Nash’s Sports Closing in the Tivoli, Still Waiting on Z Burger

A quick chat with the cashier yesterday told me that they’ll be closing in the next “couple of weeks”. It’ll be very interesting to see who comes in to the fill space. Nash’s is located at 3339 14th St NW.

I’m still waiting for Z Burger…

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  • I think a Payless Shoes would probably be the most appropriate thing for that god awful stretch of humanity.

  • You’re a god awful stretch of humanity.

    • +1 and there’s already a payless at DCUSA. i’ll have to swing by nash’s for some discount deals (hopefully the leather redskins jackets with the superbowl patches are down somewhere reasonable). this was just a matter of time given modell’s. another bar would make sense, but it would be great to get more daytime traffic with a dentist or doctor or barbershop or something.

  • andy

    I am not sure why businesses fail to thrive there.

    • I would guess the low profile store front hurts, the deep bays always make those spaces look dark to me. it’s hard to quickly park and run into that location if you are driving. in fact I avoid the whole area when driving. It’s funny but I think of that particular block as more “out of the way” than one block south. stupid but true.

    • Wasn’t there supposed to be a large (state of the art) movie theater in the building with Best Buy? I do recall that was announced as part of the plan long ago. If this area had better street parking and traffic control things would be much better, but right now its all a mess because no-one can park there and there’s a lot of delinquents hanging around.

  • A haircut shop would be awesome. That’s the only thing missing from that little commerce area for me… it’s got my gym, my grocery, my bakery, my bar, my restaurants, my shoes, my pharmacy… but man, to get a hair cut i have to go to dupont!

    • there is a hair salon in the building at ground floor retail level. i forget what it is called. there is also already a dentist in the building.

  • I gotta say this for Nash’s — for a LONG time they were the only place to get actual sports equipment and they always had the stuff I needed. Adult-sized mouthguard, soccer socks, etc.

    Their prices weren’t the greatest but they filled a need. I’ll be sad to see them go.

  • Alero and Ruby Tuesday seem like they are doing ok but this spot and the spot with the ticket counter always seem like the going out of business spots.

  • There’s no deals. The signs outside say “up to 50% off” but inside everything is pretty much marked 20% off.

  • I lived there for 6 months and never noticed it, must really be the low profile storefront. It’s a real shame since I’d rather shop at a real sports store rather than one that has a whole wall of flat brimmed caps and gaudy logo’d jackets!

  • I predict Z Burger will Open in late November. Their second store took the good part of a year to build out – and its very small.

  • I wasn’t impressed the few times I’ve stopped at Nash’s. I thought they had poor customer service (didn’t acknowledge me or offer to help, very short in conversation) and didn’t have my size (small or medium). They didn’t carry running shoes when i needed them and only had pink gloves for lifting.

  • I’m still waiting for a Sweetgreen up here – maybe it could move into the Nash’s space. Now that we’ll have Z Burger and Five Guys, a salad option is even more necessary.

    • yes! My coworkers and I were just talking about this. We work right around 14th and Columbia, and would love to have a healthier lunch option. You can get salads at Potbelly (all taste the same), Pete’s (not bad, but no customization and doesn’t really change), or Sticky Fingers (vegan, which is not for everyone). We’re lucky that there are so many choices nearby (those mentioned, plus 5 guys, Panda, DD,
      Chipotle, pho, etc) and a salad/healthyish place would really fill in the gaps.

  • This was one of the first tenants in the “new” Columbia Heights, when just having a light on anywhere on that stretch of 14th Street north of the Metro felt like an accomplishment for the ages (personally, I’ll never forget the night I drove up 14th and first saw the lights on the facade of the Tivoli … magical).

    I hate to read this, even if I agree that Nash’s wasn’t particularly a cost-competitive option. Nash’s took a chance to seed that area, along with a handful of other businesses now mostly forgotten. Instead of a first-mover advantage, they got the pleasure of being put in direct competition with Modell’s and the Target sporting goods section once a ton of people moved to the area. I know that’s how it works, but thanks for stepping up at the beginning and hanging in there for a couple of years.

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