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  • This place has THE BEST chicken in town. No joke. I used to live right across from it.

  • andy

    It’s very close to the house. I keep wanting to go there but the wife doesn’t like their lomo saltado. they are super-quiet so i worry whether they will stay in business. also, the place was recently hit by a car and had to be fixed up.

  • is it open again? a car went through the window or something a while back and it was closed…

  • As a local that has grown up with the likes of el Pollo Rico, Senor Chicken and various Pollo a la Brasa spots in the greater Washington area I was thrilled to live two blocks from El Don. I’ve eaten here a half a dozen times and always been incredibly disappointed. The chicken is dry, I was informed they cook their chicken in the morning so if you go for dinner you’re eating chicken that has sat under a heat lamp for almost 7 hours. The food is incredibly over priced, $12 for a half chicken and the white sauce is watery with little taste. My roommate was enticed by a “we’ve got wings” sign only to be served raw chicken wings. I gave up on El Don about a year ago, hopefully things have gotten better since the re-opening. Despite the lack in good food, they do have Inca Kola and they used to have a juke box with a Latino band doing Metallica covers. There are some real gems in that neighborhood when it comes to restaurants/carryouts…Smokeys, Highlands, La Libertad to name a few, El Don is not one of them.

  • I’ve eaten there and like the chicken and fried yuca, the place seems to be more a carry out than restaurant, but you can sit and eat there as well.

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