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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have.

Ed. Note: For those who’ve sent emails – sorry for the delay – I’ll be following up on them next week.

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  • Rave: The Cairo is my favorite apartment building in DC, would love to see the inside someday/have one of the front balconies.

    • +1. The Cairo is also why we have building height restrictions in DC. People were so pissed at its scale when it was built that Congress passed the restrictions, which have nothing to do with the height of the capitol or the Washington Monument, no matter what any cab driver will tell you.

    • Unit #502 is having an open house this weekend from 2-4 PM. Go check it out! The realtor needn’t know you can’t afford it (yet).

      You’ll even be able to get up on the roof.

      • Thanks for the tip! Even if it’s not at it’s original full glory, I love these historic buildings. Another favorite of mine is the Idaho at 13th and O. Same beaux-arts style if you like the Cairo.

        To the commentor asking below the Cairo is on Q between 16th and 17th streets. For anyone interested there are 2 virtual tours available here:

    • I’ve been in it – not that impressive. The elevators are tiny and antiquated (and get VERY warm in the summer thanks to the dozen or so lights in the ceiling). The hallways need to be refurbished. My friend’s studio was very “meh” and rented for around $1500/mo. The roof deck is small, but the views are spectacular.

    • Where are the Cairo apartments located in DC?

  • Rain rain go away come again another day…

  • Rave: My neighbor saw me at the bus stop this morning and offered me a ride to the Metro of which I accepted. I love my Brookland neighbors.

    Rant: While talking to their nephew in the back seat about how he didn’t like the rain because school would not let him out for recess, I mentioned their gym as an alternative, and he said they didn’t have a gym :0(

    • That breaks my heart. Kind of hard to rant about my life (which is pretty good anyway) when this kid’s school doesn’t even have a gym.

      I’m glad you have kind neighbors.

      • Thanks for your kind words. Perhaps it is not the worst thing in the world, but it is hard to imagine grade school without a gym.

        • My elementary school growing up didn’t have a gym (this is the late 60s/early 70s), but we had a kick-ass playground with a jungle gym! When it rained, the cafeteria (I think they called it a cafetorium because it was also the auditorium) became the playground.

          • That’s awesome. My junior high had what was called an audeteria for the same reason you had a cafetorium.

          • We had a room with a stage was the gym and the cafeteria. Can’t remember what it was called, but the one in Jr high School (we had a separate gym) was call the Multi-Purpose Room.

          • djdc, that’s hilarious that mine was the cafetorium and yours was the auditeria. LOL funny!

        • or P.E., or art class, or music class….. it’s such a shame.

  • rant: so tired, and have NO work today. why do we still have to come in? i have a million other things i could be doing right now.

    rant: this rain is getting OLD!

    rave: will be in europe in T minus 2 weeks now.

  • Rave: District of Pi tonight for some (hopefully) yummy pizza! Ive heard good things about their truck…and Im a big fan of pizza.

    Rave x2: Feeling good about my monetary situation for the first time…pretty much ever. While I dislike my job for its soul suckyness its also nice to be able to actually save money and not live paycheck to paycheck.

    Rant: This rain makes me feel like I want to hibernate…or at the very least not leave the house at all.

    Rant x2: Feeling helpless to comfort a friend who is having a hard time right now. She recently lost her mom and I feel like there should be something more I could do. I don’t like seeing her so depressed.

    • Just went their for lunch, actually. It’s a really hefty pizza and sticks to your ribs. The cheese and toppings are buried beneath the tomato sauce, so it’s not your normal pizza. I think it’s delicious, but it’s pricey (like good pizza in DC seems to be) – 17ish for a 9″, 26-ish for a 12″. A 12″ fed me (male) and 2 male coworkers.

    • saf

      It’s very tasty – at least from the truck.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m already pretty lazy, but all this rain and gloom makes me want to sleep for days. I need a little sun to keep me awake ( a very little bit of sun, U burn easily).

    Rant: Tired and rambling.

    Rave: Boss left early.

    Rave: I don’t work out of doors.

    Rave: Coffee

  • claire

    Rant: I miss the sun.

    Rave: Great dinner at Graffiato last night (with a few misses).

    Rave: No work for me today!

    • Please share more about your Graffiato dinner

      • claire

        Went with my boyfriend and we both got the tasting menu + beverage pairing. Our waiter said the tasting menu was four courses (three savory, one sweet) and offered to switch up the beverage pairing so we’d get eight different drinks (instead of one each of the four drinks).

        We actually ended up getting, by my count, thirteen different dishes. The standouts were mostly the cold dishes (cured meat plate, burrata, sweet & sour fennel, and broccolini), and the pizza was also quite good (the countryman pizza w/ truffle and egg). The hot dishes were mostly misses (scallops that were way oversalted and a little tough, an off-menu duck liver + chanterelle mushroom mousse cannelloni which was also oversalted and had a bad texture). The desserts (nutella cannoli and strawberry zeppole) were tasty but not oustanding. Also good but not amazing: chestnut agnolotti (too sweet for my tastes), caesar salad (cream cheese croutons were great, but I’m not a big caesar salad fan), olives (also not a huge olive fan, but they were good to snack on), and spiced pistachios (which they brought out at the beginning in place of bread – also good for snacking).

        As for the beverage pairing, probably not worth the extra charge. First “course”: prosecco from tap (quite good), Troegs sunshine pils (I’m a beer snob so this was good but not really my taste), second course: two lighter red wines (a pinot nero and something I don’t remember), both good but not great, third course: Graffiato wine (absolutely horrible, smelled and tasted like fresh paint) and another overly tannic red, fourth course: amaro (herbal liqueur, very tasty), lambruca (sparkling dessert wine – also very tasty, good enough that my boyfriend (who is normally a wine snob and doesn’t like dessert wines) requested that they bring out the bottle because the berry flavors were so strong he thought there must be berries in there (there wasn’t, just grapes)).

  • Rant: Leaking roof and leaking window

    Rave: Have a good roof guy (but need a window guy/gal – any suggestions?)

    Rave: Weekend is here and parents are in town!

    • You have my sympathy on the leaking roof and windows. Depending on how our own leak repairs go (we’ve got a temporary fix up and they’re waiting for the rain to end to do the permanent stuff}, I may have someone to recommend.

      Happy weekend!

    • My sympathy too. Just found a roof leak myself last night, so will be needing someone – any suggestions for good roofers would be appreciated!

      • A repeat from the other day, but I’m about to hire L&M roofers. Check on Service Alley for good recs. My window leaks too because I was an idiot and hired a bad fixer guy on the spur of the moment, and he did a really bad job. Avoid TW Roofing and Gutters.

    • I don’t know a window guy/gal for you, but can you tell us who your roof guy is?

    • I thought I had a leak in my roof, but it turns out my gutters were clogged. The gutters themselves ended up coming down while I tried to clear them. I installed a rain chain for now, in hopes that I can forestall a new gutter until spring.

  • rant: I think I am starting to get sick. why can’t this happen at the beginning of the week so it doesn’t screw up my weekend?

  • Rave: Hiking in Rock Creek woods in the rain – gorgeous! Very tropical feeling with shiny leaves and glistening logs, the shifting light, the sound of steady rain and high creeks. Lots of cool mushrooms.

    And the sound of my dog running full speed across the flooded field made me laugh.

    Rant: Stupid Teva’s – allegedly women’s model – but they can’t be tightened across the toes enough for wet squishy hiking!

    And guess I can’t really rant about Goretex jacket fail when it is 25 years old . . .

  • Rave: I got another great promotional deal with my Comcast cable by having all the premiums movie channels at a low price.

    Rant: With all the rain and bad weather, it’s caused me to go into a depression. I hope there will be sunlight soon in this dark tunnel of depression.

  • Rant: Good friend was supposed to swing through town on his way to move to Washington State (after being stationed in NC) due to the weather, terorristic threats and converging events hes heading straight to stop 2 on the cross country road trip by passing DC. I am really sad not to see him but it gives a significant kick in the pants to getting my self to WA sooner rather than later.

  • Rave: Met with Casey Trees lady today and we are going to get three tress planted in our yard by them in the spring, two shade tress and one dogwood. trees and installation with watering bag only $50/each. great organization and happy to do my part to add to the tree canopy in DC.
    rant: husband out of town for a week

  • Rave: waking up to sleeping cat curled around my head and another curled by my side. Just love that.

  • Rant: people who don’t notice that you typed something in the IM window right before they typed something. Then I have to wonder if they saw and and don’t plan to respond, or if I should tell them I wrote something, or if I should just retype it… Do people still look at their fingers while they type?

    Rave: clients seem very happy with us today.

  • Rant: Backyard looks like a lake. Basement is flooded. Sump pump is overwhelmed. Wet vac is broken. A billion crickets are walking on the basement walls. I should have taken a picture but I haven’t found my camera since the earthquake.

    Rave: Heading to the bar due to the above.

  • Hoping for the best for the woman who was (apparently/ maybe) struck by a car on 16th at Newton just before 3pm today.

    Did anyone see or hear what happened? I just saw her lying in the road, after the paramedics arrived.

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