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  • Nice, even if the Einstein image and botched quote are reminiscent of Mr. Brainwash.

  • i understand that mural artists all think of each other like a family and want to be very supportive of each other. but they need a sharper eye for aesthetics. i don’t know how that will happen, especially given that this imagery is reminiscent of a style that hasn’t left of us for decades. but they all look at each and think how awesome they are.

    • Yeah, I recognize the signature work of the arthritic hand muralist right off the bat.

      • Those figures on the right don’t strike me as disconcerting in a measured, skillful way — they don’t really work. I’m kind of tired of seeing that particular artist’s style around town. It’s just another one of those “urban angst” memes that isn’t particularly well drawn. But I’m only partially hating on it because I’d much rather see a mural I don’t care for than no mural at all.

  • love it. The sleeping bear is hilarious.

  • This crap cannot go out of style soon enough.

  • And calling that area Truxton Circle is a bit ridiculous. Might as well go all the way and call it Maryland, if you’re gonna call it something that it isn’t, and that you think will raise property values.

      • what he said. Nobody called it Truxton Circle before maybe 10 years ago.

        • things should always remain as they are.

        • Thats a ridiculous argument. No one called this city Washington DC until 230 years ago… the world is several billion years old (or at least a few thousand, according to Michele Bachmann)

          Names change and are created. Its what happened once people learned how to designate things with words.

          • Um, I forgive you if you’ve never visited the neighborhood or looked at it on a map, but the point that I think some people are trying to make here is that THERE IS NO TRAFFIC CIRCLE IN TRUXTON “CIRCLE”!!!

            I think I just came up with the solution, actually. Henceforth it will be referred to as Truxton “Circle.” See, now everybody can be happy.

    • Yes it is always wrong to use a new name. The one I can’t stand is “shaw.” I mean, what BS!! Noone called it shaw before they called it shaw. What is wrong with people! And don’t even get me started on “District of Columbia!!!”

      • And the Truxton name controversy continues. I think it’s inappropriate to call it a “circle”. Might as well call it Truxton Isthmus. Truxton is ok. Shaw is ok. Maybe “Shaw East” is more precise and understandable.

        That said, I personally would like to continue my gentle push for “Unicorn Heights” as the new name of this rhombus we live in.

  • does this mean decoy is going to stop tagging on the streets?

    • one can hope. tagging is infantile and stupid. it only reminds me of when kids learn to write their name and they write it all over their bedroom and house. it’s narcissistic and most of the people doing it are self-obsessed hacks.

  • Re: Truxton Circle, there was a good article in the City Paper a few years ago that said the name was revived by real estate speculators to make the area sound more appealing, but that the circle (and previous use of the name) had been gone so long that even long-time residents were unaware of it. Call it whatever you wish, but itseems a big disingenuous to me.

  • I like the murals

  • PoP readers are nerds

  • Decoy is one of the most prolific artists in DC, brings art to the lives of the young kids in the city and is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Know your people.

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