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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Monday

    Rave: Finally closed on our refinancing this weekend. A 1.5 month process is finally done, and our interest rate is now 3.375%!

  • me

    Rant: I’ve been dealing with a kidney stone for close to 2 weeks now, and the pain sucks. But I get them often, so it’s just another bump in the road, I guess.

    Rave: Our kitty already plays fetch and responds to a few different commands, but he has now officially learned how to give a high-five. Just over a year old, and so I’m really looking forward to teaching him other fun things. 🙂

    • claire

      What kind of training are you using for the cat? Clicker method? I would love to teach my cat to fetch, and I think she’s capable, but she goes too crazy as soon as she even hears the crinkle of the treat bag.

      • me

        He actually did the fetch thing on his own. He just started playing with his little toys, bringing them over and dropping them at our feet, and so it was us that learned he was fetching, so we started telling him to put it in our hands, and it took off from there. He’ll do it for 20 minutes straight.

        As far as the high-five, we would first just touch one of his front paws, which he would raise, and we’d touch it with our palms when it was in the air and say “High five! Yay, high five!” Treats weren’t necessary- it was just repetition, really. He’s learned to open doors (with doorknobs) on his own and open up drawers where his treats are anyways, so he doesn’t look to us for his fix. 😉 It’s amazing how he really just tries to mimic my husband- I think that’s what it really comes down to.

  • Rant: Trash Collection Agents throwing cans and debris all around our alley every trash day.

    Rant: Wanting good PHO in DC, but ending up having to drive all the way to Rockville MD or NOVA to get it.

    Rave: Went to a Sunday night party and not feeling it today because of water and a multi-vitamin I took last night, love it when I remember to do this!

    I know, lame RRROR. 😛

  • Bear

    Rant/Rave: Back in DC after 6 weeks in Africa. Sad I couldn’t stay longer, but happy to be back to normal life (aside from the part where I have to sit behind a desk all day).

  • claire

    Rant: I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with my roommate’s girlfriend who always needs to be the center of attention and is really disrespectful of our space (example from this weekend: made cookie dough using our kitchen and house-shared ingredients, leaving the dirty dishes behind while taking the cookie dough back to her house to bake). Keep reminding myself to take a deep breath and not let it get to me.

    Rant/Rave: Boyfriend’s sister is coming to visit and staying with us – I find hosting people stressful, but I get along with her pretty well and have a ton of ideas for fun things to do while she’s here.

    Rave: So many awesome events in DC around this time of year!

    Rave: Did a series of posts on my food blog on recreating Rasika’s palak chaat – first post is today for anyone who’s interested (link on my name)!

    • Whoa. I’d maybe talk to your roommate. Using other people’s foodstuffs that they bought and then not sharing the cookies is unacceptable.

      • Yeah, you gotta say something. “Taking a deep breath” and letting it slide is a passive form of enabling that is just gonna make your blood pressure spike, without resolving anything.

        • claire

          Unfortunately, past attempts have been made to discuss things with the roommate and with his girlfriend (separately and together), and they both get really defensive, deny things that they’ve done, accuse us of being the messy ones, and make us feel petty for bringing up the use of small quantities of flour and sugar & dishes left dirty after they “washed” them. As always, the situation is actually more complicated as I’m dating our other roommate, and although we both have an issue with these things, we like this roommate’s company and don’t want to alienate him/seem like we’re ganging up on him & his girlfriend.

          When just the roommate is around, he’s fine (although somewhat messy), and their relationship is kind of a shitshow (constant bickering, occasional late night shouting matches) so I’m holding out hope for a break up (looking less and less likely as they’ve now been dating for two years).

          Oh and let me just also toss in there that this girl will blatantly hit on my boyfriend in front of everyone involved (“we’re like the same person!” “I want you to meet my dad – you have so much in common!” etc).

          • This is starting to sound like a sitcom. 🙂

          • Ugh. You are a way better person than I am. I would have lost it by now. I know looking for a new roommate sucks, but maybe that would be easier than dealing with all the baggage this one brings?

          • You need your own kitchen, where you and your cooking can be the center of attention. Foodie’s shouldn’t try to share their cooking space, let alone sharing the spotlight with someone who wants your boyfriend’s attention.

          • claire

            Very sitcom-like indeed! Though not so funny of a situation when you’re living it, unfortunately. Thanks for the comments – just needed to get stuff off my chest.

            Definitely realizing now that I need my own kitchen which is going to be a quandary as, for the most part, I really prefer living with people. This lease goes until the end of May and everything else about it is ideal (good roomies in the basement apartment, great location, beautiful house), and this roommate is at his girlfriend’s house during the week and home without her Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it’s really only the weekends that have the potential to stress me out.

            All in all, considered moving out but decided it wasn’t worth it. My boyfriend and I are planning a move to Argentina after the lease is up anyway!

  • revel: most awesome weekend in nyc with my best friend visiting from LA and my brother who lives in brooklyn. so fun.

    rant: apologized to one that i didn’t call and made to feel guilty about not calling. it’s hard to see everyone.

  • Rave: Got approved to adopt a dog I’m interested in.

    Rant: Got stood up at the adoption event! I was there for an hour before being told the dog’s foster couldn’t make it.

    Rave: Will probably meet her (the dog) some time this week, and if that doesn’t work there are other great dogs that need homes.

    • Congrats! My dog has brought so much joy into my life. Sorry the foster couldn’t make it when you planned but hope you get to meet up this week.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rant: Took my camera to the H Street Festival “just in case” and ended up with about a hundred pictures to sort through by the end of the day.

    Rave: Getting lots of love from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society for pictures I took of them. And of course it’s always nice seeing my photos here. 🙂

    • that rant sounds like a rave!

      • SouthwestDC

        Not if you have to prepare soup for 150 homeless people the next day, finish assignments for graduate classes, and prepare for a work trip later in the week. But as far as addictions go this one’s not so bad.

        • do you volunteer? if so, where? I’d love to volunteer feeding the homeless and Martha’s Table is really rude about it… they never call you back and make the volunteer feel like an intruder, it’s so strange

          • SouthwestDC

            Sunday Suppers… every Sunday they go out to 2 or 3 locations and give out food to whoever wants it. You can volunteer to prepare food, setup, and/or serve (I usually do all three when I do it).

  • Rave x 10000: 2 day work week for meeee!

  • Rave: DC Ghost Tours was fun, and mostly young adults. I’d recommend it as a nice kickoff to your Friday night.

    Rave: China Gardens in Rosslyn for lunch yesterday. Got the fried duck with mashed taro – amazing. Don’t know if I can ever go back to your run of the mill, white delivery box Chinese food anymore. Perhaps one day I’ll get to try the duck feet.

    Rant: Miss my old job. Did not realize how good I had it, even though the pay was lousy and it was a dead end job.

  • Rave – Shorts and a hoodie weather
    Double Rant – The Mayweather/Ortiz Fight. The best fighter in the world shouldn’t have to throw a cheap 1-2 to win a fight. Nor should anyone in the ring with him EVER let their hands down, even for a second. Poor form on both their ends.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: need to declutter.

    Rant: don’t have enough room for all my dishes and shoes.

    Rave: dishes and shoes!

  • andy

    RAVE: Finally found a way to get 90 years of paint off of my front steps: heat gun.
    RANT: 12 hours of work over two weekends and I am only halfway done.

  • rant: coworkers who commit to a project and then don’t pull their weight so I end up doing their work for them (so that I’m not blamed for missing a deadline).
    rave: pretty good weekend, I love this weather
    rave: looking forward to Walkingtown DC tours, I’ve already pre-registered for 3!

  • Revel — the metro bus driver at Fort Totten this morning using his bus tires to crush aluminum cans!

    Rant: He said as I reveled at his work in progress — “times are tough”

    Revel – he gets 55 cents per pound for the aluminum.

  • Rant: Really want a dog, but stuck in apt that doesn’t allow them. To move, or not to move? I don’t anticipate being in DC that much longer, so I reaaallllly don’t want to move and then move again, but I want a dog really bad. First world problems.

    • me

      Question to help you decide. Do you either have a job that would allow you to stay home with it, have someone else living with you that could care for it during the day, or have the funds in order to pay for a dog walker during the day? If the answer to those questions are no, then I’d wait a bit.

      • Unless it’s a puppy, why should that matter? Do you honestly believe every person who owns a dog is paying someone to walk it during the day?

        To answer the original question, I’d wait until I felt settled to get a dog. Change is especially upsetting to them, and it’s so hard finding apartments that allow dogs.

        • Yeah, I have to agree. Not all dogs need or want to go out in the middle of the day. Mine certainly doesn’t. You try to rouse her from her afternoon nap and she’ll look daggers at you. Especially in the summer when it’s above 90 in the afternoon–she takes one look outside and refuses to go any further.

          Then again, my dog is, basically, autistic, so she’s not the best on which to make generalizations. However, we’ve spent a freaking fortune over the years on this pup between heatworm, an infected paw, kennel cough, anti-anxiety medication, and visits to the dog psychologist, so making sure you can afford all that stuff is definitely good advice.

        • me

          Because honestly, I think it sucks to leave a dog alone for 9-10 hours per day, and then there’s the time alone while you sleep at night. I feel bad for dogs that get an hour of interaction per day, if that. I used to have neighbors that would be gone for at least 12-hour days, and I would think they’d have to go out at least once in that time.

          • That’s more of a problem in the suburbs than in the city. Of course if you do have to commute far for work every day, or travel a lot, or work long hours a dog is probably not a good idea.

    • Think about it long and hard, and then wait. If you know you’re going to have any major disruptions in the future it is likely better to wait. Unless you get an older (i.e. middle-aged+) dog it will need to go out during the day. I’ve fostered for years and most of my fosters would not have been able to “hold-it.” Volunteer with some local rescues to get your dog-time in. I’ve never known anyone to regret waiting a bit on getting a dog.

    • Loads of people are always looking for dog/house sitters – even for a weekend. Post an ad on Craigslist. Also, check with Food & Friends or other charities that help sick or old people – I think they welcome people to help care for their pets. And of course the shelters would always help you get your dog fix.

  • Rave: Love fall weather!

    Rave: Time to start planning for a New Year’s trip. Considering going to the Caribbean, Las Vegas, or going on a cruise. I’ve been able to find great deals on Jetsetter in the past – any other sites I should try for vacation packages?

  • Revel: Cool and cloudy weather. Can’t get enough of it.

  • Rant: Feeling very weak and tired – not sure what’s going on. I felt like this all weekend. Maybe I don’t eat enough meat or other foods that contain iron?

    Rave: Toasted roast beef sandwich and chili for lunch. Meat.

    • This time of year tends to do that to me. Less sunlight and cooler temps took their toll on me this weekend, and all I could think about was staying in bed with the remote control and a hot beverage. Maybe your body reacts the same way? I tend to snap out of it once the cooler weather is more of a mainstay. Also, are you exercising too much?

      • I’m not sure I am exercising enough! I do some arm strengthening exercises and walk home from work (about 1.5 miles) every day but that’s about it. I almost fainted on the Metro this morning, but now after eating lunch, I feel a bit better – still have that lingering tired feeling though.

  • Rant: germs germs germs. Kids are full of germs and I ALWAYS catch them.

    Rave: the little guy had an awesome time at the Nats game on Saturday.

    Rant/rave: I think I’m really, truly done with living in DC. I’m tired of everything about it.

  • Not a rant, but PoP, just wondering what happened to the Wilco tix contest results? I thought we’d hear last Friday.

    To-be-rave with fingers crossed: When my very deserving friend wins Wilco tickets!

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