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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • pablo .raw

    rant: bike accident
    rant: Classic, guy opened his car door. Looked at my while I was in terrible knee and elbow pain, said “I’m sorry” very quietly so that his cellphone conversation was not interrupted.
    rave: I didn’t fell off my bike, cars where passing by.

  • Rave: Two festival gigs this weekend, including SunFest. And SunFest means staying in Ocean City for a long weekend with some friends.

  • Rant: Weather is bringing me down.
    Rave: Pho

  • rant: woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    rave: my co-worker gave me a brownie.
    rant: it wasn’t a magic brownie. 😉

  • Rave: I’ve been babysitting for new families and having so much fun the last few weeks. And all that extra money is paying for my brick wall framing next week.

    Rant: After all of these years of not wanting children, I’m realizing that I want to adopt some day. Which throws a whole ‘nother wrench into the already dismal outlook on my dating life. There should be a dating website devoted solely to people who don’t want children or don’t want to have children naturally.

  • rant: Life just keeps getting better and better…dumped by my boyfriend(now ex), realized I’ll never get married, have children, or be able to buy a home in DC, one of my best friends is getting married for the FORTH time and I have to be the maid of honor,all the lights in my kitchen are out and I can’t changed them, and NOW I get a summons for jury duty. Ain’t life grand!

    • Never a better time to buy (10) Powerball tickets! Can’t lose!

    • Could be worse… I’d much rather be you than be the woman who’s on her way to divorce #4.

      • +1. or you could also be the woman who still insists on having a maid of honor for her fourth wedding.

        totally unsolicited advice: think about why marriage in and of itself is a goal. relationships are what you make of them whether you’re married or not and that piece of paper isn’t going to get you to some magical “next level” of anything. and regarding having children, there are dozens of ways to make a family. if you think you’re too old to procreate, think about what you’d do if you were infertile but young. life doesn’t generally promise us anything so you should probably be happy this ex set you free to figure these things out.

        • here’s an unsolicited +100 🙂

        • +1 I think you also need to get to the root of why you want it. Do you want to get married so that you can have a stable environment to have kids? What if you told yourself you’ll have a kid, regardless of whether or not you’re with someone, by xx age. Then maybe the pressure to get married before your eggs expire (if that’s the case) wouldn’t be as great. You have the rest of your life to find a soulmate.

          • Maybe she just has a horrible last name like Nubbumbler and her parents will frown upon a name change by any other means than marriage.

        • leftcoastsouthpaw

          Well said(written)! I know dating sucks at times. Trust me, I really can commiserate. However, getting married isn’t going to solve all of life’s problems. Take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you. I know it is easier said than done.

          By the way, I really enjoyed my jury duty last time. The judge I was assigned to was thoughtful and incredibly appreciative of our time.

        • This is wonderful advice!

          • I had grand jury duty for 10 weeks, but luckily it was just after I had been laid off. It was a fascinating experience, and I would gladly do it again.

            As for kids, I have teenagers now. Nuf said.

        • +100 to both [email protected]:42 AM and [email protected]:22 AM

          Also, you don’t HAVE to be maid of honor for anyone.

    • Since friend doesn’t take her vows seriously – neither should you take your toast seriously. I say make it funny, bring a crazy date and enjoy it.
      @light bulbs – step ladder?
      @jury duty – you could meet someone or get a great story out of it?

    • You know, Jury Duty is a hassle, but having served on a few, in the end I came away glad that the jury worked together to get to a good verdict, and much more enthusiastic about the people of all incomes and ages and races who are my fellow Washingtonians.

      As for the lights, get a folding ladder. That will liberate you to date short guys.

      • Jury duty is the only time I can actually sit and relax while watching a movie and playing games on my cell phone. Its quite pleasant in DC, and you get 4 whole dollars. There’s also Au Bon Pain next door for lunch. Its a paid vacation no-one should complain about. I look forward to doing my civic duty. It would be 10x better if they had a bar in the waiting room though.

    • I guess it’s more of the companionship than getting married (although I do want to get married). I feel really lonely, especially coming into Fall/Winter where everyone usually stays inside. This year instead of cuddeling with my boyfriend on a cold winters night, I’ll be sitting at home alone, while he is cuddling with someone else.

      It feels good to know you have someone special in your life who cares about you, and to share things with. I’m 32, but I feel like it’s getting to be a little late in the day to get married and have a baby. I thought I would have had both of those slam dunked by now. I know life is not fair, but I feel as though if it were not for bad luck I wouldn’t have any. Thank you Popville for your thoughful responses and letting me vent.

      • Oh man, if you think 32 is late, you moved out of the suburban midwest just in time. Trust me, you have time. And the more you realize that, the easier it will be for you to attract the right kind of companion.

        I became newly single at 30 after a 6 year relationship I thought would result in marriage and it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. 3 years later I married somebody I probably would not have ended up with if things didn’t go down the way they did. Enjoy the time to yourself and the opportunity to meet lots of new people. There are tons of 30-somethings in this town. I happen to know a particularly awesome one, if you’re interested. 🙂

      • I’m really sorry you got dumped – it sounds like it sucked.

        But 32 is definitely not to old to get married and have babies.
        It sounds like you need to do some taking care of yourself. Buy one of those reaching things so you can change the lightbulbs, go on a cool vacation that your ex would have hated, hit spa world with some girlfriends and maybe get a cat or a dog for cuddling. And look into doing some volunteering with kids
        You’re totally allowed to wallow a bit, but there’s a whole world of awesome stuff to do, too.

      • when I was 32, I ended a relationship of almost a decade. Right after I turned 33, I met my current SO, who makes me happier than I ever dreamed I could be. It is not too late!

  • Rave: Though Congress seems unable to end upper-class tax cuts that have driven the debt to record levels, the DC Council was able to take action.

    Rant: Money raised from the higher rate will go to protect bond-holders from paying a tax, and not be devoted to restoring cuts to service providers

    Rant2: Lay-offs at the DC Child and Family Services Agency

    • oh realy?……….
      Check your facts about the debt level,and better yet,next time think as you step into the voting booth.

  • Rant: Allergies? Cold? Either way, I’m miserable. Can’t…breathe…

    Rave: Night sounds with the windows open. Even though the open windows probably contributing to whatever I have now, it makes evenings comforting.

    • Windows open are a double-edged sword for me. Last night it was crickets and leaves rustling — heaven. Other nights it’s screaming knuckleheads who seemingly have nothing better to do than hang out on the street for hours and holler.

  • Rant: After many many years of working as an in house designer, I am getting sick of being art directed by everyone that know nothing about design, layout and aesthetics. It’s very disheartening to realize that no one in my office seems to care about my experience or degree. I hate turning out work that I am not proud of and certainly don’t want to put in a portfolio.

    Rant: I almost want to just quit the design field altogether.

    Rave: Baklava for breakfast.

    • Rave: Macarons for breakfast.

    • (no one should care about your degree anyway, including you and especially in that field.)

      I have been in the same position. if you have the time/energy, start building up freelance clients so you can go out on your own. there are also lots of places to work in this town that do good work. I’ve found that if you can form an intelligent and articulate argument for/against something, and speak up about it, then people will listen to you more. there is actually a lot of hard data to back up design decisions. seek it out if you have difficult clients.

      alternatively, go do the same crap soulless work at the gov’t and get paid gobs of money.

      • This is good advice.

        It’s no one’s responsibility to care about your career, your talents or your degree.

        Stand on your own two feet and take responsibility for your career and your happiness. If that means parting ways, or changing the dynamics of your employer relationship, you’ll be better off for it in the long run.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That is an awesome rave!

  • Rant: The mosquitos are out of control.
    Rave: I’ve gotten good at catching them, and find endless entertainment in feeding them to my fish. The look of fishy glee on his little face as he snaps them up keeps me going all day.

  • Rant: How can anyone afford to buy a home here? Seriously!! I feel my partner and I do pretty well for ourselves but we would never feel comfortable purchasing a home here.

    • Buy a really, really crappy one and work on it with your huge tax returns. 🙂

    • By *here* do you mean in the District or in the particular neighborhood that you want to live in? I think there are plenty of affordable homes in the District but just about none of them are walking distance to U street, Dupont, H street NE, etc.

      But yeah, buying a house is expensive here, generally speaking. Then again so is renting.

      • The District, and the burbs too. And “affordable” is relative.

        • The ‘bubrs are a rip-off, unless you’re in it for the public schools.

          • Well that *IS* the reason for the burbs.

            Fewer knucklehead kids of knucklehead parents per sq mi.

          • 2:17,

            no it isn’t.
            space is the reason.
            there was a time when dc’s schools were far better than the burbs.

            but people still moved out because of space. that and the newness of the homes. and probably to avoid people not like them. and to avoid crime.

    • no one is “comfortable” buying their first home.

      it is scary as hell.

      • Yeah, I was going to say something along those lines. Our house was $775k, which sounds terrifying but it’s been quite doable on our average tech job salaries. I love being a homeowner!

        • Um, congratulations, but I think that’s probably way more money than most folks can afford to spend on their first house. I’m going to guess that your post will not be a comfort to “Anonymous”.

          • My half of the mortgage is less than what a lot of the rental options featured on this blog go for. I’m only 28 and can afford it. Once you bite the bullet and finally buy the house you’ll realize it’s not bad at all.

          • With 20% down, your half of a 30 year mortgage would be around $1500. That’s not less than half of the vast majority of rental options featured. And, that’s assuming people can afford a $155,000 down payment. Most people don’t even have the $23,000 down payment required for an FHA loan just sitting in their accounts. And, of course, that would bump the mortgage payment up to $1,750. I mean, congratulations and it’s awesome that you bought a house you love, but that doesn’t mean it’s “not that bad at all” for everyone out there.

          • My point was that a lot of people in this area do (apparently) pay $1500-1800 in rent. If you can handle that you can handle a mortgage of that size.

            We did make some big sacrifices to come up with the downpayment. You can save a lot of money living an hour outside of the city for three years.

          • Also wanted to add that the guys next door to us are in their late 20’s/early 30’s like us and bought their home for $805k. We’re not an anomoly!

          • Yep, that’s what it costs to own a house, and most of us with valuable degrees make that kind of dough.

            I saved my FHA down payment over 10 years of socking away 1/2 my salary in a savings account. I didn’t take vacations, I always had housemates and I never lived in the trendy neighborhoods.

            So many people whine about not having the money to do important things without any sort of introspection and planning.

          • christanel

            To all – what happens to accumulated paid vacation time when you leave your job? Is an employee entitled to payment of the days in the final check?

          • I’m aware that that’s what it costs and I, too, “make that kind of dough.” My point is that it’s not easy-peasy to save up the money for the down payment and that even the numbers I gave were for half of the mortgage payment, so would obviously need to be double for any singles. And, obviously, the monthly cost of home ownership includes more than the mortgage. Thanks to those who talked about the sacrifices required to make the down payment, though. You have demonstrated my point that it’s not all smooth sailing and that sacrifices must be made in order to own a home, particularly in the DC area. It seems we agree, so not sure why you’re using the snarky tone.

        • I’ve said this before. Buy a fixer-upper that is liveable–ie., has working kitchen, bath, and useable rooms. You won’t have the money the first year to make it how you want it, but you’ll get there as tax refunds come in, etc.

          • I’m sure it depends to some extent on the neighborhood, but in the two years I spent house-hunting I didn’t see a single fixer-upper that was worth it. Tiny houses that seriously needed to be gutted and were still selling for half a million.

          • My advice would be to buy a house that has rental potential. A $3500 mortgage becomes quite affordable when they guy living in your basement is paying you $1500 a month.

          • Check real estate websites for homes in the zip code you want in a price range you can afford. I was looking in 16th St. Heights/Petworth (zip 20011)and found one in the high 300s that functions but needs work. Didn’t do much the first year b/c I didn’t have any money, but things are starting to happen now.

          • If you never saw a fixer upper that’s worth it, you don’t have any idea what you’re doing.

            Go consult a contractor and a financial planner.

        • that’s pretty awesome you can swing that. damn. i definitely could have picked a more lucrative way to live life.

          • What do you do? I know I make more than the average as a junior engineer but I never thought of my job as lucrative.

          • i think a person keeps in mind the income/class level they knew as a kid. maybe you were rich, so don;t think much of it. maybe you were poor so always think you’re poor. but trust me, if you can swing a 700k house, your job is lucrative.

            staying a bit humble is admirable though.

          • My dad is a carpenter and my mom a public school teacher… I do recognize that my partner and I make more than they did at our age but I would never call ourselves rich.

        • Holy crap! The mortgage on that must be around 3500-4000$ a month after taxes and insurance? I own a house right now financed at 300k and expenses are ridiculous, you obth must be making around 9500/yr?!

          • No, I make $70k and she makes $90k. Remember, that mortgage is split between two! In fact, we split our expenses evenly so it could be done on two $70k salaries. I do think it’s tough to buy on a single salary, or a low income, but the original person said that he/she has a partner and they are “pretty well off”. So maybe they don’t make $160k combined. Maybe it’s more like $120k. My point (and I truly meant it to be a comfort) is that those big numbers are not as scary as they sound. I used to think I would never afford a home myself. When my partner wanted something in the $700-800 range, and our realtor was showing us a lot of homes in the 800’s, and the banks said we qualified for $900, I thought they were all crazy. But once you run the numbers you realize it’s not a big difference compared to renting. If you want to be negative and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the reality of attaining your aspirations, you’ll never achieve them!

          • Basic financial literacy is the biggest failing of our education system.

          • me

            My house was ~600k, and I put 30% down. I’m at $99k/year and my husband is at ~$75k/yr, and with the mortgage and bills, plus actually getting out there and doing fun stuff that’s not outrageously expensive, we still don’t have all that much actually *saved* in the bank account. Can you guys actually put away some money at the end of each month for savings? It’s really hard for us, and we are not extravagant.

    • Some people make loads of dough.

      If you don’t, do tons of research on neighborhoods that are “up and coming”. We don’t make much and have loads of loans, but were able to buy a 3 bedroom fixer upper in Rosedale and couldn’t be happier. Think Trinidad, upper Petworth, Bloomingdale…

      Start looking just to look. Buying a house in DC on a budget takes loads of time, commitment, and self education, but it is doable if it’s something you really want.

  • Rant: Stinky! Wafts of bad breath in my vicinity on the Metro, and Foggy Bottom smells like a dirty bottom.

    Epiphany: If I open my own place (bar or shop) one day in DC next to a police station, the likelihood of getting robbed at gun point would decrease … right?

  • Rant: Knee doctor today. Fingers crossed no need for second surgery…
    Rave: Return to work wasn’t too horrid after 2 weeks away thanks to awesome co-workers.
    Rave: Brown Sugar cookies.

  • claire

    Rave: Donated blood for the first time ever today, and it was really quick and easy! I feel pretty good about doing it.

    Rant: Not a lot to do at work lately and it’s making me feel really antsy. Wish I either had something to do or didn’t have to be here!

    Rave: No work Friday, and lots of great things happening this weekend!

    • claire

      Oh yeah, extra rant: Really bad smell in the alley last night – kind of a cross between burning rubber and dead animal. I tried not to breathe in as I got in my car this morning, so not sure if it’s still stinky out there, but hopefully it’ll have dissipated by the time I get home.

    • Good for you for donating blood! You helped save 3 lives today 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t donate until September 2012 since I visited Peru this summer…

    • Rave: Not being allowed to donate blood due to a stint in the UK at the height of the mad cow hysteria.
      (Yes, I know it’s important and I have big respect for the folks who do it regularly. But I’m so needle-phobic that if I were allowed to donate, I would dread it and put it off and feel guilty for putting it off and then dread some more…)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Thanks for donating blood!

    • When I tried donating blood the Red Cross people were really rude to me, and made me stand outside waiting in the blazing heat for 45 minutes even though I had an appointment. I finally gave up because I was getting dizzy and it didn’t seem like they wanted my blood that badly.

      • Try INOVA Blood Services. They have Nationals/Capitals blood drives every year with freebies, and I’ve yet to meet a rude/negative tech when donating with them.

        The Red Cross? They’re dead to me.

    • saf

      Thank you for donating blood.

      Donated blood saved my life many years ago. I am forever grateful for those who are able to give.

  • Rant: Road construction on Georgia Avenue during morning rush hour is out of hand… The “new” sidewalks look shoddy and they’re removing parking possibilities leading too many people to double park. This has got to stop, even side streets are swamped and Sherman avenue is like driving off road due to all of the construction there. Whoever is responsible for permits is doing a horrible job.

    Rant: Taxes are also out of control, we pay income tax for fed and state, property tax, sales tax, sin taxes, gas tax, and road tolls. Why are we paying to bail out a government that can’t manage money? Where does the 17,000 dollars (I paid last year in income tax alone)go? I’m pretty certain only about 50$ of that made it back to me in terms of government services. Boo Hoo.

    Rave: The Charlie Sheen roast is behind us, so now we’ll never have to hear about it again. Here’s looking towards Jersey Shore’s final episode ever.

    Sorry, I’m in a bad mood today.

    • Your car helped contribute to the dilapidated condition of the roads. Why should you not be taxed for that?

      If your taxes are such a burden, move to Somalia. Great, low rates.

      • That reminds me… I paid registration and inspection taxes on that car too, and Tolls for Maryland and Virginia roads. Much higher than pedestrians and bicyclists. Try bicycling on the Dulles Toll road… Asking for clean and reasonable roads is not exactly out of order, and if you think because you walk or ride on busses which damage the roads much more than my car, you’re a kook.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Taxes go towards a lot of things that make your every day life better. For example, government uses taxes to educate the future leaders of this place though schools and libraries, keep us relatively safe with police and firemen, make city living better with parks, etc.

      Taxes are not evil, but corrupt government leaders may be.

      • +1. Or, as one of the signs at the Stewart/Colbert rally put it last fall, “taxes suck, but they pay for stuff.”

      • +1000. Well said.

      • Really? How are DC’s leaders doing for you right now? That Vince Gray guy working out for you? How about DCPS? Are you impressed with what they’ve done for the past 30 years?

        Building standards and the decline in smoking have virtually eliminated the need for neighborhood firehouses. But we still pay fireman for a 25 year career and lifetime pension. Teachers that couldn’t pass a HS GED are teaching the next generation of DC leaders.

        You’re horribly naive about all that money going to pay for all the great things we need.

        • Wait. What the what? Where in the world is the statistic for teachers being unable to pass a GED equivalency. I call. Show your cards.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’m not willing to give up free schools for kids, police, firemen, libraries, parks, roads, etc so that the Tea Party Asshats, Republicans, and Libertarians can not pay taxes.

          The good out weighs the bad.

  • Rant: Was harassed by a group of 7 high school aged girls on 14th Street at 7pm last night for no reason other than the fact I walked past them and was alone. No one stepped in to help me as they verbally threatened me at 14th and U, including the adult who appeared to be with them. Lost a lot of faith in a)Neighborhood kids and B) my neighborhood. Felt unsafe in my neighborhood for the first time and that is a really terrible feeling.

    Rave: I have a wonderful boyfriend who came to walk me home after the dinner I attended, supportive friends who made me feel better, and two awesome dogs who took the opportunity to cuddle with me after a long night.

    • sorry to hear about this. want to tell us the whole story?

      I was harassed by a teen once on 14th (just one though) and it worked to just say, “you’re f*cking with the wrong bitch!” I imagine that a group of them have other motives, though. I wonder what the best thing to do in the situation is as they’re likely looking for an “in” to beat the crap out of somebody. just keep walking? start ad libbing karate moves?

      • Move. You have been marginalized.

      • Maybe start talking gibberish. I feel like nobody wants to mess with a crazy person.

        • Ha! I have actually though about what I would do if accosted on the street and believe it or not, acting crazy as s*** seems like a decent option.

      • When someone approaches you like this your eyes are what give you away. If you show them your vulnerability, they will amp their behavior up to intimidate you. Don’t look them in the eye, never make eye contact at all. This way you Psychologically intimidate them by not letting them see what you are thinking about. When you don’t look at them, they don’t know what your next move will be. 9 times out of ten this will encourage them to move along. Use your peripheral vision to avoid getting close to them. This is a tactic used in martial arts.

    • In other “I weep for the future” news… has anyone else noticed how many girls in HS uniforms (I live near Bell) are sporting major baby bumps under those polos?

      But they’re still going to school, so maybe that’s a rave?

  • I was walking south on 14th and walked past the group of very slow walking girls. I noticed about half a block later that one of them was walking next to me mimicking my walk to her friends (I don’t think I have a strange gait, but whatever)I looked straight at her but she avoided eye contact and just continued walking alongside me. I walked into Yes! and she SCREAMED at me “HA! I GOT YOU B!” to which I ignored.

    I came back out and they were standing there, and picked up following me across U street. I finally turned around and said “Do I know you? Do we have a problem here?” The girl who walked next to me and screamed at me began half talking to her friends/me about how “the skinny white bitch” should keep walking and how she never screamed at me, etc. I then told them it wasn’t smart to fuck with strangers on the street, which seemed to catch them by surprise. The older woman with them just kind of stood there, and I told her they needed to keep on their way and leave people alone. The loud girl was hurling insults and threats, the rest of the girls were holding her back from me and yelled a few threats at me (none of the people standing on the street did a thing, and I realized even if the girls came at me they still probably wouldn’t do anything). When I suggested it wasn’t smart to fuck with strangers they started pushing her along. I’m not a threatening person, which may be why they thought f-ing with me would be fun. It was horrible and scary that all that happened just because I walked past the wrong group of people.

    • again, really sorry that this happened to you. sounds like you did everything right, though. assertive while still going about your business.

      I think we normal people sometimes have a problem making a scene or whatever, but what if when that happens, you walked out of Yes! and they were still there, you walk back in and call the police or have the manager call the police? I know it seems like in that populated area that you shouldn’t have to, but we learn otherwise.

      there’s a sad gulf between teens and professionals in this city and I wish there’d be a way to say, “listen, I know as a teen you don’t give a sh*t about anything including yourself, but I care about humanity and I care about this city and I do care what happens to you. I’m sorry your parents failed you, but if you want to be anything other than a useless piece of sh*t your whole life, you need to start respecting people. Hug it out, bitch.”

      let’s make an after school special!

    • I tell everyone that I meet and are new in town, you have to walk around DC with a “swagger”. Never be afraid to push back when pushed. Just like in your instance, once you say something to them they will usually coil back.

      Be a bad mothereffer.

    • christanel

      That sounds like what happened all the time in my high school. Random packs of kids who mocked,taunted or even beat up the lone *different* stranger. I got really good at avoiding them. Sorry that this happened to you.

    • That’s horrible! I don’t want to promote violence, but you need to protect yourself and carry a blade or pepper spray with you. Hood rats are always out to pick fights with people.

  • Rant: Dog boarding is expensive in DC.

    Rave: I only need boarding because I have two exciting trips coming up!

    • you forgot #firstworldproblems

    • Agreed, the last time I had my dog boarded, they skipped his vaccination records and told me he needed new ones making his stay almost as expensive as mine at the beach. its a BS monopoly. I also can’t trust letting strangers have my house key in the city just to walk my dog. I think next time I’m taking my dog on the beach trip and staying in a crappy hotel that allows pets, its a better choice.

      • Yeah, I travel with my dog when I am can (i.e., when I am visiting my parents). He’s tiny, so he can fit under the seat in front of me on a plane and the $150 it costs to fly him is about the cost of boarding him for three days. Unfortunately, these are trips where I think I will be busy the whole time and they’re not places that are easy to take a dog, so boarding is looking like my best option.

        I know it’s a minor complaint, but it’s still causing a headaches. And, I’m sorry to hear that you had to get all new vaccinations! That sounds like a huge pain.

        • You could hire someone to petsit him while you’re away. Usually cheaper if it’s a student/individual rather than a petsitting company.

  • Rave: Trying Roti for the first time for lunch!

    Rant: Economy, job prospects. Anyone else feel that the economy is not going to be good for YEARS to come? I feel like the government is trying to give us hope, but I’m no sucker.

    Rant: Rant scheduled forever.

  • Rant: I’m still secretly so terrified/uncomfortable in the business world. And I’ve been working for a long time. Now I’m worried it is never going to go away.

    Revel: Cute haircut!

  • Rave: My dog took his meds after I listened to the feedback I got here.

    Rant: He puked again this am. Poor guy is not *that* old, 11. I hope the vet can figure out what’s wrong with him. It’s been 3 weeks now of stomach problems.

    Rave: Got plans Thurs, Fri, Sat AND Sun nights

    Rave: Getting lots of work done today. So much so that it’s almost 1 and the first time I checked PoP all day. 🙂

  • Rave: I love my neighborhood. There’s hardly any litter and everyone cleans up after their dogs. People actually spend time outside, and they say hi to their neighbors. And I’m always hearing people singing or whistling as they walk down the street.

  • Ask them if you can talk to them about the LORD. This always works for me when men get too friendly and women get too unfriendly. Jesus is my armor(but not my savior). 🙂

  • Rave: At the DC tax vote meeting, Councilman Catania for noting that at least two members had failed to pay their taxes on time and calling the measure hypocritical.

    Rant: The tax increase passed

    Rave: Mendelson responded that “he didn’t think it was appropriate for Catania to bring up his colleagues’ personal behavior as part of the debate. Before Mendelson could finish his sentence, Catania shot back, “I don’t give a shit what you think.”

    • Whoops! meant to substitute a * for the i in the above expletive. Nevertheless, I was cutting and pasting from the Wapo website which printed it.

    • I don’t see why Catania disrespecting Mendelson is a good thing. I think it’s sad that some Council members can’t seem to discuss matters civilly without resorting to snide remarks and put-downs – especially on their first day back.

      I also don’t think politicians’ personal behaviors should dictate their policy decisions – being hypocritical and making good policy decisions are not mutually exclusive.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Burnt the roof of my mouth because I wasn’t patient enough to wait for my tea to cool down.

    Rave: Just got some great feedback on work I did last week.

    Rave: I didn’t think I did more than mediocre work, but recipient was pleased.

  • Jesus Christ… we’re killing what may be an innocent man this moment. I don’t oppose the death penalty on principle, but this is beyond comprehensible. What if he is not guilty?

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