Judging Hotel Restaurants – Avenue Cafe

Avenue Cafe is located at 1501 Rhode Island Avenue NW and is part of the Holiday Inn. I can’t imagine this would be too many people’s first choice for the Logan area but I’m just curious if anyone has stopped by to try out the BBQ menu?

This one actually first caught my attention because I thought it was advertising a happy hour at the breakfast buffet starting at 6:30am. Reading comprehension has never been my greatest strength…

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  • Hmm… a Sam Adams banner is a strange way to advertise a breakfast buffet.

  • I stopped there for a beer and the service was mind-alteringly slow, not just for me, but for everyone. One guy asked for a margarita with a particular tequila. He waited ten minutes only to be told that they didn’t have his brand. So many better choices in the neighborhood.

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