PoP Preview: Boundary Stone – Opening Soon in Bloomingdale

Back in Aug. ’11 I was able to get a pre-preview of Boundary Stone coming to 116 Rhode Island Avenue, NW in Bloomingdale.

At the time I could only get a taste of how cool the place was going to look. Now it is confirmed how cool this place looks:

In August we were told that they’d definitely be opening in Autumn – and as you can feel it the air Autumn has arrived. Boundary Stone has received their C of O yesterday and pending a few more final details they could open as early as this Friday or possibly later next week. I’ll be sure to update/tweet an exact date when it is chosen.

Back in August we got a look at the menu but here’s a look at the beer list:

This is one of the bars where your jaw just drops when you enter because of the transformation. For those that live in the area this should take a little sting out of the Shaw’s Tavern debacle. Boundary Stone is a big score for Bloomingdale.

A few more shots of the inside, including an old school juke box, after the jump.

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  • Looks strikingly similar to the interior portion of American Ice Co. Also, $5 Miller Lite makes Baby Jesus cry.

    • +1 on the Miller Lite. Ridiculous, even for a city where everything is overpriced.

      • Did you see the other beer prices? Extremely low.

        Negative people will always find things to complain about though

        • no kidding – not a beer over $6 and people are complaining? With the price of rent in this city (a common theme on this blog) it means that cheap beer is hard to come by.
          The interior of this place looks awesome – can’t wait to try it out.

      • The place looks nice but the beer menu is pretty poor. Enjoy drinking overpriced Stroh’s. Crap beer is the new black in DC nowadays.

        • Are you serious?

        • At first glance I thought this looks pricey but typical (beer at Rustik can be 7 or 8 bucks a glass). But if they are going to be pouring 20ozers this is a phenomenal value. Dogfish Head 90 minute for 6 bucks!? There’s going to be some sloppy patrons…
          Also, Stroh’s is just taking up the Hipster beer of choice mantel. PBR used to have that $3 canned beer slot on lock down at places like this.

          • Agreed that the 90 minute is a good value, but I’d be surprised if they serve that with a 20 oz. pour. It shouldn’t be served in a 20 oz. glass anyway. It’s not so much that the prices are high – they’re really quite reasonable for DC. It’s the fact that no beer menu that has Stroh’s, Busch Light, Heineken, Yuengling, Budweiser, Miller Light and Tecate making up about 1/3 of the selections is anything to rave about. If you serve dross like that, you’d better bring the quality with the rest of your offerings and, despite a few exceptions, they don’t.

          • You must be really fun to hang out with.

            Do you storm out of bars in disgust when classical is played by orchestras other than the Berlin Philharmonic?

          • You must be an interesting guy, what with your anonymity and non-sequiturs. Insightful comment.

      • Miller Lite sucks anyway

    • “Drinking Miller Lite makes Baby Jesus cry.”


    • It only makes Baby Jesus cry if you plan on ordering it. And with that selection of beers, why would you?

      • Exactly — if $5 Miller Lites can subsidize the good beer, I am all for it! (Many DC bars use higher prices on bad beer to keep quality beer affordable.)

    • when there’s $3 stroh’s the only people drinking miller light are gonna be the ones who insist on it… let em pay.

    • In fairness, they have a $4 16 oz Busch and a $3 Stroh’s. It seems like cheap n’ cheerful domestic drinkers are quite well catered to. While I don’t agree with $5 Miller Lite, I feel this is more of an idiot tax on those who blindly order Miller Lite every time, regardless of what else is available.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’ll have to confirm but I believe the drafts are 20 oz pours.

    • first thing i noticed too. $5 miller lite! At least it will be the manliest thing you do that day.

    • Iron Horse in Penn Quarter also intentionally prices miller lite this way. I think it’s a good thing to force those people to sample better beer. You’re not in college anymore.

  • Best wishes to the Boundary Stone team. Here’s hoping they are a great success, many people in the hood are poised to patronize them.

    (Now let’s lobby to get a good Italian restaurant in the other end of the building)

    • here’s one right here! i can’t wait! hoping they have a full bar and not just beer… i’ll leave the $5 miller lite to everyone else

    • I have heard enough bad things about the owners themselves that I will not ever patronize this place despite living a block away. Hope others have a better experience with these guys.

      • Im sorry, what? You cant just throw it out there without something to back up “bad” things. You sound like a rabble rouser, because everyone I know who’ve interacted with them have had nothing but good things to say. I’ve interacted with them a handful of times and they seemed pleasant and professional.

      • claire

        Perhaps you’re thinking of the people behind Shaw’s Tavern and the North Capitol firehouse?

      • Matt – I think you must be confusing these guys with some other folks. The crew behind the Boundary Stone are good people, 100% committed to the neighborhood and doing things the right way. If I were you I’d check your source and make sure you have your information right before making such a crap accusation.

      • Hey Matt,
        You should come by and meet myself Gareth, Matt, and Pete in person I can assure you we are good folk, not sure what bad things you may have heard but I would guess there is some misunderstanding. Come in for a beer sometime maybe we can change your time. Thanks

  • Ha! Looks like you’re showing your age – and me showing mine – calling that an “old school juke box”!

    Looks like an awesome place, though. Worth a short trek to Bloomingdale.

  • claire

    Okay, I’m starting to get my hopes up for this place again . . . opening as early as this Friday?? If so, I’ll definitely be there!

  • big score for the neighborhood! good luck Boundary Stone!

  • Looks fantastic.

    Nitpick… Shame about the Yeungling though – waste of a tap. Put Guinness on tap instead and leave Yeungling in a can.

    • Guinness requires a completely different tap setup. Also, hate to tell you but Guinness and Yeungling outsell the crap out of everything else in the house and have a ridiculous margin compared to other stuff, no matter how much of the crowd is beardos. Just look at it as subsidizing the good stuff.

  • What’s behind the door to the right in the photo from the outside? I know it used to be a small side ally which they built around. Is it an outdoor space? I don’t see any interior photos of it.

  • Why would you even drink Miller Lite? It tastes like stale bread. Drink Bud, save money and rep America you crybaby.

  • Miller Lite people, please….buck up and drink a Strohs for $3 or Busch light 16oz for $4, c’mon son!

    I’m so excited for another option in Bloomingdale and the craft beer selection looks decent. Hopefully those shelves behind the bar will be filled with some good whiskey/bourbon.

  • andy

    This place really looks amazing. I’d come cross town just to take a look at the place regardless of what’s on offer. (It also appears stroller accessible! hahahahaha! But seriously, my baby would cry just strolling up to the place if he knew how much the Miller Lite costs.)

  • all they need is a killer whiskey/beer combo deal and I’ll be sure to stop by both ways every time I bike from c heights to h street

  • If I owned a bar in DC I would put a decent beer list together (like this one) and then at the bottom would be Miller Lite, Bud, and Bud Light – $15. You want the crap? Pay for the crap.


    • Amen. Why do people even notice the price of Miller Lite on this beer list? I think it’s an attempt to out-hipster each other.

  • Thanks for having cider available. Those of us poor souls who can’t have gluten and therefore no longer get to enjoy a beer (sigh) very much appreciate it!

  • Where in the city do you get a draft Miller Lite for less than $5?

  • $5 for a ML is a stretch…for those who need to drink it. My eyes lit up at the $6 90 Minute and the $5.50 Back in Black…easily $1-2 cheaper than most other bars.

  • I Love the look of this bar. Please let me know when it has opened. I love the beer menu.

  • I wish my house looked this cool

  • Just wondering, has there ever been a bar thats opened with a beer list that everyone on PoP can be happy with? If they dont offer obsure beers from an unknown valley in Idaho for 1.50 each, then its not good enough!

    • If you’d read the replies to this post, you’d have noticed that everyone’s (quite valid) beef is with the $5 Miller Lites. Kindly stop projecting.

      • Oh man, look at this projection:

        “Busch even being on a menu is pretty awful…and even for 16 oz. it should never be more than $2. Never.”

        “Nitpick… Shame about the Yeungling though – waste of a tap. Put Guinness on tap instead and leave Yeungling in a can.?”

        “The place looks nice but the beer menu is pretty poor.”

        Yeah, you’re right. I dont know where I got this idea from, mus be the voices projecting things around the cavernous spaces in my head.

        • +1 The beer menu is very reasonable — it caters to a large swath of people. There are cheap beers and good beers. Sometimes, all you want is a Bud, whiskey on the side. Other times, you want a strong IPA bursting with flavor.


    • +1000000
      Thanks for saying it so I didn’t have to. There are tons of beers out there. Unless you’ve got the scratch and the space to go the Brasserie Beck route, where the beer menu is the size of a treatise, choices have to be made. I don’t see any of my favortie beers on this list. But that won’t stop me from going to this place. Maybe I’ll even do something radical like . . .oh, I don’t know . . . try a new beer.

    • The only thing I hate more than PoP commenters is overpriced Miller Lite!

      In seriousness, very excited about Boundary Stone. I see plenty of beers to like on there, for me, and I really don’t mind if someone wants to drink Miller, Stroh’s, or (gasp) Busch. More power to ’em.

    • It’s a fair question and the answer is probably no. Clearly there’s a divide between those who generally like craft beers or artisinal beers, and those who generally want throwback American beers like Stroh’s and Busch. Some people might drink both mass-produced and craft beers, but my experience is that that is more the exception than the rule. Since the two camps seem not to agree (or sometimes even repect each other), there is sniping about this stuff.

      • I drink both. When I’m out and planning on drinking a fair amount, I’ll stick to the crap. Won’t taste it after a while anyway and its easier on the stomach. If I am only having one or two, or I’m having it with food, I tend to drink good beers.

      • i drink both as well.
        most of my friends drink both.

  • What a great name for a bar in DC! Although not super convenient for me, I will check it out at least once for the name alone!

  • Do they also have a wine list? Be great if they carried local Virginia wines…

  • ledroittiger

    What is the deal with Shaw’s anyway? I heard their hearing was going to be on the 14th?

  • I have nothing to add to this conversation except: sploosh.

    Welcome to the neighborhood, guys!

  • Nothing stirs DEBATE AND CONTROVERSY like a beer list.

  • Wow the place looks amazing, the menu looks great, the beer list is solid no matter what you are looking for. These guys have done things they way they should be done. I can’t wait for Boundary Stone!

  • Looks amazing! Love the doors, love the stained glass flag, love that they are putting in an old school jukebox instead of an internet version, beer list looks fine and reasonable to me, overall, a great, cozy neighborhood bar — with a great name to boot! Well done.

  • Will they be serving food or strictly beverages?

  • props to the owners for having the courage to open up in this neighborhood

    • ledroittiger

      ??? I really don’t think they are going to have that hard of a time generating a profit. People are dying for more options. Look at how successful Big Bear and Rustik have both been. Hell, people are even willing to go to Window’s Cafe.

    • HA! You need courage to open up in Columbia Heights where you will be shot or mugged weekly, Bloomingdale is perfect for new businesses, bring um on!

    • Wow RD – you are pretty clueless….

      • actually, i’d say you don’t really know the neighborhood developer.

        it still takes courage to open up a place like this here. don’t underestimate that.

  • I see what appear to be bourbon barrels in the back – maybe they will be aging their own?

  • with 16oz busch for $4 who cares about anything else on the beer list

  • Regardless of the beer this place is my new favorite bar.

    I can drink something other than draughts

  • This place looks fantastic. We live a few blocks away and the neighbors and I have been waiting for the opening for months now. Also, The contrast on how to set up and open an establishment relative to the Shaw Tavern debacle is notable. Great job, guys – look forward to spending some time there soon…

  • Another spot for the neighborhood, it goes without saying, we will support it… let’s talk food, the menu looks incomplete but it seems that they actually thought about its items… thumbs up.

  • Just a ripoff of American Ice Co. and a bad one at that. It looks very cold inside. Very one-note and boring. And worst of all is that it’s overpriced.

    • To each his own I guess, but it sounds like you are in the minority on this one.

    • People like this seem to have a very personal grudge — perhaps this is another entrepreneur, maybe a potential competitor? Smells like professional jealousy.

      • + 100000000

        Robert – you can eat at Chinese Dragon across the street. They have several “notes” and they’re all bad.

    • have a drink! talk to a neighbor on the barstool next to you!

      you’ll forget all about that one-note nonsense.

  • Cant wait for Boundary Stone to open,Best of luck on the opening night and for the future.A Good community deserves good food and good beer. See ye all soon

  • this looks awesome. can’t wait to check it out.

  • Amazed that Pounders of Busch Light are causing such debate and apparent grief to some; but as someone said earlier, to each his own! I suspect that TBS owners will change their Beer and Food menus many times over the coming months and years and I suspect that if only the “help” are drinking any particular beer or eating any particular dish, that this item will not be around for long! Congrats to these guys for giving impromptu tours during construction. Most construction sites are “cold” but the photos above project a warm and hospitable ambience and I suspect that it will be a great place to get a pint of the Black Stuff!

  • Beautiful, beautiful interior and exterior. Beer list looks great. Amazing job ya’ll!

  • $5 yuenglings rub me the wrong way. i like yuengling because it has some flavor and is a little cheaper in the store than other domestics. i hate when it is branded as craft brew rather than what it is- cheap domestic swill.

  • The Boundary Stone guys are a solid crew, definitely committed to the neighborhood. I can’t wait for them to open – a much needed addition in Bloomingdale!
    If you look at prices in the city, they’re right in line. If youre willing to steer clear of a place for a $1 upcharge on a Miller Lite, you’re likely the person who will make the bartender’s life hell and won’t tip anyway.

  • Had High hopes for this place, but the beer menu has dashed those. Clearly this polace doesn’t want to be inclusive to the WHOLE neighborhhod, just the new arrivals with more money than sense. Too bad. Just like the ridiculously overpriced Ristik, I won’t be going.

  • Excited that this will be opening–if Rustik is any indication, the neighborhood will embrace it, and it will be packed from the get go. But the barn siding looks terrible! Sad that they made such a miss on what could have been a huge improvement in our budding commercial corridor.

  • i’m thrilled! welcome to the neighborhood. my only hope is that you stock george dickel. i would like a dickel with a beer back and deviled eggs please xoxo

  • Finally, Rustic will have to stop price gouging their beers. Yay for competition!

    Also, please oh please let them have a 1 Strohs/1 Whiskey combo shot for $5.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood, Boundary Stone! No, wait, you live here, don’t you?!
    Looks fabulous!! Who cares about the beer list – can’t wait to enjoy some adult beverages with all of the neighbors.

  • I think the beer list is great. If you like beer, there should be something (or several things) on the list you’ll like. I really don’t understand the bitching about this…

    ; )

  • Wow, tough crowd. I for one am pumped about this place. See you on opening night, guys.

  • I am very excited for this. It looks like a great place to me. Go Bloomingdale!

  • This place was well planned, well executed and will be well received – even by naysayers, in the end. Can’t wait to be a regular!

    Now the last major hurdle is outdoor seating!! Ya know how Ulah Bistro has that side space in front of Suntrust Bank? I wonder if they can extend their outdoor seating along the entire Sylvan storefronts???

    #DCRA – are you there? 😉

  • i hear they will be open this evening.

  • They looked like they were open for biz last night … though the FB notes that it will be open to the public tomorrow, Sept. 28th

  • they be open now.

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