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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have.

Ed. Note: For those who’ve sent emails – sorry for the delay – I’ll be following up on them next week.

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  • Rave: My neighbor found her cat, Chubby, after he was missing for 5 days. He’s ok.

    Rant: I will not watch the President tonight give his speech on jobs. I will watch something else on cable.

  • anyone know what went down on 12th st last night? thought i heard a pop, then there were 10 or so cop cars in the street blocking it off between v and w.

  • Rant: My basement apartment flooded last night. Thanks rain.

    • Rant: My basement apartment flooded last night, too… and my management company could care less.

      Rave: Got my 1000th Twitter follower today, i.e. I now have more people to rant about the flooding to…

  • Rant: Rain. And flood-prone, hurricane- and earthquake-damaged old house.

  • Anybody know of a bar on U street that might be showing the president’s speech tonight?

    Ps. Word from a cabinet member (won’t say who) is that it’s going to be a barn-burner.

  • Rant: Major roof leakage from all the rain. Delayed getting that roof job and instead just put the occasional tar smear on the leaky parts.

    Rave: Just hired roofer for a new roof.

    Rant: Now we gotta pay for it.


  • Anyone else got woken up by the super loud thunder last night/early this morning?

  • Rant: You need a master’s to move up in DC.
    Rave: I hear today is the last day of raining for a while! yay!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Feeling a bit soggy b/c of all the rain.
    Rave: Lunch club today!
    Rant: Teresa I miss you, hurry up and come home.
    Rave: Football.

  • Rant: Dude on metro last night who admonished me for not saying, “Excuse me” when I bumped into him sitting down. I’m sorry, but I’m not about to say “Excuse me” when the reason I bumped into you is that you are taking up 90% of the 2 person seat. A-hole!

    • You shoulda said “excuse me”. Sorry. Where you from, Jen?

      • Is that you, dude I bumped into last night???

        And no, I should not have said excuse me. I will say excuse me when I am at fault. I do it all the time.

        • I dunno, Jen… yes, it’s rude that the guy was taking up 90% of a two-person seat, but it would have been better if you had said (as you were getting into the seat) “Excuse me,” so as to convey the idea of “MOVE.”

          • agreed. jen, you’re a jerk. just because somebody else is flaunting a sense of entitlement, doesn’t mean you should do it right back.

          • Didn’t you get the memo about Operation Restore Civility, anonymous @1:43 PM?

            You don’t need to make a point with name calling. Just because you think Jen is a jerk doesn’t mean you need to return the favor and act like one to her with the helpful cloak of internet anonymity!

          • +1 to Kalorini.

            Even if someone thinks Jen is a jerk, he/she doesn’t have to call her one. And how is calling her a jerk going to do anything but make her ignore whatever that person says?

  • Does anyone know what is currently happening with EC 12?

    • does anyone know what EC 12 is?

      • I thought it was supposed to be a restaurant in the old firehouse on North Capital but it appears to have died.

        • claire

          I think the people trying to open EC-12 are the same people who run Shaw’s Tavern, so if that (and the weird open letter EC-12 sent out blaming ANCs for them not having their liquor license even though it was clearly their own fault) is any indication, they’re kind of incompetent . . .

          • they were supposed to open on July 4 weekend, then blamed the delay of their liquor license on the neighbors threatening to push back the opening to Sept. 1. It still looks like a shell and I don’t know who they are going to blame now…. *le sigh* I suppose it will be Rustik again tonight.

    • i had read somewhere that they only recently got their interior building permit. this place is a year away.

      it seems like a financial disaster.

  • Rant: Still waiting to hear about a job I interviewed for, despite sending a follow-up email. If I am going to give you several hours of my day, please be nice enough to tell me I didn’t get the job.

    • +1

      I am in the same boat. Interviewed over 2 weeks ago and was told they thought the would have made up their minds last week.

      I know I nailed the interview, don’t waste my time if you have another agenda.

    • Ugh, I am in the same boat right now. I had what I thought was a great interview, but have still heard nothing. If I wasn’t chosen, I just want to be told so I can move on.

  • rant: worried i might be an administrative assistant for the rest of my life.

    rave: pay day.

    rave: friday, soon.

  • claire

    Rave: Graffiato tonight!
    Rant/Rave: Just heard they’re going to be starting their fall menu tonight . . . on the one hand, I really wanted to try the sweet corn agnolotti that everyone’s raved about and there might be kinks with the first night on a new menu. But on the other hand, I get to be one of the first to try out the new menu and hopefully everything will be at its best since it’s the very first night.

  • Rave – Family moved to a new place we love
    Rant – We sorta downsized and even though we moved in early July the house is still a mess.

    I need a referral for a reasonably priced decorator / organizer that will make wife and daughters happy, then I can be happy.

  • Rant: My next door neighbor’s dog LIVES outside in their backyard and he barks ALL OF THE TIME!

    Rave: I love my new home soooooo much and the dog is cute.

    Rant: Wish I could snatch him up and make him mine, but he’s got a lot of training and my dog ain’t having it!

  • Rant: The re-appraisal guy from Virginia (why my mortgage company picked a guy from Fairfax I will never know) though that when his GPS said 40 minutes from Fairfax to Petworth at 8:00am, that if he left an extra twenty minutes for traffic he would be fine. He finally showed up at 9:45, 45 minutes late.

    Rave: Finished the house on Tuesday! Scaffolding down, all siding done, all new windows in the house, all new insulation and housewrap etc. It looks awesome!

    Further Rave: Did all the work with me and my dad. He is awesome at this stuff, and it cost about $2,400 to do a better job than a professional company likely would have charged ~$10,000 for.

    • Sounds like he made out pretty well with the traffic, all things considered. When I need to be somewhere at a specific time, I take whatever Google maps/GPS says and multiply it by three. I have 4:30 classes out in Fairfax and leaving DC at 3pm gives me just the right amount of time.

    • +1. Dad’s are the best.

  • Rave: No band practice tonight, so I don’t have to drive to Baltimore.

    Two pretty good job leads.

    Rant: One of the job leads is a contract job like I recently had.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Up at 3am to put Mr. Squid on plane. Didn’t sleep much because of the thunder

    Rave: Mr. Squid is back tonight!

    Rant: Co-worker/friend and wife had to cancel BBQ at their place this weekend because of basement flooding.

    Rave: Can make the rescheduled BBQ.

    Rant: My work really needs to hire my department a boss. The stress is giving me headaches.

    Rave: Massage scheduled at Lunar on Friday to alleviate stress headaches.

  • Rant: We’re going on 2 months since I was interviewed for a federal job. Every email update says be patient we’re still working on selections. Patience has run out. I’ve decide that its time to make my next move.

    Rant/Rave: I have decided I don’t want to be in DC anymore so its time to plan a cross country move. I’ve lived within in 3 hours of DC since I was 14. I have no idea how to pick up and move. I know where I want to go, have friends there, have a friend to stay with, its just a matter of picking up and going. There is nothing to hold me here (other than my family but I can still visit) I’m not really sure why I keep putting it off.

    • GiantSquid

      I hear Portland is pretty darn awesome.

      • I’m planning to head a couple hours up the road to Seattle/Tacoma. If I can grow the cajones to pull the trigger.

        • You should do it. I grew up in this area, too, and made a similar decision a few years ago. My choice was San Francisco for reasons like your own (friends there, etc.). I made the move and lived there for two years. I really liked it there, but ultimately decided I’m an East Coaster and moved back. I have great memories from the time I lived there and I never have to wonder what could have been.

          Also, if you’re planning on driving a car out, build in some extra time for seeing the country if at all possible. I didn’t get to do that on either of my cross-country drives and I do regret that.

  • Rant: My rowhouse neighbor has two rottweilers that spend their days and nights sitting on the back stairs and bark at anyone that walks down our alley. This happens at all hours. They bark at me and my wife whenever we leave/enter through the back of the house. I tried the approach of petting them whenever I enter/leave. They’d stop barking to enjoy getting petted, and then go right back to barking. Infuriating.

    Rave: I’ve switched approaches to spraying them in the face with a water gun whenever I leave/enter. They still bark, but at least I get to spray them in the face. They don’t like it and that makes me smile.

    • great, probably just making the situation worse and could possibly even become aggressive from that.

      • Nope, the situation is much better because the situation is exactly the same, but ends with me being able to spray dogs in the face with a water gun.

        • When they maul you, I will not cry.

          If they are left out 24 hours a day, without access to water, that is abuse, and they can be removed from their owner.

          If they are barking non-stop, that is nuisance barking and they can be removed from their owner.

    • Actually passed on a house purchase in Petworth because of a similar issue. Barky snarling dogs drive me crazy plus they can get out and eat you or your little ones.

  • Rant: I hate my office bullpen. From the IT guy on the other side of my cube who has a major mucus constantly snorts his snot throughout the day, the perosn who decided fish and/or overpowering garlic and onions are appropriate lunch items, the girl who takes the oppurtunity to turn her “achoo” into an rendition of the opera, to the mindless conversations that are shouted across the office between people.

    Rant: Swim portion of the Nation’s Tri was just cancelled, guess it’s for the best to avoid swimming around/into logs and other debris. But have a deep fear of open water swimming I was looking forward to finally proving I can overcome.

    Rave: Triathlon training has brought me even closer to my dad during our many bikes and occassional swims, and I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from his advice. Also fundraised for the Wounded Warrior Project for my triathlon and surpassed my goal by $150 dollars, thanks fam!!

    Rave: Finally bought new rainboots so bring it on mother nature!!

  • Anyone else see that huge chopper flying over Georgia Ave at around 10 this morning? That thing was practically at the same level as my apartment. Whoever was in it got a good look at me while I was getting dressed. Could it be that the President saw me naked?!? 😀

  • For the person looking for interior decorators/designers, I just used Residents Understood (google them-can’t think of website off the top of my head). They were fantastic during a very troublesome remodel that was just comPleted in my condo. They should definitely be able to work with you on a budget and come up with some really great options and ideas! Sorry I can’t reply directly to your post- I’m on an iphone

  • R:U is amazing they are young designers and really pay attention to the personalities of the individuals they are designing for! Great mention!

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