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  • If you like steak, you will love this place. And you can’t beat the price.

    • ah

      I enjoyed it as well. Although the overall price (as wel as calories) creeps up quickly if you add wine and dessert.

      BTW, there’s a child’s portion for $5 less. They don’t bring the second round of steak for the child.

      • “…the overall price (as wel as calories) creeps up quickly if you add wine and dessert.”

        That describes every restaurant in town. 19.95 for good steak and sides is a pretty good deal for DC.

  • decent food, decent price. the last time we were there the customer service, hostess, bartender were horrible. Hope it has improved.

  • Went shortly after opening. It was ok but not worth the wait. Steak was drowning in their not-very-good secret sauce. That kinda ruined the meat for me. Service was a little klunky but that might have been because it was new. I’d try it again.

    • Agreed, secret sauce wasn’t worth the wait, service, or price. Steak was good, but nothing to write home about. Much cheaper and more satisfying to grill your own.

    • I thought everything was good (especially for the price) except the sauce. I asked the waiter why they put so much sauce on, and he said it’s a French thing that the chef insists they do. If I ever go back (and I plan to), I’ll ask them to put the sauce on the side from the beginning.

  • It’s fine, but after you have been twice it’s boring. The no menu thing might seem cool in theory, but how do they plan to attract repeat customers?

  • this place rocks. Great food and obviously simple menu. my favorite part is the bring out half your steak and frites. then when you are almost done they bring the other half which is fresh and warm.

  • Went a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree with those who say to get the sauce on the side. The steak itself is tasty enough without it.

  • It’s amazing that people think even this place isn’t worth the price. $19.99 for two helpings of good steak and tasty frites. And awesome bread. And a salad.

    I absolutely love Medium Rare. If it wasn’t so bad for me, I’d eat here once a week. I also highly recommend the desserts.

  • Service is hit-or-miss. The food is okay, but expect the meat to be cooked at least a level higher than you want (i.e. Order rare if you want it medium rare). The sauce is fine in moderation, but way too salty, and completely hides the taste of the meat. The salad is unappealing and overdressed.

    That said, if you want a lot of food and can eat the extra portion, then it is fine for the price. Drinks, dessert, and/or coffee will really hike up the total cost, though.

  • I am waiting for an organic gluten-free vegan option before trying them.

    • It’s a STEAK restaurant! I am tired of gluten-free vegan nuts and berries organic free spirits always raining on everyone’s meat parade! Your comment was pointless. Its a steak house, waiting for medium rare roasted walnuts with a side of pompous bull will be in vain.

  • Have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Went in the first time when the place was full, yet the wait staff was attentive, the steak was definitely above par and the price was incredibly fair. I’ve been back twice since.

  • Ok I’ll say it — this place is really not worth it. Steak? What steak? The cut of meat is a cheaper one (cap steak), which is why they can give you such a large portion. Also, the steak is never cooked as you order it. Rare doesn’t exist. As for the sauce, well how else you cover up all that bad steak? Value? Bad steak, fries, and a simple salad for $20? bleh

  • Overrated. You’re better off going to Ray’s the Classics or buying a prime cut to make at home.

  • From the comments and one quick glance at the “menu” I have no intentions of going to this place. As a carnivore steak lover, I am offended that any establishment would pour some strange sauce all over a steak? Clearly they are trying to hide something. Not interested. Why go to a place like this when you have Mortons, Rays, and others. Even the name pisses me off, “Medium Rare.” I don’t like feeling forced into a decision of how my steak should be prepared before I even sit down!

    • I’m surprised a supposed carnivore steak lover would make a rash decision based on some comments. First, you can get your steak however you want it. Medium Rare is the name, it’s not the temperature (although I got mine medium rare). And you can get the sauce on the side if you want (although I found it quite tasty). Most steak places put something on the steak, be it butter or Ray’s au poivre. So as I tell my toddler, try it before you decide you don’t like it.

  • Went there for the first time on Saturday. Big fan. I thought it was great steak for a great price and I liked getting the bread and salad before. Glad I got the second helping though. Service was a tad slow but nothing to complain about.

    The one thing I would like to point out that I found amusing was that while we were there, no fewer than 3 different parties sat down and then got up and left before ordering. One was a group who thought they were at Alero. A second was a couple with two kids where the woman loudly complained that she couldn’t eat there since she didn’t eat steak and then said the kids couldn’t eat the portabello mushroom option. The guy was devastated and I felt for him. Not sure why the third group left but they had seen the “menu.”

    I did worry about repeat customers but then again, I could eat there right now so what’s the complaint?

  • I went here a few nights go and, as a vegetarian, was pleasantly surprised with the grilled portabello. It was flavored with steak seasoning, sliced and served with a tomato relish. Knowing how bland the standard “vegetarian option” can be at some places, this was a great alternative. I’d definitely go back.

  • For the price, it is absolutely worthwhile. The steak is tasty and fulfills a red meat craving. The sauce is delicious – could just be my preferences but I would drink the sauce straight if it wouldn’t give me a heart attack.

    I’ve been to MR maybe six or seven times and I’ve come to expect spotty service with mediocre waitstaff, but overall good food and a good price. The brunch is freaking incredible too, if anyone has the chance to go to that.

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