MPD Reports Major Graffiti Arrests

From MPD:

“On Thursday and Friday, September 8th and 9th, members of the Fifth District’s Vice Office made four arrests, and a fifth arrest was made by members of the Fourth District on a Fifth District warrant of members associated with the “KGB Crew”. The KGB Crew, “Krazy Graf Brothers” is a group of people we believe are responsible for “tagging” buildings, warehouses, shops and businesses, railroad tunnels, and even schools and houses of worship throughout the Fifth District and the city with their graffiti.

The 5D Vice Unit of undercover officers also served three search warrants on locations related to this investigation, and these led to the recovery of one handgun, drugs and drug paraphernalia, and of course, dozens of cans of aerosol spray paint.

Among other “tags”, we believe the KGB Crew is responsible for such tags as “Che”, “Aera”, “KAE”, “Huf”, “Gator” and the related “G8R”, and other tags and graffiti. No doubt, many of you have seen these tags across the Fifth District community.

As we move forward with prosecution, we want to get the community involved with putting an end to this.

With the assistance of DPW’s Graffiti Abatement Team, we ask that if anyone sees graffiti anywhere in the city, please call the Graffiti Abatement Team at 202-645-5392, and ask for their assistance with cleaning up the graffiti. You can also access information about DPW’s Litter and Graffiti Prevention program, which began in 2008, through their website at As the website states, “Graffiti tarnishes the appearance of our neighborhoods. Gang-related graffiti threatens violence or identify turf boundaries.”

In late July MPD also reported the arrest of: MAR5, this subject is a leader and founding member of the KGB graffiti crew”.

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  • Man, Che is all the way up in NW too.

    Glad DPW has a Graffiti Abatement Team. Especially when the g thugs mess up road signs that are actually important for motor vehicle navigation.

    If Mr. Gray would only do something real about all the graffiti between Fort Totten and Union Station on the Red Line, then he’d be getting on it for real. The clean up request has been in for years. Any odds?

    • why the hell would they clean up graffiti on the train line? it’s not hurting anyone. it’s not knocking property values. it makes that boring ass ride a little more interesting.

  • As long as its a BORF style tag, I don’t mind. Apparently, “Chungo” has yet to be caught, I guess.

  • can we get a commensurately appropriate email from MPD when the prosecution falls apart?

  • I really don’t know why this is so difficult? Why do we pay people to go clean this crap up when we have a jail full of these vandals. Take them out in crews, give them a toothbrush and some soapy water and let them clean the city they see to think so poorly of that they piss all over it with their childlike scribbles.

    I’m no behaviorial psychologist but I would imagine a few months of 8 hour days scrubbing buildings with a toothbrush might make someone think twice about doing it again.

    • Absolutely +1. Why can’t we put all the thugs to work scrubbing away graffiti and picking up trash?

      This is basically a rhetorical question, but cue the constitutional attorneys and “cruel and unusual” folks…

    • I’m on board. Slap an ankle bracelet on ’em and let them really pay their debt to society. I don’t see how hanging out in the prison yard lifting weights qualifies as paying their debt. I want to get some good out of these individuals.

    • +1,000,000. I want to see them in orange jumpsuits, chained ankle to ankle, lined up against a wall scrubbing that shit off with a toothbrush.

      • wtf?

        how very alabama of you.

        • I’m going to go all un-PC here and ask, what’s really so wrong about chain gangs? We’re not talking about school children, we’re talking about convicted criminals who are being punished for their crimes. Assuming everyone is kept fed and hydrated, given reasonable breaks, and working in safe conditions, why SHOULDN’T we use prisoners for this sort of labor? We’re already paying for their upkeep. What’s the argument for letting them loaf around for the duration of their sentence? Serious questions.

          • The ONLY, and I mean only argument for “not” using this kind of arrangement is that it takes “business” away from whatever contractor they currently have doing the work, which I am sure is some District registered LSDB company that has a full time crew of 10 otherwise unemployable felons roving the city, the company getting 30 bucks per manhour that the spend doing it. Same goes for all the other contractros the city uses for labor work like this, such as lawnmowing.

            In the grand scheme of things, it is a valid concern, albiet not one remotely valuable enough not to use prisoners.

            In terms of the prisoners, as you say as long as they being provided reasonable food, water, rest there is no conceivable reason that we as tax payers can’t be getting some return on our investment in feeding and housing the folks. Heck, I’d even be willing (for the low level non-violent criminals) to use it as method for earning early release. For every 160 hours (1 working month) you spend mowing lawns, cleaning graffitti or shoveling snow you earn a 1 week reduction on your sentence.

          • chain gangs in dc? it’s a sure winner. what could possibly go wrong?


        • What exactly is wrong with publicly shaming criminals? I suppose the yankee in you would prefer to coddle them, tell them how much they are loved and appreciated, and let them go on their way.

  • Thank you MPD.

    Now, like anon @ 8:25 said, make them clean up their mess.

  • what normal non-slacker hipster freak has heard of that person?!?! LOL

    Pretty much anyone w/an interest in or basic knowledge of American art in the last 30 years.

    • Thank god for wikipedia….

    • Questions like that make me wonder what is going to happen when they totally stop funding the arts in education.

      I can see it now..all the kids will be math-crunching forbes-reading freaks with no culture. Sieg Heil math, science, and business!

    • Pretty much anyone w/an interest in or basic knowledge of American art in the last 30 years.

      yeah, but that really only describes us “slacker hipster freak”s

    • Jean-Michel Basquiat was a very talented painter from a middle-class to privileged family whose “urban style graffiti” as well as his personality and mostly concocted “gritty urban” backstory, charmed a particular and extremely profitable, niche market in a particular time. (I worked for his dealer.)

      I like a lot of his work – but I don’t know if he was all that better than the next 50 guys doing similar stuff.

  • But when are they gonna catch the “CAT AIDS” guy?!?

  • I can say I have created an artistic Happening Event that incorporates the nominally passive viewer into an active interaction with the artistic process, complete with visceral reaction – and isn’t the purpose of art to make us feel SOMETHING – but you might just say that I pooped on your front steps & now you have to clean it off.

  • I want names and addresses of these artists. I have some art I’d like to do on their houses and neighborhoods.

  • anyone know what “syce” is? i’ve seen that on Irving and Kenyon between 11th and 14th. just wondering.

  • “There’s a city full of walls you can post complaints at” -Mos Def

  • Bring back Cool Disco Dan…LOL

  • R.I.P. DC Graff

    It will be sorely missed by those who had the mindset to appreciate it.

  • Ignore Asad….he’s a tagger. He got arreated a few weeks ago. He’s just another punk ass vandal.

  • the noble lie is the concept (plato) that to keep particular classes of society in line, particularly the “watchmen”, it is necessary to tell them the “noble lie”. in this case, that lie is that police and lawmakers are infallible paragons of morality and therefore every word from their lips is like unto the word of God. and obviously drr1971 and others have fallen for this lie hook, line and sinker. actually, after a person is “arreated”, or as we say in english: “arrested”, they are supposed to be afforded the constitutional right of the presumption of innocence. and in the face of such blinding corruption from dc government, i would think knee-jerk conservatives would understand that. i am sure if a contingent of police officers broke into your home they could find or manufacture a reason for doing so. but, i suppose you hope by blindly supporting their every move, they will protect you as you anonymously lurk and insult people who happen not to agree with you over ART. because, no matter what, that is what this is about. art. btw, there have been 23 arrests of mpd officers so far this year. ever hear of “the tip of the iceberg?”

  • its simple minded to believe all vandals are simple minded.think outside the box…light it on fire then dance on the yuppies moved into the city.stay on your ranch if you dont like soul squirted on emotionless trey joiner rip deonte rawlings rip parrot rip lip rip pun rip skeeter rip willow rip dc…you cant stop graffiti.and stop relying on police.rely on community.

  • It’s kinda funny how some of you make such harsh judgements about graffiti artists when you know nothing about them. The fact is, you don’t know them at all, where they came from, or why they do what they do.

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