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  • Certainly looks more wholesome than the Caribbean Fest on Georgia.

  • but traffic and parking…what a pain.

  • Trash everywhere. People pissing in the streets. Thank goodness I don’t live in this neighborhood.

    • All swept and power washed away this morning. Bright and sparkley clean.
      The parade was a blast. The costumes were out of this world and the little kids could not have been more adorable.

      • pablo .raw

        And weather was not as bad as last year for dancers with heavy costumes! (or for dancers with almost no costume 😀 )

      • Not exactly. They didn’t put out a single trash can during the festival so there was grime from all manner of food, drink and bodily food all over the street last night. A street cleaner truck made several passes last night but this morning there was still a lot of trash and the smell was putrid.

        • bodily food! man that’s a terrible mental image.

        • I saw several men emptying trashcans along Irving & Park Rd around 3pm, so that’s just not true.

          There was a weird smell on MtP Street this morning, but nothing worse than usual after a humid day.

          I thought they cleaned up much better than in previous years! Mt P St has become a dump lately. Anyone know if you can get trashbags & other supplies from the city if you organize a cleanup? Or does someone need to sponsor our main street?

    • Agreed. Thank goodness you don’t live in this neighborhood.

  • Drove back from Philly last night and the Eagles’ post-tailgate parking lot looked better than Mt. Pleasant Street.

  • i guess some people always find the downside of a really fun day.

    it was a really fun parade with lots of great people.

    (oh, also on the plus side … no shooting).

  • tonyr

    3rd photo – Lionel Messi showed up. Wow!

  • I live in the neighborhood and had to drive to work that day, which was a nightmare. If the event had been better published I could have made different plans. In any case I obviously didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the fun but when I made it home the streets were PLASTERED with trash. It looked a lot better the next day but as of sept 30th I think it still stinks a bit despite the rain we have had.

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