More Renovations/Development Hits 3600 Block of Rock Creek Church Rd, NW

This is the block behind today’s GDoN revisited.

It was quite clear if the project above is an addition or if it will be a separate home but I’ll update with final photos when the construction is completed.

Also – condos coming below?

If so, I wonder if it will look like it’s next door neighbor?

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  • What a hodgepodge of architectural styled in just one block. This is why people like to have historic status I suppose. So you can prevent things like the abomination in the first photo.

    • I actually welcome this kind of forward thinking architecture. This building certainly is not “matchy matchy” with the rest of the block, but in terms of scale, visual interest and sustainable technologies, I give this project positive props. I understand that this will have geothermal mechanical systems and possibly PV solar panels…

      My house backs up to this block and over the last decade, it has come a long way. It’s no longer a drive-thru drug market. I remember in 2002 when the cars would line up down the whole block to buy from sketchy dudes in the building in the third pic.

  • That last one is just charming!

  • I’m actually a fan of the art deco-ish facade of that last building. Have actually been inside as well and it’s quite nice!

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