New Brunch Options Open on U Street this Weekend

Lost Society – located at 14th and U St, NW

From a press release:

“Boutique steakhouse Lost Society opens for Brunch this Sunday featuring mouth-watering platters like Banana French Toast, Roasted Pork with Fried Eggs and Hanger Steak with Hash Browns. Dive in to Executive Chef Joseph Evans’ favorite menu items, such as the delicious Southern Chicken Fried Steak, a tender 4-ounce filet served with peppered crème gravy or the Chicken & Waffles platter. Seafood lovers will achieve culinary bliss with the Oyster Po Boy sandwich made with local Virginia oysters. Carb-conscious patrons can order the medium-sized Rappahanock River oysters, served crisp with a light briny edge.

Lost Society elevates American food to high-brow gourmet cuisine and the new brunch menu will follow that trend. The signature filet mignon will carry through the brunch menu, however Sunday’s filet will feature a side of hash browns. The dish is garnished with compound butter and served with a side of hash.

Located in the heart of the historic U Street corridor, the restaurant is a cornerstone for glitterati and Capitalites. This summer both Sean Penn and Tara Reid were spotted at the boutique steakhouse just months after the opening, giving the restaurant the celebrity stamp of approval. Lost Society hosts many Washingtonian shakers and movers.”

See brunch menu here: Lost Society Brunch Menu

El Centro located at 1819 14th St, NW

From an email:

“Bottomless Brunch & Year Round Rooftop at El Centro



Enjoy Unlimited Brunch Tacos &
Mexican Small Plates

Washed down with and endless selection of
Michilada, Bloody Marias and Seasonal
Agua Frescas Cocktail”

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  • If the El Centro brunch is as good as the Masa 14 brunch it should be good.

  • Masa 14 has been really downhill lately. The last 3 times I went (2 for dinner, 1 for brunch), I was disappointed. Haven’t had brunch at List Society, but dinner there was so-so.

    • Everytime I’ve ever been to Masa 14 I’ve been blown away. My experience at Lost Society was also excellent, so I don’t really agree, but to each his own.

  • Really? Tara Reid name dropping? Laaaaaaaaame!

  • Great, Lost Society adds one more thing to the list of stuff it is mediocre at. Steak place, packed martini bar, sports bar, and now, brunch place!

  • I was really impressed with brunch at El Centro. Been there for dinner and found it too loud/frantic, but the weekend brunch in the downstairs bat cave was great. All the convenience of a buffet brunch, but with much better food. And when they say all you care to eat/drink, they really mean it; they were plying my dining companion and I with food and drink until we were ready to burst. I wouldn’t do a $35 brunch every weekend, but when you’re hankering for good mexican it’s a great deal.

  • Love El Centro and Masa’s brunch so can’t wait to try this.
    Tara Reid is not really a celebrity I’d want to endorse my business but whatever. Also I always thought it was movers and shakers not shakers and movers.

  • name dropping on the release? makes me feel not worthy of going there.

  • Glitterati???

  • Ugh, Lost Society is the worst! The worst!

  • Good for them, if it keeps the high-brow Capitalite glitterati out of all the other restaurants I like.

  • Ug, Lost Society. Why mention the hash browns twice in the filet mignon paragraph? Why reverse the usual order of “movers and shakers”? Why act like Tara Reid is a selling point? WHY?

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