New Dry Cleaners Coming to Mt. Pleasant Street

Thanks to all for sending emails about the new Dry Cleaners coming to the old Streetscape Office on Mt. Pleasant Street next to Samber Market.

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  • Is the new Dry Cleaners next to the new Potbelly’s?

  • Although I’m really happy to see something go into this vacant storefront – why, oh why, another dry cleaners? There’s one not even a block away! Considering the popularity of Radius, Tonic, Flying Fish and others, you’d think that some other new businesses that we are lacking would take interest in the neighborhood. We already have 2 dry cleaners, 3 laundromats, 5 beauty salons, and countless little markets offering the same junk. Where’s the health food store, the art gallery/framer, the pet shop, the wine bar?

    Now, let loose the wrath of the commentariat.

    • No wrath here, but I’ll answer your question. The owner of this space is not local (CA, if I recall) and she had zero interest in contributing anything towards a buildout. But the space was an empty, rotting shell, with a mold problem, a crappy heating and a/c setup, prison-grade bathroom and flooring that should have been replaced decades ago. The storage closet had a piece of plywood over a dirt floor.

      In short, you had to be willing to pay out of your pocket to bring her space up to date (hell, up to code). If you weren’t willing to take it as is, she wasn’t interested.

      Also, the listing agent is an idiot. I’ve seen greater enthusiasm from the slugs in my front yard.

      Mt P Street owners are stubborn: they’d rather sit vacant than do anything to get the types of businesses you mentioned started. This one found a sucker after letting it sit empty for over 9 months.

      Now, wanna take a guess at how long the corner store next to Bestway stays vacant? (It’s owned by Bestway’s owner.)

      • Thanks for the info, MtP. I’ve heard of other new businesses having trouble negotiating leases with owners. One shining example is the owner of Tryst/Diner, who wanted to open his new restaurant in what is now the McCormick Paint store. Imagine how great that would have been! Now we have a paint store that serves contractors more than the community, except for the few day laborers who hang about there who might get a job here and there.

        Also, I hear ya re: the listing agent. She’s not very ambitious with her listings.

        As for Bestway – oye! I don’t know how they pass any health inspections. But they have steady business so I doubt they are going away anytime soon.

        Maybe something good will fill the renovated interim library space once it moves back into its permanent space.

      • We looked into the space as well, and could honestly never get any answers from the real estate agent listing it. We even suspect they did not present our offer to the owner, despite the fact that we were willing to do our own build out.

    • there was a health food store not that long ago. i don’t know why it shut down.

  • Well, at least it’s not another laundromat. Dry Cleaners > Laundromat?

  • There is also a dry cleaners coming to the renovated space just south of Qualia Coffee, on Georgia Ave. I checked the permits in the window yesterday.

  • I second that. I can’t imagine it’ll last long in such a saturated market.

  • We desperately need another restaurant or at least a place for lunch/sandwiches. Maybe a little competition will cause Dos Gringoes to get their act together. I’d also like another bar, but I may be in the minority on that one.

  • i don’t live in mount pleasant, so ya’lls day to days wants and needs are beyond me. but am i the only one that thinks the strip of mount pleasant street is one of the best strips in the city, just as it is?

    it’s so cool.

  • Mt Pleasant is a great place! But when you live here and you constantly have to leave to do your shopping, meet up with friends or have a special date night, it gets a little frustrating. Afterall, unlike “new” neighborhoods like Mt. Vernon Triangle or Noma, the infrastructure and commerce is already here, so is the demand – we are just missing some long-awaited diversity in the businesses.

  • BO-ring! Definitely would prefer a nice sit-down restaurant. Are people in Mt. Pleasant constantly doing laundry and getting their clothes cleaned? Why so many of the same mundane shops on what could be a great commercial strip?

    • “Why so many of the same mundane shops on what could be a great commercial strip?”

      Expensive or stagnant real estate and many would-be business owners not wanting to do battle w/the ANC and the exasperating, entrenched NIMBY element have a lot to do w/it. I’ve been in Mt. P for 13 years and its only getting worse in these regards.

  • Gotta say it is not what I would have wished for in the location but hopefully they will do a better job that the other dry cleaners. Both Lamont and Mt. P. Cleaners have torn my clothes or lost things so I take my cleaning out of the neighborhood. My friends and neighbors do as well for the same reason. A little bit of customer service goes a long way.

    Mt. P. Street is the way it is because of rampant nimbyism and that has not abated. The people who own on 17th Street and the blocks immediately perpendicular fight every new idea tooth and nail. Mt.P. needs to look at only itself for the state of Mount Pleasant Street. Laurie Collins has been gone for a long while now but she had many supporters and they are still there carrying on the mantra.

  • Monroe Street Resident, please re-read MtP’s comment. It wasn’t neighbors blocking Tryst from opening at the now paint store. It was the real estate owners looking for a sure bet. And I’ve heard this from other interested in opening small businesses. The listing agent won’t talk to them and won’t present offers to the owners.

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