Judging Restaurants – Wicked Waffle

Back in Jan. ’11 folks were pretty excited to learn Wicked Waffle was coming to 1712 I St, NW. I’m wondering if anyone checked them out yet?

Their Web site says:

“Welcome to Wicked Waffle, home of the reborn, made-to-order waffle. This is no Eggo, ladies and gentlemen. This is a 600 year old European treat, perfected and brought to you fresh by the chefs at Wicked Waffle. They are savory, sweet, stuffed, topped, cold, hot, breakfast, lunch and just about everything in between. Say hello to your flaky, crispy, delicious new obsession. The good news is that they’re good for you. So no worries! Indulge freely. And do try out our homemade soups-to-sip and salads, too. Even they’ll have you shouting Waffleissimo!”

You can see their menu here.

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  • I see it going the way of that cereal store in cleveland park, i.e…nowhere

  • Since when are waffles good for you???

  • I personally loved the tuna melt I got – the little squares in the waffle do well to hold in the melted muenster. The waffle was a but thinner but hardy enough to hold up the sandwich. One of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while.

  • em

    I walked by last week and the line was out the door.

  • The yelp reviews were pretty scathing. I tried it out yesterday, and it was pretty good! Got the roast beef. Definitely will try it again.

    Still a couple of kinks to work out in terms of the service (perhaps the death knell for this very demanding crowd), but the food itself and the concept I think are sound. Plus, their listed prices include tax, making the menum look a little more expensive than it should.

  • Its an interesting sandiwch treat/twist, and i highly recommend. The mushroom soup there is OUT OF THIS WORLD! plus, i am a club sandwich fiend, and having a club on waffles is tasty and awesome.

  • I think they’ll do fine – people will gravitate to the block more often since Dickey’s, Loeb’s and Wicked Waffle are all next door to one another.

    The sandwiches are fine – the croque monsieur, croque madame, club, and tuna melt are all tasty; the waffles DO taste healthy, and it’s novel enough to justify a trip every now and then even though the prices are high. Everyone is in super nice mode right now – hope it lasts.

    When I compare this to some other touted lunch spots that have opened in the past year or two – like Amorini Panini over on F Street or some of the truly wretched crepe places in Logan – WW fares pretty well.

  • I went once, got the tuna melt and wasn’t impressed. The waffle was basically flavorless and didn’t add anything so good bread would have been better. Maybe the dessert (nutella!) ones are better, but I haven’t been back.

  • I got a breakfast sandwich and a bottle of juice and the total was about $9. The sandwich was good, the waffle was cooked to perfection- BUT ITS A WAFFLE. Its not like the sandwich was huge either. $9? Not happening again.

  • They should really try and put a REAL Belgian waffle on the menu. When over in Europe, they have little booths were you can pick them up. FYI iam talking about the REAL BELGIAN WAFFLES with the little sugar cubes in them. YUMMY

  • Not impressed. $9-10 for a waffle sandwich? I thought they skimped on the amount of ingredients and that the waffle is mostly tasteless. I agree that good bread would have been preferable…which is a problem for a WAFFLE establishment. I was also disappointed that I got a waffle that looks like it had been sitting on a baking sheet all morning; it wasn’t warm or even that fresh tasting. I was under the impression that they’d be making the waffles to order. I won’t be returning.

  • Any restaurant with a “philosophy” is bad. If that philosophy is “no butter, no syrup,” – well – not worth my creative energy to properly disparage, excoriate, deride, mock etc. Ought to be smushed by some celestial thumb like a gnat in the eye of Horus.

  • I walk by this place at least twice a day. When it was being constructed, the general thought was that it would have a sort of stoner / munchies vibe to it. It actually just seems to be a very average sandwich place run by Eastern Europeans (anyone seen the Russian girl on rollerblades out front?) and the only thing to set it apart from any other average place is that it uses waffles not bread. Seems to me that it would be much more successful catering to the munchies crowd either closer to GW or up in Adams Morgan or pretty much anywhere but its current location in the middle of a business district.

    I don’t get it, it isn’t well thought out in my opinion. Also the food is just so-so. There aren’t a lot of good options in the area, and this place does nothing to improve them.

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