New Shoe/Sneaker Store Opens on Georgia Avenue – FQotD: What Other Non Restaurant/Bar Retail Would You Like to See in Your Neighborhoods?

A reader writes: “Look what opened on GA Ave in near LGL… Sneaker store!”

CityBeats just opened up on Saturday at 3551 Georgia Ave, NW (at the corner of Georgia and Otis St, NW.)  I stopped in on Thursday and the owner was super nice.  Like the reader who sent in the tip – I was genuinely excited about this place.  So given the recent talks we’ve had on liquor license moratoriums (though I’m not necessarily saying they are a good idea) and given the excitement many had when we learned about a new hardware store coming soon – for the Friday Question of the Day – I’m curious what other non bar/restaurant retail you’d like to see in your neighborhoods?

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  • gotryit

    Movie theater! With beer!

    • I’d rather travel to Gallery Place than have 100s of teenagers hanging around looking for trouble in my neighborhood

      • get over yourself. its their neighborhood too.

        • Which makes their trouble seeking behavior SO much more acceptable…

        • ok, no. don’t tell them to “get over yourself.” this can be said ANYWHERE. the fucking suburbs. it isn’t ridiculous to think that near a place like a movie theater, there will be teenagers hanging out in huge groups, and that some of them will be drunk, and some of them will be obnoxious, and some of them will block the sidewalk, some of them will be loud, etc. I lived near a movie theater in Boston. the teenagers were fucking annoying.

    • My dream is to open a beer-serving movie theater in Petworth. Preferably in the old theater space across from LGL where that odd-sounding Fishermen church is currently located. If only I had the capital or the know-how. :/

  • I’d like a music store… a place with a good mix of interesting vintage guitars and cheaper models, plus keyboards, horns, etc. It’s too much effort to schlep out to Atomic for strings, and their guitar selection is pretty uninspiring.

    Otherwise… I can dream about a used bookstore, but I don’t imagine that’s a business model that works anymore.

  • For H Street, a record store/coffee shop. There’d be a front cafe and back browsing section, with plenty of old turntables for listening to finds. Open late, encouraging lackadaisical sipping and listening, with regular talks on historic recordings in cooperation with the Library of Congress.

    Maybe that is a bit too specific for a wish list. Or maybe I just need to open it myself.

  • Childrens consignment clothing store like Monkey’s Uncle at Eastern Market.

  • starbucks in Mt Pleasant

  • Gelato and/or Pho (but not mixed together.)

  • I’ve thought seriously at times about selling my house and opening a froyo/gelato+coffeeshop/bakery in my neighborhood of Bloomingdale… it’s good to dream.

    • andy

      Shopkeeper: Take this object, but beware it carries a terrible curse!
      Homer: Ooh, that’s bad.
      Shopkeeper: But it comes with a free frogurt!
      Homer: That’s good.
      Shopkeeper: The frogurt is also cursed.
      Homer: That’s bad.
      Shopkeeper: But you get your choice of toppings.
      Homer: That’s good!
      Shopkeeper: The toppings contain potassium benzoate.
      Shopkeeper: …That’s bad.
      Homer: Can I go now?

  • It’d be nice to have some fun affordable women’s clothing stores. I’m tired of having to schlep to Pentagon City or Georgetown just to end up in big chain stores or super expensive boutiques.

    • What neighborhood do you live in? I would love to open a store in Petworth/Parkview/Columbia Heights area…. I already co-own one in another part of the country but high rental rates are scaring the sh$% out of me. Also, thought about a combination vintage/new store…

      The rental rates combined with being unsure of how much of a market there really is for something like this… is holding me back.

      • I live in Petworth, not too far from the metro. I’m not a big vintage person, and a couple of vintage stores just opened on 14th that I haven’t even visited yet. But a store with new clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg would definitely get my business. I hear you on the rent costs though…

        • That is basically the model for my other store…. We don’t actually do vintage there just new and the prices are affordable. If I had anything at all vintage it would just be maybe 1 rack of stuff I thought was interesting…

          Thanks for the feedback!

        • Me too! It would be nice to be able to find a store with moderate prices near home. I live in Petworth, about 10 blocks from the metro.

        • +1 I would absolutely be a regular at a store like this. yes please!!

      • binpetworth

        Would love to see a clothing store of this type in Petworth! I also don’t buy vintage but hate having to schlep halfway across town to Filene’s to find affordable, workplace-friendly attire.

    • For women’s clothes I would love to see a “try on” store for catalog/online stores. Bring in a different store every month – Title Nine, Athleta, J.Jill, Land’s End, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Boden etc.

      Even when these places have a brick & mortar store in the area, they rarely have all the sizes in all the styles, particularly for pants, jackets – things that really need to fit well. And we all hate paying $10.00 shipping and handling for things that don’t fit right.

      The store doesn’t have to stock merchandise for sale, just bring in samples of each piece in sizes 0-16. Shoppers go in, try on, like it and order it (right there if they want) online.

      A store like this would bring in shoppers much more often as the merchandise changes (benefit to the neighborhood,) eliminate investment costs to the store owner for stock and increase sales for the online retailer.

  • let’s just get it over with and put a movie theater and urban outfitters in columbia heights.

  • If I could get more options in Sunday venues in which to worship Jesus with people from Maryland in my area, I’d be so happy.

  • I think your best bet would be on a block that has decent foot traffic and already has shops catering to the same demographic that might be interested in your store…Upshur between 8th and Georgia has Domku and two funky vintage/antique home furnishings stores, which seem like complementary businesses, in terms of their clientele…

    • Yep! That is definitely one of the areas I have looked at… but even rent there is upwards of 2000 a month with not a huge amount of foot traffic.

      • have you looked at H Street? it might be a little tougher to get going, but you’d be at the front of the market there and perhaps be able to lock in affordable rent for a few years. I live a bit north of the area, but would definitely travel that direction for decent, interesting clothes!!

        You could probably draw a lot of young hill-dwellers, also.

        • I do find H Street compelling but… honestly.. I live in Petworth and would like to work in my neighborhood or at least within walking/short bus ride distance. Getting to H street everyday would just be an added stress!

          I do appreciate everyone’s feedback… definitely helps to figure out if there really is a market for what I want to do.

  • more subways please!!

  • clothes! interesting, work-appropriate that doesn’t come from a national chain. nothing against them, i just get tired of having the same five jumpers as everyone else in Farragut Square and would love something more unique. maybe on H Street? or in shaw? or even eckington!

    Also, art supply store and/or stationer, kitchen supply store (preferablly restaurant supply — there are enough in this town and the prices are usually so much better. where do restaurants buy their equipment around here, anyway?), shoe store(s) (again, not a national chain), a produce market, a neighborhood hardware (not home depot, but you’d probably have to compete with them, sadly), a flower shop, bath products (locally made?), did I mention clothes and shoes?… I could go on, but will call it quits for now.

    • “interesting, work-appropriate that doesn’t come from a national chain” – absolutely! That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

      Work and casual clothes, but something more interesting and unique than all the same tired Ann Taylor/Banana Republic clothes that everyone has (I suspect because there’s nowhere else to shop in DC).

      I’ve got to argue for Petworth/Columbia Heights area though, and maybe Shaw – H street is not worth going to from where I live, and even Eckington – make it metro accessible if you want foot traffic.

      • Totally agreed on the foot traffic, eckington is mostly a pipedream. (oh, but what a great addition it would be!).

        I do think H street could be pulled off, though. That amazing one-story bubble-building (all the rounded windows!) would be so great for a small boutique… And that street seriously needs to diversify its business…

      • Would Upshur street be too far from metro for you?

        • This would be my dream location for that kind of shopping! Maybe you could combine the concept with some kind of high-margin beverage/food/dessert that would help support the business but also draw a broader audience from the area? Maybe a smoothie bar to fill the Beverage Mania gap? My preference would be for cocktails and cool clothes, with good music playing and a generally fun vibe, but I imagine that would be harder in terms of licensing.

          • Ha! That is basically what we do in my current store. There you are allowed to give customers cocktails as long as you don’t charge for them. You can also get a special permit for events(where you can charge for alcohol) so we do that quite often.

            I am sure it is more difficult to do that here but definitely worth looking into based on the posts today.

          • Sounds awesome! How soon could you open? I really need some new pieces for fall! 😉

        • Nope – Upshur is just a few blocks from me. I’m a big fan of Domku but rarely have a reason to walk up there other than that. Would love to see that become a multi-useful retail strip instead a one-off restaurant location.

  • I was thinking of like a fun little coffee shop that also has a restaurant/speakeasy concept that also sells craft beers, gourmet sandwiches, cupcakes, and pho, but with dim sum brunch on the weekend. In the back there will be a record store that also sells vintage clothing, jewelry, artisanal gelato, used books and sustainable gifts like wheat grass, loose leaf teas, hemp, and hand-knitted throw pillows. Of course there will be a biergarten out back. Oh and it should be open 24 hours and have free Wifi.

  • Whatever happened to that lingerie store next to Red Snapper ??

  • For Petworth, would definitely love to see any type of women’s clothing, but that probably won’t happen for a while. More retail in general would be awesome.

    I’d also love it if Petworth had like a good bakery or deli.

  • I would love a bookstore in Columbia Heights or near U St.

    • Or Mt. Pleasant. You look at Mt. Pleasant, and it just looks like exactly the kind of neighborhood that should have its own bookstore. (Maybe when the temporary library moves out?)

  • I’m excited for Annie’s Ace Hardware:

    Would love if we got a Used/Vintage furniture store like Miss Pixie, but along Georgia or somewhere Petworth-walkable

  • How about a quality wine and cheese shop?

  • How about a real butcher shop?

  • would love something like a Lettie Gooch clothing store on GA avenue. Love that place. Also, a used book store (love the one on Cap Hill even though its total chaos on the inside) and a nice wine store like D’vines.

  • oh and I second the Butcher Shop idea!

  • Rent Em Spoons.

    We’ll serve soup for free. And Rent em spoons!

  • Home brew supply store, indoor bouncy house party/play place, yoga studio, pilates studio, gym with outdoor pool, comedy club, toy store, women’s boutiques, coffee shops that open earlier than Qualia, Halloween costume shop, more Vietnamese pho places.

  • I’d love love to have a gym in Mt P. Although close, I really dislike Washington Sports Club.

  • I’d like a low-priced salon in Southwest, near the Waterfront metro. Like a hair cuttery or great clips, that also does manicure/pedicures and waxing. There’s a lot of office workers there during the day and residents on evenings and weekends!

    More practically, I think a place like that would be MOBBED if it located in Columbia Heights….if I had $100k to invest I’d do it in a flash. I like the Hair Cuttery in Dupont but I’m not normally in that neighbood.

    oh, also a Logan Hardware/Frager’s kind of store in SW!

  • Comfort One Shoes.

  • What about a Secondi like consignment clothing store? I’ve been shopping there for 10 years.

  • God bless that awning.

  • For womens clothing, there is Nana on Mt Pleseant St.

  • I think this store is good for the neighborhood

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