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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Mexican Coke

    Rant: Pepsi

  • Once again frustrated with the lack of information we’re allowed to have regarding our community. I came home last night (1300 block of Oak Street) to find no fewer than six police cars (at least four unmarked) and maybe 15 cops in bulletproof vests on my street. Didn’t see anyone arrested or transported, and there was no panic in the air. They seemed to have finished their business and were moving out.
    Don’t I have a right to know what the hell happened to bring that kind of police presence to my literal doorstep? (I tried to ask one officer, and didn’t even get the courtesy of a “sorry, can’t say”. Just a dead-fish stare before he turned away from me without a word.)

    • Have you tried the MPD list serv?

      • I second that. Works well for me, and I see posts all the time asking for info. They’re pretty good about responding.

        Also, aside from knocking on every door before a raid to inform all the neighbors, what exactly are you expecting? I understand that one individual cop was being a rude jerk, but in terms of MPD policy, what are you asking from them?

      • Yes I checked the listserv, and there’s no info. Last update was 2pm yesterday.

        What am I expecting, in terms of MPD policy? Have an official position allowing the sharing of non-sensitive information? Etiquette training? Ease up on the institutional attitude?

        I think that residents affected by police activity have a right to know what threat is or was in the area. Do you disagree?

        • We’ve had that happen before, too, and it’s frustrating. Luckily we have a know-it-all living on the corner–he truly knows everyone and everything that goes on–so he’s usually our source for finding out what happened in situations like that.

          I’m not really sure why anyone is making you out to be the bad guy here for wanting to know what’s going on with your block. The more people who care what’s happening, the greater likelihood that it might stop. Especially if the people asking aren’t the ones with a no snitching policy.

          • I’m not making anybody out to be the bad guy. You’re REALLY reading too much into my comment. I simply asked what he wanted from MPD. Isn’t that a fair question when the compliant is “I want to know and the government is *refusing* to tell me!”?

            Sorry I confused you.

          • Tone is hard to tell on the internets and I’m cranky about CH generally right now, so I was probably reading my own bias into your question. Sorry about that.

          • No worries. Me too (cranky, but that’s my usual). Also too much coffee. I apologize.

        • No, I don’t. I was just asking the question. Thanks for answering.

          I agree on the etiquette training, big time. I mean, I understand police have a serious, dangerous job, but can they just please keep in mind that we are all people and neighbors?

        • Although I think it’s always been the case, the 9/11 anniversary events have reminded me that since then we as a society have allowed our law enforcement agencies to become less accountable and less citizen focused than is healthy in a democracy. We’re moving more and more toward a police state where everyone is a suspect and citizens aren’t treated as such.

          Sorry for the rant, but your interaction with our fine boys in blue just reinforces to me the fact that the cops in DC really don’t respect the citizens they’re supposed to be protecting. It’s not a matter of etiquette, it’s a matter of attitude and the MPD generally speaking has a very, very bad one.

  • rant: high fructose corn syrup
    rave: sugar

  • Dear POP, I find it interesting that when you are gone the site has a different vibe. These sites really does take on the personality of the owner. Not that your replacement was bad, just different. Welcome back.

  • Rave: All my friends who insisted I buy in the burbs of Virginia are now underwater.

    Rant: I want a bigger house in DC

    • In their mortgage or by the rains?

    • If you want a bigger house, I insist you buy in the burbs of Virginia 🙂

      • May be bigger houses but 9 out of 10 of all the houses in the NOVA “burbs” are very poorly constructed and I would take a tiny more expensive decent home in DC over a shoddilly built McMansion in the middle of monotonytown.

        • Me too. I also don’t think there’s a huge price difference. A townhouse inside the Beltway in Virginia will still cost at least half a million. It might be have more closets and dedicated parking, but it will be poorly constructed and not accessible to public transit or other ammenities. Most importantly, the quality of life is a lot lower in the suburbs (mainly because everyone spends so much time in their cars). Unless you’re in it for the public schools I think you can get more for your money in DC.

    • Lots of big houses available up in Petworth

  • anon. gardener

    rave: tons of glorious pink roses that greeted my eyes and nose this morning when i walked out my front door. all that rain was good for something.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yes it was! My violets bloomed again and they are lovely.

      • My weeds are blooming, too! And I HATE THEM!

      • andy

        Well, at least your violets haven’t become weeds, as they have at my place. I swear, if I didn’t pull out every single one I see, my lawn would just be violets. (Not that I love lawn, per se, just don’t want a violet takeover.)

        • Emmaleigh504

          Mine are safely in pots, and are not the common weed violets, though I don’t think of any violets as weeds. I’ve got some natives that are interesting colors like yellow, but mostly I’m concentrating on the scented varieties.

        • saf

          American violets? Their leaves make delicious salads – much like spinach salad.

  • Rant: N4 was over 20 minutes late for the second day in a row, which meant and overcrowded bus, standing room only, and people shoving and pushing me around trying to get off. I’m 6 months pregnant, very hard to miss, and they glare me and say “EXCUSE ME” like I can somehow suck it in. Kind of scary. Guess I’ll have to drive to work from now on. Boo, WMATA.

    Rave: Found out yesterday that we’re having a baby boy. Everyone is healthy (well, I’ve got sciatica, but other than that, I am healthy).

    Rave2: I can still pull my regular pants over my ass. Can’t button em, can’t zip em, but I can still wear them. TRIUMPH.

    • anon. gardener

      People were exceedingly grouchy on my bus this morning too. Must be something in the air today.

    • I noticed a general shortage of available Metro service as well this morning — the S2 around 7:30 am, and on the Orange line headed to Vienna.

      • At 8:30 this morning the 42/43 was running at about a 10-minute schedule (at least according to NextBus). During morning rush hour?!?! WTF metro?

        Sometimes I wonder if metro managers simply run fewer buses when the weather is good to encourage people to walk.

        • That’s a really interesting theory. Yesterday was actually worse because the next N4 was right behind the bus, so it was a slow ride on the second bus.

          Really wish the buses were given the same kind of attention the trains are, with regards to delays.

        • pablo .raw

          I sometimes take the 42/43 home from work, and more than once I’ve seen 2 of them running together.

          • I don’t take the 42/43 as much as I used to, but I’ve _frequently_ seen two of them running together… and sometimes 3.

            And service after 2 a.m. or so on Saturday nights is particularly unreliable. More than once I’ve had cases where a given bus on the schedule didn’t show up at all, and I’ve ended up waiting about an hour for a bus that supposedly runs every half-hour or so.

    • That is so obnoxious. I’m sorry people are rude and unhelpful to pregnant ladies, older folks, etc.

      The other day I was on the S2 and was just stunned to see two young men (in their mid 20’s I’d say) just sitting there in the front seats and not getting up to let two older women carrying a crap load of stuff sit. They were just looking at their stupid smartphones, oblivious to the fact that they’re sitting in seats reserved for older/handicapped folks. finally, after two stops, one of them looked up saw the two ladies. it took him a couple of minutes to reach the decision that he should lift himself up and let one of them sit. His friend decided to just stay seated. what the hell people?

      • That’s kind of disgraceful. I’m not broken or anything; I’m still at the stage where I can stand for awhile without much discomfort. But in a few weeks, that won’t be an option, and it would be a huge blow to my dignity (as I’m sure it was to those older ladies)to actually ask someone to give up their seat for me.

        • Please, just ask for the seat if/when you need it (though I agree you probably shouldn’t have to.) There’s nothing undignified about asking for the seat.

        • +1. Yes, you shouldn’t have to ask… but the seated person might actually be someone courteous who’s just engrossed in what he or she is reading.

          And if it’s a person with no valid excuse for not noticing/offering, then asking might shame him/her into being more courteous in the future.

      • I always feel guilty when I’m so engrossed in my iphone that I fail to notice an elderly person who needs my seat. Usually I don’t sit in the front, so sometimes I forget to look up every time the bus stops.

      • Is it bad form to ask, “Would one of you chivalrous young gentlemen please yield your seat? I said HEY! Oblivious dumbasses! Take off your earbuds and get the f- up!”

    • this happens with G2 also, quite frequently. I ended up walking today. There’s not even standing room by the time it gets to our stop, it just goes right by us, because there is NO room.

  • rant: shrinking number of daylight hours.

    rave: my favorite season is almost here.

  • Rant: My completely crappy ex boyfriend has tricked all of our mutual friends into thinking he didn’t treat me like garbage – making me seem like a crazy betch for wanting absolutely nothing to do with him

    Rant: Unsurprisingly a lot of his cruddy behavior involved lying to me. So, no boyfriend because he is a lying loser, and no friends because he is a lying loser. Beautiful

    Rave: There is none. I can’t even think of one good thing right now

    • Sorry to hear that. It sucks.
      Consolation(?): could they really be that good of friends if they don’t give you the benefit of the doubt or listen to your side?

    • I’m really sorry! I know there’s nothing I can say to make you feel better but frankly, if your friends are willing to pick sides in something that has nothing to do with them then it seems like you are better off.

    • Something similar happened to me – one ‘friend’ lied to our entire group of ‘friends’ about something that I had done. It was not at all true, but not one of my ‘friends’ asked me if it was/was not. In retrospect (nearly 10 years later), I’m better off. I’m not going to lie, it stung for awhile, but the friends I’ve made since then are actually friends – no air quotes involved. Stay busy and find something you like to do that will distract you. Sorry 🙁

    • Emmaleigh504

      That completely sucks. Sometimes losing friends can hurt worse than losing boyfriends.

    • Possible revel: You don’t need people like that in your life, and now they’re not. (?)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Feeling guilty because an innocent email about what I did over Labor Day weekend prompted my grandparents to send me money for my birthday. I only mentioned that I had a birthday because I had a decadent meal and didn’t want them to think I ate they decadently all the time.

    Rave: Guilt has made me realize I don’t talk to my grandparents enough, so I’ve set a goal of biweekly letters/emails even if I haven’t done anything worth talking about.

    Rave: I still have 1 set of grandparents.

    • I email my 90 year old grandfather on a nearly daily basis.

      • Emmaleigh504

        great. now I feel worse.

        • Oh that wasn’t the point of my post. I am just happy about the fact that a 90 year old can email.

          • I wish my 90-year-old grandmother had a computer and internet connection. I’d still prefer to call her, but it would making sharing photos less of an ordeal.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Ah, I see. It is very cool indeed. I’m happy my grandpa is on the internet. He’s a little slower with email turn around than your grandfather. It usually takes a day or 2 for a reply. Not sure if that’s because he was an editor & has to plan it all out or if it’s because he prints out the emails to read to my Darling Gran who isn’t well enough to be at home right now, or both.

    • Thanks for reminding me to send something in the mail to the husband’s grandmother! Pretty sure she’s not on the email tubes, otherwise she’ll be getting plenty of cat pictures from me.

    • enjoy your grandparents, ask them tons of stuff about their lives growing up and tape it if you can. I wish I had done that… also, get all the good recipes now!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Oh that’s a GREAT idea! I should ask more about their childhoods! Mostly what I know is that during the Depression my grandmother had a brown dress which she hated.

        • Me too– it’s funny how little I know about one of my grandmothers. I know that as a child and teen, she was so enamored of her cat Puddin’ that she was planning a career as a cat breeder. Then she discovered she didn’t like cats, only THAT cat.

        • yes, do it! I got a chance to ask my great aunt (who would have been 100 years old this month, but bid farewell last month) about her life on the farm in Louisiana… she had fabulous stories… apparently, my great grandmother used to have the girls cook with her and she’d say, “you make the biscuits… by the time the biscuits are done, the butter will be done”… she’d make her own butter. When I heard this, I was in awe…

      • +1. I miss my grandparents a lot, and like a lot of folks, I regret not spending more time with them, taking in all the stories of their lives.

      • +1. I wish I had done more of this while my grandparents were still alive.

    • when I did that (and also felt guilty), someone suggested that I use the money on a gift for them – flowers or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. It was a huge hit with my grandparents, given their regular table at Macaroni Grill.

  • Rant: The Yellow Cab Company. I’ve never used them and have no opinion on their quality or professionalism, but…their cabs are orange. Not yellow. Orange.

    Why would you call yourself The Yellow Cab Company and then paint your cabs orange? I know it shouldn’t matter, but it really pisses me off.

    Rave: The Orange Cab Company. Their cabs are orange. It makes sense.

  • Rant: Busy busy busy

    Rave: Got a workout in this morning before work. Feel awesome. Also closing on my refinancing on Friday evening. Will finally done with this process!

  • Rave: Summer is leaving!!!!!! yeahhhh!!!!!

    (I hate hot weather)

  • Rave: Had an interview today for a really good position, and it’s very close to home.

    Rant: I’m never good at interviews and I was kind of nervous. Time to write the thank you letter and wait to hear back from them.

    • Send an e-mail as well! We recently brought another associate in to interview for the morning. He left after I took him out to lunch around 1:30pm. We had already made the decision to make an offer about 15 minutes after I got back to my desk!

      • Yeah, I’ll do that too, and I’ll email the HR person who mde the interview appointment for me. They told me they’ll be making a decision on who to hire next week.

  • rave: new job = new schedule = alternate work schedule = i have this friday off!!

    rant: it has taken awhile to figure out a routine on the new schedule. i haven’t done yoga in days and my body is not happy. ah, first world problems…

    rave: three-day weekend and working out!!

    • Rave: Loving my classes this semester.
      Rant: Now that the semester’s started I have long days– I get up at 5:30, go to work, go to class, and get home around 8:15– so I haven’t had time for exercise either.

  • Rave: I have my own office with a window.

    Rant: Non of my coworkers chat or mingle for just a few minutes. My old office did that.

  • Rave: New property management for my building that takes electronic rent payments.

    Rave: One more bill to being debt free!!

    Rave: This weather!

    Rant: I took a step back from “The Office”like shenanigans at work and have come to realize that these people are crazy as hell. Now they think I’m crazy for not participating in their offsite Plotting and Planning Lunches and their Braintrust of Skullduggery. I cant wait to leave this place! ugh

    Rave: I got to use skullduggery in a sentence!

  • Rant: leaving my dog for 8 days to go to europe next week

    rave: i’m going to europe!

    rant: i think i have a codependent relationship with my dog.

    • I am leaving my cat for 9 days to go to Florida and I feel absolutely horrible for it! My cat is obsessed with me, poor girl.

  • ruv roo too sraggy!

  • Rave: to the good samaritan who honked frantically to get my attention and tell me my car was losing oil at a very fast clip. Saved my engine!

  • Rave: My boyfriend is moving in next month–I’ll get to see him more often and it is making me clear out clutter I’ve been collecting for 2+ years and organize!

    Rant: He hasn’t found a new job yet, so he’ll be commuting up to Reisterstown (if anyone’s interested in a carpool up there, please email PoP to get in touch with me)– that’s a *lot* of gas money down the drain..

  • Rant: People that insist on walking their dogs off the leash. I understand that its a HUGE inconvenience to put the leash on Fido but let me remind you folks that it is the law. I had a dog run up to me this morning and the owner (trailing behind) says “HAHAHA! He wouldn’t hurt a fly”. First of all, I don’t find it amusing that your dog is sniffing my crotch. Secondly, How the heck am I supposed to know your dog doesn’t bite!?!?

    • I have to agree. I have a dog that is dog aggressive, and people will sometimes walk their dogs off leash, and their dogs will come bounding up to my dog, while my dog wants to attack it. Then of course I would look like the bad person should something happen. I want to be able to walk my dog around logan circle but there are ALWAYS dogs off leash there. why can’t you they just walk their dog 2 more blocks up the street to the off leash dog park?!

  • Rant: Husband hit by a drunk driver while sitting on his motorcycle at a red light in Price William County.

    Rave: Witnesses stopped to call the police / help him

    Rave: Witness called me even before the ambulance arrived, told me which hospital they would take him to

    Rave: Witnesses followed the fleeing drunk driver until she crashed her car on I95 and ID’ed her for police

    Rave: drunk driver is now charged with misdemeanor DUI (pending blood alcohol results, may increase to felony), and felony hit and run.

    Rave: Protective gear did it’s job and husband is not as badly hurt as he could have been considering he was thrown 10 feet in the air and landed 25 feet from where he started (according to police)

    Rave: Husband’s job is understanding and has excused him from out of town conference next week

    Rant: up until 3:00 AM at the ER.

    • A lot of sleazy people live in PW county, apparently. I never realized this until I started working with someone from Woodbridge, who is always talking about police acitvity and the latest crimes in his neighborhood. He says if you look carefully you’ll notice that nearly every adult is packing heat.

      Hope your husband is doing ok.

      • Thanks for the good wishes. I hate to sound like a Fairfax County snob, but honestly the people in PW really are sleazy. Before rushing to the ER I took the time to change out of the leggings/bud light T shirt combo I was wearing, but when I got there I wondered why I had bothered. Granted, it’s not like you need to dress up at the ER, but I was amazed at the mullets / 1982 feathered haircuts / T shirts with food on them, etc. that I saw in my brief time in the ER waiting room.

        On the other hand, the hospital staff was wonderfully helpful and professional, and the police who waited around to get my husband’s diagnosis for their report (and to look in on the drunk driver, who was also in the ER after her own crash) were great.

        • Honestly, there are a lot of people like that in Fairfax County, too. Just go to the Sunset Grille in Annandale on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Wow, it’s good to hear your husband wasn’t hurt much worse than he was.
      That witness deserves a citation – it’s good to hear there are people like that.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wow, I’m glad your husband is ok and the witnesses helped!

  • rave: 2 weeks of use of lose leave this year!

    rant: I want to use it by going on a vacation but I can’t figure out where to go… sort of stressing about a good thing

    rant: burnt my tongue the other day and it’s still on fire 🙁

  • Rave: Saw a cyclist stop and chew out a truck that almost hit him this morning. Way to stand up cyclist!

    Rant: Cyclist was totally at fault and broke the law by running a red light. No wonder drivers hate cyclists!

    Revel: Someone from the sidewalk called the cyclist out for breaking the law and being a jerk!

  • All I had was a $20, and I tried to pay for a 7-11 big gulp I had already started drinking. Clerk says, “You have to pay with something smaller or use a credit card.” I don’t have my CC nor anything smaller on me, so he says I have to buy $20 worth of stuff. So, I just said sorry and walked out.

    Can I get in trouble for that? i mean, I had consumed some of the beverage and had to leave without paying… wonder if they’ll post my photo as a shoplifter…

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