New Dry Cleaners Coming to 3903 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about this space. Back in Feb. ’11 it looked like Mother Virginia Flowers would be moving into this space (a few storefronts down from Qualia Coffee) but apparently that fell through because new permits and the new owner confirm that a dry cleaners is now moving into the space.

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  • This makes me happy.

  • This is creepy…just yesterday as I was stepping off the Georgia Ave metro to come home I thought to myself “man, I wish there was a good dry cleaner near the metro”….and now your post!

  • Isn’t there a dry-cleaning place in the section of storefronts across the street from the forthcoming Chez Billy? Or somewhere near there, on the west side of Georgia Avenue?

    Don’t know if it’s any good, though…

    • The one I was remembering having seen is a little bit north of there — J’s Petworth Cleaners, at 3934 Georgia Avenue.

  • I feel like someone on PoP was recommending a dry-cleaning place in the general Petworth area not too long ago… might it have been that existing one on Georgia Avenue? Or maybe one further north somewhere on Upshur?

    I was trying to locate the post on Google, but my Google-fu seems to be failing me.

    • The one on Upshur is called Kilroy’s. I wanted to like the place, and I used it for months, but I eventually started using a place in Columbia Heights, even though it is a 15-minute walk (Kilroy’s is about 5 minutes away from home). If the new place is decent, they will now get my business.

      • What didn’t you like about the one on Upshur? I like that place.

        • bfinpetworth

          I tried Kilroy’s and had to stop. My clothes that I took there that are washed rather than dry cleaned came out with a sour smell. Yuk. I currently go to Columbia Heights and am thrilled to see this news!

  • Yeah, I love Kilroy’s on Upshur. They do a great job and are AMAZING at getting out stains! I had a silk tie which I spilled a drink all over and by describing what was in the drink the guy at Kilroy’s said “No problem” and within a day it looked brand new.

  • French’s Cleaners, on the West side of 14th near Quincy, is excellent. Good family, great service. Will try to keep giving them business . . . but it is tough to pass up a cleaners on the way to and from the Metro.

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