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  • I dig it – repeat customer. Sometimes they overcook the cheese too much for my liking but the sauce is good. I always just pick them up so I can’t comment on the delivery.

  • PoP, you read my mind! I actually looked up reviews for them about an hour ago. Weird.

  • clevelanddave

    I live around the corner. Have gone a couple times. It is ok, more or less average take out pizza. Don’t travel out of your way for it, but if you are on the block and want some ‘za, it is fine…

  • The wings are pretty damn good

  • We’ve had delivery 3 or 4 times. They are always pretty fast and I really enjoyed everything I’ve ordered. I like their Greeky flatbread – the garlicy sauce is awesome.

  • Love, love, love Pizzoli’s. Try their signature gourmet pizzas rather than the create-your-own variety. The portobello pizza is awesome. And I am not a wing fan, but their jerk wings are so good. (Avoid the salads though – not very fresh.) We live around the corner and order at least once a week.

  • My husband and I are repeat customers. I would say it’s in the same category as Pizza Bolis, but much better. The crust and sauce are excellent. We’ve also tried the manicotti and meatball sub and both were tasty. We’ve done carry out and delivery. I’m not sure if they still have it, but they used to have a really cheap carry-out coupon. The delivery times have been less than 30 minutes and the pizza is always hot when delivered.

  • I go here quite a bit. Fresh ingredients, and a good quality place overall. Beware though, their delivery always takes ridiculous amounts of time. Carry out is always ready quickly though.

  • I’m addicted to their thin crust pepperoni. Fast delivery also!

    (I too am getting tired of these you are posting comments too quickly messages…)

  • I think the food is good. I got the flatbread, which was very pizza-like. They also gave me change once when I needed it for a cab, which was nice. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go there, but it is a good place if you live nearby and want something quick. They are also open late on weekdays (12am) and I think until 2 or 3am on weekends.

  • I’ve probably ordered pizza from there 15 times. Basic fast-food delivery pizza, but the best of that genre I’ve had in D.C. Delivery has always been fast for us. The meatball sub and baked manicotti were also very good.

  • Just tried it for the first time the other day. Menu has many typos. I ordered the 8″ sub, but it clearly was a 6″ so I felt ripped off.

    • I am not trying to be condescending but are you joking?

      I can understand if you assumed 12″ and only got 6″. But you wanted 8″and you are crying foul cause you only got 6″? Are you sure it was only 6″? Like did you measure? If you would have gotten 7″ would that have been good enough?

      Just wondering….HAHA

    • Mmmm, typos in a fresh pita with some Tzatziki sauce – delicious!

  • My wife and I are repeat customers. We live at 12th and U, but do delivery b/c of kids. Delivery is fast. Food is solid. The pizza sits right in the zone between the fru-fru(sp?), fancy pizzas of say Coppis and the more traditional stuff found at Dominoes, etc. The vegilicous is very good. We tend to get a large Greek salad as well to split and enjoy that too. A great option if not outstanding.

  • The pizza is ok but kinda bland. It is nothing compared to Astor in AdMo, which is delicious.

  • I’ve ordered delivery several times. The pizza is always great. They deliver quickly and the delivery guys are friendly. That’s a hard combo to find in DC. I give them a consistent A.

  • Repeat customer, great look place for subs and pizza. They give have a gluten free crust!

  • Much better than the crappy norm in DC. Better than anything else south of Irving Street. Consistently well prepared. The sauce is sweetish–kind of like what I grew-up on in Cleveland. the toppings seem fresh. What’s not to like.

  • I try the pizza wings and salad. All was good Pizza was great Pizza crust was the best.
    I will order again.

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