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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Rant – Uneven floors
Revel – Three Day Weekend!

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  • claire

    Rave: Friday! So excited for this three-day weekend – I don’t even have to work any tastings.
    Rant: Planning on telling my parents about my plans to move to Argentina when I see them on Labor Day . . . not sure how they’re going to take it (they love that I currently live less than an hour away).

    Rant: My car just hit 10k miles and I need to take it in for an oil change and multi-point inspection, but I don’t know a good place around here to take it and I’m worried I’ll get ripped off (as I am young and female). Any suggestions?

  • Rant: School Zone around non-existent Bruce Monroe School
    Rave: Coffee from Big Bear

  • I spotted the most beautiful tree a couple days ago.

  • Does anyone have any suggestions of hair salons that are more “alternative”? I’m not looking to shave my head or anything, but I used to get away with some subtle punky colors buried in my hair, and I’ve yet to find a DC salon that does this. Money isn’t REALLY an object, but I’d prefer not to have to take out a loan for my hair.

    Rant: My turn to stay late in the office while everyone gets to leave after lunch. No work to do, so it’s going to be super boring.

    Rave: Devils Night Radio is truly one of the best internet radio stations I’ve ever found. http://www.devilsnight.com. It really gets me through my day.

    • And also, I’m not in any way paid to say that about devils night. 😉

    • Trim in Adams Morgan – super nice folks & more than experienced with getting creative:

    • I go to Trim Salon in Adam’s Morgan, and I like them because they seem to strike the hard-to-find balance of being edgy/creative but still high quality. I’ve seen people get bright colors done there. Also they give you beer. A haircut is around $70.

      • Thanks for the suggestions!

      • +1 million. I had great cuts there-they listen. The stylist I most recently went to was named Jane. She’s great.

      • this is where my girlfriend goes and she’s got real short hair they do a good job with. didn’t know it ran $70, but now i know what beauty costs, i guess. i am perpetually jealous she gets bear with her haircut. the place in the basement of 18th and k nw i go to is no where near that cool.

      • +2 for Trim. I have short hair that I am growing out, and Kelly has been amazing at making my hair look not only normal but damn good as it grows. I’ve actually been enjoying the whole process! Also, the colorists are awesome there, and can do some pretty subtle funky bits for you.

        • I went to Trim and I loved it. However, schedule your next appointment as you leave, or otherwise you have to wait two months to see some of the stylists or miss work. That is if you work 9-5/m-f

    • I would add Bang on U St. – Scott is great, he did my short hair platinum/ash with a cool sweep of hot pink, I get tons of compliments. He’s an artist.

      • Oh and a haircut there is $42+, I am not sure what the color charge breakdown is but it usually comes to about $150 if I do the bleach roots + toner + foil pink color and a haircut.

    • Abbey at Parlour Salon is great, she does my semi-weird hair EXACTLY how I like it. I pay $42 since it’s a short cut, but I think it’s normally like $55 or so.

    • no way, you have to go to Immortal Beloved in Logan Circle. pricey, but believe me, it’s sooo worth it. not only because they’re the best, but because it’ll last you longer than other salons’ work.

      • Who do you see at Immortal Beloved? I had been going to Nate and was semi-satisfied, but after the last haircut from him I was so disappointed that I had to get a NEW cut two days later by Fred at Salon180. My hair has been gorgeous ever since!! I highly recommend him.

        • Kelly! he’s the insanely talented owner. I know his rate is high, but I will follow him to the ends of the earth for him to cut my hair. plus, he does such a good job that I only need to get it cut 2x a year if I want.

    • Try Linda Bui at Salon Balayage.

    • Lipstick Beauty Salon in Baltimore. Ask for Gator.

  • Tons and tons of buildings that get mentioned on this blog regularly as blighted or vacant FINALLY got the attention of DCRA, who FINALLY figured out they could be making a lot more money off these people. Many are now being taxed appropriately. Check out this listing:


    • Nice! (Better late than never.)

      • This is sweet. Does anybody know how you might trigger some code enforcement on what is clearly an unsanitary and illegal apartment building being run out of a row house?

        When the inspectors show up they are not let in and the owner tells them they are relatives, which is crap because the people are always different and cycle through frequently. It is a health issue given all the trash and rats etc.

        • Don’t know, but maybe get your councilmember on it, if you haven’t already?

          In my experience, D.C. city agencies are way more responsive when my councilmember contacts them on my behalf than when I contact them directly.

          Not sure if this would apply in your case, given that the inspectors are showing up but being refused entry… but maybe with your councilmember’s involvement, the inspectors might be more insistent about being let in?

    • Where’s that Hiatt Place horse’s ass nominee? Conspicuously absent from the list!

  • Bear

    Rant: Research in South Africa not going very well. A lot of challenges and unanticipated bumps in the road. I feel like I’ve been given a great opportunity and am letting people down. I need to regroup before I move on to field research in Ethiopia and Rwanda.

  • Rant: Thought I got out without any cracks in my apartment, but two opened up this weekend due to another issue so my landlord will have to be tromping through all next week.
    Rave: Three day weekend!

  • Revel: Heading to the island to spend some time on the boat. Glad it’s still floating after Irene.

    Rant: My wife has to work on Monday thus shortening our holiday weekend out of town time for me and the kids.

  • Rant: Sometimes owning a house can frustrate the hell out of you.

    Rave: I own a house.

  • Off to NYC in ten minutes!

  • Rave: Off to NYC in less than 24 hours to see friends I haven’t hung out with in over a year.

    Rave: Trying a new (for me)Italian restaurant past Bowery.

    Rant: What else – ta douleia mou.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Thought of perfect present for my mother’s birthday–a replacement of a figurine she lost years ago.

    Rave: Finding the perfect 1 to purchase will be fun.

    Rave: Long weekend.

    Rant: 4 more hours until long weekend starts.

  • Rant: The inside of my car is a debacle. It needs some serious cleaning/detailing. Is there anywhere affordable/effective in the city limits that I can take it?

  • Rant: Got in trouble at work over something I don’t recall doing. Getting chastised as an adult is so embarassing.

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