • I agree with getting a gift card or cash rather than other incentives, even if its a small amount.

      Also, acknowledgement by the boss, and to any one else that the person works for makes me feel good too. I had to work a crazy weekend, starting at Friday at 5 pm, culminating with a Monday mornign 7 am presentation. I had about 10 hours of sleep the entire time. The guy I was working for sent me a handwritten note thanking me and tell me what a great job we did, plus a gift card. He also told my other boss how great I did, and that guy gave me a comp day off.

      One of the big differences between a boss I liked working for and a boss I did not liking for: the man I enjoyed working for gave me credit for doing a good job and told me when I was doing a good job. It made me take more pride in my work and feel like I was actually contributing, versus the guy who only had criticism (constructive, yes, but still, sometimes it is nice to be appreciated!)

    • Two random thoughts:

      No weekly team lunches: I would quit if we had weekly team lunches. Lunch is my only break from work during the day; I use it to run errands, get out for a short walk, clear my head, etc. Lunch with your colleagues if you *want* to, but being required to spend your lunch break with colleagues once a week is totally unacceptable IMO.

      Make sure the boss(es) are there too: Working late and long hours happens sometimes, but it is way more tolerable if the boss(es) are also there working. Extra points if they provide food/refreshments, and super extra points if they physically go get it themselves.

    • In a previous job, the bosses decided to give out squeezy animals as tokens of their appreciation.

      It was so lame. I would’ve rather had the $3 or whatever it cost them to get the squeezy animals.

  • Rave: Friday night with wine, my girl friends and a chick flick.

    Rant: Becoming a junior jack of all trades at my office.

    Rant: The weather. When is the cool crisp Fall air going to get here?

    • Jack of all trades don’t survive layoffs usually, FYI.

      Specialized knowledge in the core, revenue generating department is where it’s at.

      • …Which is probably why it was a rant.

        • I agree it’s a rant, it’s also a dangerous place to be in an organization.

          I think that warning people in their careers about pitfalls is about the nicest thing you can possibly do for someone. It gives them time to make adjustments before it’s too late.

      • Ouch, dude.

        • me

          In all fairness, “NeedsNewJob” is on here every day talking about how much they hate their job and needs help in finding something else, and asks for feedback and help. He’s just being realistic.

  • Rant: Sleepy because I stayed up late reading.

    Rave: Good books.

    Rave: Omar on Community last night! Awesomeness.

  • Rant: Marvin dumping sh*t in the alley all night long. I wish people knew that when they pay him to dispose of their junk in his “dumpster” it really means that he will throw it in the alley or in people’s backyards in the middle of the night.

  • Rave: Friday

    Rant: Extremely busy weekend culminating in a funeral and reception that my mother is totally freaked out about hosting.

    Rave: Have purchased enormous amount of alcohol for said reception

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I wish I could have stayed home all day in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

    Rave: My niece wants me to do her make-up for her homecoming dance.

  • Rave: My long non-paying tenant/”friend” is moving out Oct 15.

    Rave: I can start getting much needed income renting my spare bedroom.

    Rant: The freaks are coming out of the woodwork replying to my Craigslist ad.

  • Bear

    Rant: I thought that after my travels I would be coming home to nice fall weather and instead it’s muggy and gross.

    Rave: My short-term tenant that I rented my place to was awesome. I would actually like to hang with her sometime.

    Rave: Two good friends from home have recently moved to DC, and one of them is working right around the corner from me! It kind of makes up for the six friends that have left over the last couple of years.

    Rave/slight rant: Probably going back to Uganda next month. I’m excited to spend more time there…but I’d like to recover from the existing jetlag before I get back on a plane.

  • Rant: Rain! I’m sure the stages I’m playing this weekend will be covered, but outdoor festivals always suck when it’s raining.

    Rave: My brother and sister in law got a puppy last night. Now they have two dogs. Hopefully I’ll be able to adopt the dog I want next week (met her yesterday and she’s great!) It will be nice to see the three of them play together.

  • me

    Rant: I just had the worst morning ever. I had to attend a meeting with an SES from my office and she was SO DISRESPECTFUL to everyone else that we met with and even saw in the hallways (we went to a different building, so it’s like she didn’t give a damn about anyone she ran into). I haven’t been that embarassed in a long time.

    Rave: It’s Friday.

  • Rant: Employers taking the best of me because they know its a bad market… I’m so busy I don’t have time to find another job. I hope this economy fixes itself soon.

    Rant: Fall weekends are a precious commodity, this one is going to be rainy, I’m not happy about that.

    Rave: Its Friday and I still have drinkin’ money in my pocket!

  • Rant: Child poverty rate in DC at 30.4% as of 2010

    Rave: Metro now allows you to add money to your SmarTrip cards online

    Rave: I have a friend visiting who hasn’t been here in 3+ years, and he commented on how much the surrounding neighborhood has grown and developed since he was last here.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Rain when Baseball, BBQ, and other outside stuff was planned.

    Rave: Wellies and Wellie warmers. Galoshes make walking the dogs more pleasant.

    Rant: No boss for another month or two.

    Rave: Bought two pairs of really comfy flats for work.

  • Rave: Chocolate covered berries for lunch.

    Revel: Giant bowl of Pho, bottle of wine and The Help on tap for tonight.

    Rant: Damn is this what 27 feels like 🙁

  • Revel–Hubby and I finally bought a house!

    Rant–Afraid he will try to decorate it with stuff from the Hawk n Dove auction

  • Rave: Pat Collins the Grapeman coming to the aid of Banana Man.

    Rave: They suspended the suspension. Way to go Pat!

  • Rant: Housing woes.
    Rave: Having an outlet to vent about things online. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.

  • Three random pink umbrellas just swirled by each other in passing outside my window.

  • I’m about 37% sure my friends are trying to set me up with one of their friends. She’s really cute and the total opposite of my ex, so I’m happy with their efforts.

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