Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Vernon Square

This rental is located at 623 M Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Brand new 9 unit building conveniently located steps from the Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center Metro. Only one loft unit left!.

•Secure entry
•Spacious loft style units
•Stained concrete floors
•Stainless steel appliances
•Kohler plumbing fixtures
•Modern ceiling fans
•Eames Coat Racks
•Washer/dryer in each units
•Solid surface countertops
•Available off street parking
•Cats and small dogs welcome!”

I know there aren’t a lot of photos but we’ve judged the outside of this building so I thought folks would be curious.

This 1br plus loft and private outdoor terrace is going for $2495.

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  • i walk and bike by this building a lot. pictures make it look like crap.
    seeing it in person, it looks much nicer and it looks kind of cool next to that church.

    that said, even though the proximity to metro and downtown is great, because of the church i wouldn’t live on this block. too much activity for my taste. i like a quieter block.

  • I am sorry, but no. First, the idea of paying 2500 a month for a 1br is lunacy. Then acknowledging that you still have to pay for utilities and parking (said it was available, not included), without having any pools or workout rooms makes it worse.

    Then, the thought of paying that much for a 1 br at 6th and M makes me laugh even harder.

    No, horrendous deal.

  • wow..thats steep! I love this part of DC though. Close to everything important but at the same time quiet and nestled away. The building looks cool would love to see more pics. Unfortunately the price sounds about right if its total sqft is over 1400.

  • Come on, guys. It has state of the art coat racks.

    • All joking aside, any rental ad that gets down into the weeds with descriptions of the supposedly whiz bank “mechshades” and “eames coat racks” is obviously struggling and it is kinda sad that they have to put such things in an advertisement.

      From the renderings, the open space looks nice, but its a one bedroom in not a great area of town.

      Include all utilities including cable and internet and parking, and you would still be a couple hundred off.

  • I hope whomever gets suckered into paying that amount has no expectations that they’re also getting to live in a good, safe neighborhood.

  • this part of dc is (was) awesome because you’d get all that convenience of the location without paying the downtown prices due to some some seriously shady blocks right there….but this is a downtown price. or even higher.

  • They should aim for 1500-1850.

    • That is absurd. They might have to settle for $100 or $200 less, but in all liklihood someone will pay this easily.

  • Solid surface counter tops? I’m glad they aren’t jiggly.

  • No pets allowed , concrete floors, likes quality, over priced

  • What shady blocks? I walk the neighborhood all the time and if you walk about 6th St., or 7th before O street, there’s nothing “shady” about it. Goodness, before making blanket statements learn the neighborhood first.

  • tonyr

    I bought 2bed/2bath place around the corner from there (9th & N) and my mortgage is a less than the rent on this place.

  • I looked at a unit in this building – they are stunning but definitely over priced. The bedroom was also pretty small.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I have stained concrete floors at Park Place. Wasn’t so bad until I got the kitten. Everything that hits the floor even carpeted, breaks. How many square feet? If its over 900 maybe otherwise too much.

  • The $2495 loft has ASTOUNDING two-story windows, a large private terrace, and a loft in addition to bedroom. It is absolutely gorgeous — a small beautifully designed building that is actually CONSTRUCTED out of building materials!! By no means the average one-bedroom apartment with “granite” countertops, “wood colored amenities” and club room! Made me salivate, anyway.

  • I live around the corner and this is an awesome neighborhood. That said, I would not want to live next to the church unless I was an active member – there is just too much activity on that block – often congested.

  • The price would be right, except that it is in one of the ugliest buildings in the city. Hideous.

  • It has a lot of potential but realistically speaking it should go for something closer to $2000/month. Even with $200 coat racks (which may or may not be $25 knockoffs).

  • Have to agree with a lot here. The building is absolutely hideous — an eyesore on the block. The UHOP marching band will give these poor people absolutely no peace whatsoever. I live 2 blocks away and this is one of the less-desireable blocks in MVS thanks to UHOP’s racket (I personally like the band but would never want to live on top of their practice area) and the fact that it backs up into the Washington Apartments complex, home to the infamous Robert Hanna. If you read the PSA 308 reports, you’ll see the neighborhood isn’t ideal in terms of crime stats, but it’s liveable for me.

    Those are definitely Dupont prices.

  • Great building but the neighborhood, in my opinion, is a bit iffy for this price range. The architect, Suzanne Reitig (sp?)does a LOT of work in that area and knows it better than anyone so maybe she knows something I don’t? Close proximity to downtown and as it’s such an amazing apartment I’m sure they’ll rent them with no problems.

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