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  • It’s definitely homemade, southern style meals. Thick sauce. Lots of food on a plate. Definitely worth trying

  • Super nice guy in there. I thought the meat lacked a true woodsmoke bbq flavor. If you throw enough sauce on it it’s still good though.

  • This place is disgusting and pretty unsanitary. Not the good kind of unsanitary like south east Asian street food but more like grimy, oily, week old food that makes you gag when you put it in your mouth. Don’t go here. I hope this place gets shut down.

    • It does have a certain smell.

    • This is exactly the way I would have described the Florida Avenue Grill not all that long ago (and it was frequently shut down by Dept. of Health).

      Now I see there’s often a line going out the door and down the block. So give this place time.

      • Give this place time??? It’s been there since 1972 and it is incredibly unsanitary. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about helping out businesses in the neighborhood – but only when they actually give a damn.

        This is valuable real estate and there’s no way the business makes enough to justify it’s operation. Question is, is the business owner also the property owner and does he just not really care because there’s no mortgage?

  • I want to love this place, but I just can’t do it. Food stinks.

  • I went in once when I first moved to the neighborhood. It smelled bad and it didn’t look like anybody was engaging in any food-related activity in there. Lots of junk piled up around the restaurant and on tables. I left and haven’t been back.

    • Ditto. I walked in once about a year ago, was knocked back by the smell and left. Haven’t tried to go back.

  • i’m amazed it is still in business. i never see anyone eating in there.

  • How do these places stay in business? There are dozens of carry out joints and quickemarts that seem to get 3 customers a day. Some of them may be engaged in illegal activity, but certainly not all of them. How do the rest manage to stick around?

  • i live right near this foul-smelling place and have tried going in several times, but it is full of piled-high junk and filthy. haven’t been able to bring myself to eat there and wish it would just get closed by the health department already.

  • Same as the rest, I want to really love this place since bbq is one of my favorite foods and I live right next door. Got a pulled pk sandwhich a couple of years ago when I first moved here and have not been back since. Want to love it, can’t love it!

  • I won’t comment on the food but the last time I was there I bought two rainbow umbrella hats from the guy that looks like George Clinton.

  • ate there once, food not great, saw a roach crawling on the dessert in the display case. end of story.

  • I fantasize about this place. It’s got an interesting location, and I like the old-time diner look. However, I’ve been too fearful (of botulism) to eat in it. I never see anyone inside, and it looks unkempt as others have said. I really want someone to buy it, keep the diner aspect, and make it a good BBQ place.

  • The sauce is way way way too sweet(probably bottled) and I agree with freitag not smoky enough.

  • I’m not going to bash this place. It clearly has fans and I, for sure, regularly dine at some places that make others go ‘meh’…..(Hawk and Dove, anyone….anyone? ). However, I must delicately wade into this conversation and agree with two previously mentioned items: 1) when I moved to the neighborhood six years ago – enticed by the thought of having a down home bbq spot in the `hood – I walked into B & J and experienced one of the most putrid smells that I’ve never (not a misprint) smelled in a food establishment in my life. I can still almost *feel* it in the pit of my stomach…just below the diaphragm area. And, yes, I had a super fast glimpse of the clutter as I was wheeling myself around as quickly as possible – to clear at least a 6 foot buffer from outside the front door – before I took another breath (cue: ‘Rappers Delight’…..some of y`all know what I’m talking about….don’t front….). Anyway, I chalked it up as a singular horrifying near-culinary experience and, were it not for the fact that thinking about it again has ruined my appetite for dinner, I’d give it another shot.
    The second point is more of a relatively intense curiosity. To ‘ditto’ previous comments: How does this place stay in business? Perhaps they’ve owned the building since the dawn of time? Maybe those residential (?) areas upstairs generate enough income that the restaurant need not sell a single half smoke to stay in business? I pass this place at least twice a day and I wonder ‘what’s going on in there’ on at least one of those passes. Wonder if they’d be open to a consultation with North Capitol Main Street or some other business consultation to determine whether the owners would see any value in making this place a bit more….inviting. As it is the case that I come to PoP for information as well as the sanctimony of many PoP posters I’m hesitant to say that B & J ‘needs’ to do anything. That said, well, I guess I’ll just keep wondering. After all, somebody’s been serving up ‘home cooking’ at this place since 1972!

  • I have been here several times and ALWAYS stick around to watch the people come and go. They ain’t talkin’ about Michelangelo either. The ham is first rate and the pulled pork sandwich is not great but okay. What can I say after trying the real item in several joints in NC? Stench? I didn’t notice anything special. The sweet taters are so sweet they make the word sweet inadequate. The place is homey and has grit. What are you guys in DC expecting? I am shocked that the majority of comments are from people who have never tried the food or spent a half hour biding time and shooting the breeze with the owners, workers or hangers-on, who are numerous. I have only been there in winter when it is very cold out. Maybe cold puts a cap on the odor. I did see a few signs of uncleanliness. What are you waiting for? Don’t you believe in self-immunization? Do y’all use those disinfectant products to wash your hands, too? I am embarrassed by most of you sorry lot who have only your nose as a barometer for authenticity. I suggest you stay put and never ever go south of the border, to India or any where in west Africa or for that matter in Baltimore.

    • Dhbrooklyn – spare us the diatribe. This place is bad and the mere fact that you’ve compared it to West Africa and India is case in point.

  • I will tell you what i tell all of my visiting friends – not if tbere is a nuclear holocaust, and its the last meal on earth should you eat tbere! It is extremley unsanitary

  • I will tell you what i tell all of my visiting friends – not if tbere is a nuclear holocaust, and its the last meal on earth should you eat tbere! It is extremley unheigenic

  • Last meal on earth – I’m thinking tasty – not (sic) heigenic.

  • clevelanddave

    I’ve eaten there once. Had the pork ribs. It wasn’t bad. Like other posters have said, the place looks like they are having a going out of business sale inside and that no one has cleaned the place in about 10 years, but the grill was going outside and it didn’t smell too bad on the day I was there. It seems there are quite a few places like this that developers haven’t gotten to yet. You think this place ought to be developed? How about the fish place on the SW corner of 14th and P NW? Anyone get lake perch from there???

  • A long time resident freind who lived all over Africa and south America used to pressure me to eat here. I respect my friend for knowing and appreciating hidden gems in this and other cities. He loved B&J, especially for big breakfasts. I never took his advice & tried this place. My friend moved to Peru and middle east for a few years and came back recently & ate at B&J. He sadly reported that the food and spirit of the place has taken a bad turn and told me it is best to avoid B&J. One of its biggest fans felt its day had come & gone. I hope a local revives and reinvents it…no developer.

  • don’t get the fried fish. dear God, don’t get the fried fish.

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