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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Cat threw up SIX times this morning. Who does she think she is?
    Rant: Forgot metro card when I left for work.
    Rave: Bought day pass instead of walking back home.
    Rant: Forgot day pass wasn’t good until 9:30 (It was 8:00).
    Rant: Wasted 9 dollars on day pass.
    Rant: Missed two trains during above process.

    Rave: Going to Florida in 2 days.

  • Rave: Going home from work early.
    Rant: MIGRAINE.
    Rant2: My cat has also been throwing up every 2 mins lately. Something in the air…?

    • my dog has been sick too, throwing up, diarreha, the whole 9 yards. he had to be hospitalized w/ an iv at the animal hospital last week. while we were waiting to be admitted, another dog came in with similar, if not worse, symptoms. i wonder if there really could be “something going around” in the animal world, just the way there is with people? does such a thing exist?

      • Has your dog been drinking out of Rock Creek or other streams? After heavy rains there is lots of crap in the water, as well as combined sewer overflow. Also LOTS of mushrooms around everywhere – watch out for those.

    • Wow, there’s a lot of puking going around! Here, it’s my son. Thankfully, this time he seems to have gotten it all out before midnight last night and he didn’t manage to puke directly on my face. I’m kind of still waiting for his pancakes to come back up, but all’s quiet so far (although I probably just jinxed myself by saying that out loud).

  • claire

    Rant: I feel overwhelmed trying to fit in everything I need to do – and I have relatively few obligations! How do people with kids, for example, manage??

    Rave: I have relatively few obligations – and I count things like cooking elaborate meals under things I need to do.

    Rave: Planning on quitting my job and moving to Argentina next year anyway so that’ll change up my obligations significantly.

  • Rave: I dig this photo

    Rant: Too much to pay for, too little to pay with

    Double-rant: Sick coworker coughing and sneezing into the air of our cube farm

    • just to make you feel better, once someone is hacking and sneezing all over the place, the cold is no longer contagious… it’s the period BEFORE they get the cold (when they don’t even know they are sick) when it’s the most contagious. you should be in the clear.

  • Rave: Went back to my hometown for work, and got to see many of my friends.

    Rave: Came home and was able to spend two great days with my visiting parents.

    Rant: Desperately missing my friends and family.

    Rave: We’re hoping to find out the gender of our baby today! Here’s to hoping “Nibbles” is 1) healthy and 2) cooperative.

  • rave: while it sucks to be sick, the nurse at the Minute Clinic in Tenleytown was great yesterday
    rave: Paris vacations! PoP’s pic is inspiring me to plan a spring vacation there even if I have to go by myself!
    rant: online dating – I’m trying okcupid, has anyone had good/bad experiences or have advice on how to use it?

    • msmaryedith

      Honestly, I’d say pass on OkC. I gave it a shot and think that you get what you pay for–i.e. nothing. The guys on Match are better, and they’re more likely to actually offer to pay on a first date, or be somewhat serious about looking for a good match. I think OkC is more for playing around, especially because they have nothing invested in it.

    • Craigslist personals worked perfectlly for me and my SO.

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      I’ve had the complete opposite experience to Mary’s. I feel the people I met on OKC were much more interesting. I’m now good friends with a couple of girls I met on the site. Even though no long term romantic relationship has come of it, I consider new friendships a win in my book.


      I always pay on a first date.

      • msmaryedith

        It’s good to hear that still exists! I don’t mind paying for date #2, but when a guy doesn’t offer to pay for a first date, I’m usually insulted.

        I’ve met some interesting people on OkC. Just in general I felt like there was more of a creepster factor, and that there are more guys on there basically just seeking attention with no intentions of meeting up with anyone.

        I don’t think Match is perfect at all, but eventually I felt so frustrated by OkC that I decided to give it a shot again and have had slightly better dates.

    • I did eharmony and I am about to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary. It’s pricey but it doesn’t have the “meat market” feel like other sites.

    • I went out on some pretty good dates on OKC but I also found that it wasn’t so serious. I don’t have the nerve to actually pay for it on Match just yet. I feel like match is too serious, if that make sense. I do agree that the people on okc seem more interesting.

      • msmaryedith

        I think the OkC site lends itself to coming across as more interesting. It’s harder to stand out on Match, and harder to show your personality. Some of the fields are just stupid, and others only allow enough characters to barely eke out a response. But when I actually meet up with guys, I think that sometimes the ones who seem funniest/most interesting on OkC actually end up being dull in person, whereas I’m more likely to be pleasantly surprised by Match dates.

        • good to know. my profile has been disabled for most of the summer but i’m thinking about it again. as my friend says “dating is a winter sport”

    • Re: online dating choices – it depends on who you ask. Several female friends of mine recommended OKC over Match. In their experience, most of the men on Match were looking for a hookup as opposed to a relationship. I would not equate willingness to pay for an online dating service with interest in a serious relationship. One exception to tht would be eHarmony. It’s probably not that likely that someone who’s just looking for a hookup is going to invest the time it takes to fill out the incredibly long profile required for that site. I also would not equate willingness to pay for a dating site with dateability or attractiveness.
      My experiences on OKC and Match (and eHarmony) have been pretty much the same. Most of the women I reach out to aren’t interested in me; most of the women that reach out to me I am not interested in. Occasionally there has been mutual interest and a date or three. No love connection yet but like they say – nothing ventured nothing gained. At the end of the day, it’s all a crap shoot because we’re all looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. I don’t think any one site is better than another. Maybe the female perspective (I’m a guy looking for a gal) is different.

      • I have to agree with Anon 10:54. I have tried them all, OKC, Match, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Black people meet, etc. The people are basically the same (literally). I saw the same profiles over and over; the people that I was interested in where not interested in me adn vice versa. I’ve given up on finding love and decided to give my eggs to a couple who can’t have children and join a convent. Dating is so depressing…

      • I met my wife on Match and we’ve been very happily married for five years now, but I must admit that the vast majority of the women I met and went out with on Match were either bat shit crazy, or were so into themselves or career-obsessed that it was revolting.

        So my advice is to be patient. The right one will come along, and you’ll learn quite a lot from those you date in the meantime.

    • I met my boyfriend on OkC but it took a long time (almost a year) and a lot of “eh” dates. I also tried Match and think that you meet the same kind of people, but I liked the site of OkC better (and that it was free). One caveat is that I think it skews young, so if you’re over say 35 (or looking for someone that age) there are more options on Match.

    • I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish. There is tons of trashy people on that site and it takes time to weed through all the bad. Ironically enough, we were both paying for eHarmony at the same time and were never matched. We both emailed each other on Plent of Fish at the EXACT same time, crazy. We went on a date in April and have been together ever since. Took me about 10 dates before that to find the right one. I hope you have some luck! I have found that eHarmony seems to have the “highest quality” of men.

    • I appreciate all of the opinions – I’ve tried match a few times over the years and never had much luck with it. I tried Eharmony once on the recommendation of a friend and it got too overwhelming (they sent me 5+ matches every day, the majority of which I was not very interested in) so I got a few dates out of it, but nothing special (and either I’m the most compatible person ever or their matching methodology isn’t very good – I literally ended up “matched” with hundreds of profiles with no way to search among them!)
      I figured if I were to try online dating again then I would opt for something free this time – OKCupid has a friendlier tone than other sites, but it also feels kind of random which is why I wondered what other people’s experiences have been like.
      One last question: I never had any luck proactively contacting a guy on match – is it better as a woman to sit back and let guys make the first move? Or does it not matter?

      • Maybe you’re over thinking your initial contact messages? Less might be a little bit more in this scenario. I’ve found that probaly 1 in 6 respond.

        • I typically tried to keep it short while asking them a specific question about something in their profile. But I doubt I contacted more than 6 guys total last time, so based on what you said it sounds like my sample size was too small!

      • On behalf of all men everywhere I say that if you’ve got the nerve to make the first move, by all means go for it. No guy worth dating is going to reject you because you contacted him first. If you haven’t had luck making the first move, it’s because the guys you picked weren’t interested in you. Nothing personal – I am sure you are a hottie 🙂 just not the hottie for them, for whatever reason. I have been contacted by women first on dating sites and never written a woman off because she made the first move. It’s always been a matter of attraction and further interest.

    • Good to see all this feedback and opinions on online dating!

      PoP, perhaps this could be a future thread — “Your Experiences with Online Dating in PoPville”?

  • Rave: Completed my first Triathlon (ok, fine Biathlon, the swim was cancelled) this weekend in under the time I had anticipated.

    Rant: Swim being cancelled

    Rave: Legs finally feel like they can work again

    Rant: Back at work after taking yesterday off for 2.5 hours and already feel my soul leaving my body…something needs to change.

    Rant: Roof renovations of our new apartment building are still not complete, we were told they would be done by our Aug 1 move-in date. Only a portion is now open, for which we had to sign a liability waiver and we still had to pay the amenety fee when we moved in.

  • Rant: Comments about puke and rhea
    Rave: Thighs in pic

  • Trying to learn patience through practice. Reminding myself that what will be, will be. Karma is karma.

  • Rant: Trying to plan a family dinner for my mom’s 60th birthday. Feel like I’m the only one willing to be flexible with my schedule in order to make it happen, no one else seems to care about celebrating her 60th birthday with her, as a family. It kind of breaks my heart.

  • Rave: I am the one yesterday who posted about the lack of contact from a potential employer after what I felt was a great interview. I had tried to email HR last week, but didn’t get a response. I finally got tired of waiting around, and I needed an answer, so I called the HR contact. She was so nice on the phone, and was honest that she didn’t know anything yet but should have something by the end of the week. HOPE! YAY!

  • Rant: Those people so thrilled with their healthy pregnancy and baby. Be grateful – there are those of us (ME) who aren’t so fortunate.

    Rave: One of these job interviews has to lead to an offer, right?

    • What makes you think they are not grateful? I thank god every day for my healthy family.

    • You’re pissed off that people are happy to have healthy children? I feel for your obvious pain in that you are having troubles, but this just seems outrageously bitter.

      • anon. gardener

        seriously. don’t let your grief make you bitter. Be happy for other people. You get to share in their happiness and it will make you feel better. I know that sounds like Pollyanna, but I know from experience that it’s true.

        • You clearly haven’t been “here” or else you wouldn’t identify my comment as bitter. I am just looking for some sensitivity. It’s hard out here on this island.

          • Carolyn Hax frequently addresses readers who’ve been in your situation and written to her (and readers who are on the other side — like, wanting to tell a friend or family member about a pregnancy, but trying to be sensitive to that person’s struggles).

            Maybe google to read her advice, if you haven’t already?

          • anon. gardener

            I can’t have children. I love babies. When I hear that someone is expecting a baby I feel excited and happy for them. Did it take me a while to get to this point? Yes. I just never expected the whole world to walk on eggshells around me because I was grieving the loss of something I would never have. It’s one thing if it’s a close friend or family member, but total strangers? You can’t help being sad, but it’s your choice to be angry or not. That’s all I’m saying.

  • rant: people who let their dogs crap on the sidewalk and don’t clean it up. if you can’t clean up after your pet, especially on the SIDEWALK, please don’t have one.

    rave: getting out of a very toxic relationship of sorts. thank. god.

  • Rant: People who feel the need to have to kiss every few feet while walking down the sidewalk, or on the bench in front of my pt job at Pentagoon City. Some people are single, and don’t want to see you and your boo slobber each other down in public. GET. A. ROOM.

  • Rant: Got my car towed 30 minutes after the sweeping cutoff time. Just give me a ticket, dammit.

  • Rant: I’ve been at work for 2.5 hours and I have done 15 mins of work. Not because I’ve been lazy and reading blogs and chatting on gchat but because nobody has anything for me to do. This is after the boss told me I could have extra hours if I want (its a 20 hr a week temp thing) I told him that I couldn’t swing more hours but in reality. I can only do so much sitting around.

    Rave: Having nothing to do has given me time to do exactly what I’d be doing in my pjs at home but getting paid for it.

    • Honestly, the difference between a mature employee and an immature one is the ability to find useful things to do and create your projects that help the overall mission and/or get the training you need for your next promotion.

      I hope you’re in a job you don’t care about, because this doesn’t speak well of your career or work ethic.

      No offense intended, I’m just reacting to what you wrote.

  • RANT: Worked a 13-hour day yesterday and I know today might be just as long.

    RANT/RAVE: Planning to quit on December 31, 2011, so I don’t have to take in a new year of my life feeling like garbage for most of my week.

    RAVE: Fall weather starts on Thursday!

    • I’m considering the same course of action myself – what job sites are you using?

      • mediabistro, craigslist, dcjobs, simplyhired, whatever I can. I am also trying to move to New York as there are more opportunities for media and marketing peeps. However, the job market there is a rather rough one compared to here. Best of luck, JDC!

  • Is anyone familiar with a local photographer who takes artistic photos of people holidng red umbrellas, with a backdrop of DC landscapes? Actually, they might even be photoshopped, but they are visuall striking.

    My boyfriend and I ran into the vendor at the Reston Farmer’s Market months ago. We’ve tried to locate him several times since then, but we have none of his information. I’d like to surprise him with a framed photo for our 1 year anniversary, but I’m not having any luck with Google searches or local farmer’s markets.

    If anyone can help me out I’d appreciate it. 🙂

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