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  • i’m pleased they put in a 4 way stop there.

    the building looks pretty plain, but it’s okay by me.

    • My friends and I all complained long enough to get the 4 way stop put in! The 100s of kids going to school every day are pretty pleased too.

  • Should make a fine home for members of the Borg collective!

  • So happy about the 4-way stop. Walking the dogs through that intersection is about a million times better without 40 mph SUVs.

    The bays on the building were white when they initially installed them – shame that they painted them brown. Makes the whole building look a lot more drab than the white. There are decks and spiral stair cases on the back side of the building though. And a huge patio.

  • That brown color they picked is pretty nasty. As are the two shingled canopies over the door. I feel like they really did a good job, but ultimately fell flat on details.
    Big props to the four way stop though. It has made a huge difference.

    • Agreed.

      The colors, the canopies, and the bays make it look like something from the late 1970s.

      Would’ve looked much better if they’d faced it with a brighter-color brick, or if they’d painted it.

  • So. Much. Brown.
    ugh! It looks like the worst kind of public housing building from the early 70s.

  • The architect must have been drinking when he/she conceived this. It is suffering from severe FAS.
    If you are going to use traditional materials and intimate traditional architecture – go all the way. Otherwise be creative and use traditional materials in a new way.

    • in defense of my profession…. I doubt an architect had a lot do do with this pile of brown brick.

  • When people are more impressed with the stop sign in front of your new building than the actual new build…it’s safe to say you’re doing something wrong.

    • the stop sign actually improves my life as both a pedestrian and a driver.
      this building will improve the neighborhood a bit, increase property values a bit, but a new residential space is not that relevant. it it was a bar or an apple store, our reactions would be very different.

    • austindc

      It’s kind of like when you give a kid a toy and then they play with the box for hours.

      That being said, have you seen that stop sign?! Friggin unbelievable! Seriously, top shelf stop sign. They got the octagon perfect, and the red is sexy yet practical. I mean, this is a stop sign that you could take home to your parents, but you shouldn’t because that would cause an unsafe situation at the intersection.

    • HAHA! Well said.

  • But doesn’t this city ever put up a warning sign indicating a change in traffic patterns??? Perfect and sexy as it is, the new stop sign caught me off guard.

  • I pass by everyday, it looks cheap and uggly, such a waste, the color, the canopies, the stairs…ugh

  • Worst. Build. Ever.

    Wow – I was a little concerned when I saw that they had paved over nearly every square inch of Green space but the the color scheme/material selection really makes me sad. People don’t realize that you can make something look amazing for the same if not a cheaper price.

    Not sure what you could do with this building to save it at this point since painting brick is not a smart option ultimately…

  • For some reason I’m craving a ‘Chunky’ chocolate bar…

  • Just moved into the T.C. area. If not for someone telling me this was a new build, I would have thought it was a late 70s/early 80s complex built with leftover Dunbar H.S. brick. Color Splash fail. Perhaps the builder chose cheaper or eco friendly material?

  • looks better than the old trash strewn lot. Colors and awnings can always be changed … granted, it is quite brown and plain; however, the alternative of nothing there is much worse.

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