Judging Food Trucks – CapMac

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From their Web site:

“CapMac exists to bring delicious food to the masses at an affordable price. We aim to elevate your daily food experience and to satisfy not only your stomach but also your soul. Our food is hand crafted, fresh everyday, and made with best ingredients around.”

You can see their menu here and find their location on twitter here.

Any fans?

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  • Capmac is the only food truck I’ve eaten at that gave me an upset stomach. Didn’t expect this from mac’n’cheese, but I’m not going back.

  • PDleftMtP

    I really, really wanted to like this. I love mac and cheese in all its forms from neon yellow boxed stuff to truffled glory, and if that’s all the truck does it must be good, right? Wrong – not good. Greasy, not very cheesy, crumbled Cheez-its on top just don’t work. Perhaps the goat cheese version is better, but I haven’t gone back – I’d literally rather have microwaved Annie’s than what I got the first time.

  • saf

    I don’t eat regular mac and cheese, so can’t comment on that. However, I love the goat cheese version and the chicken parm meatballs.

  • I was pretty disappointed. Mac/cheese is seriouis comfort food for me, but my expectations aren’t really high. The Kraft Mac/Cheese that comes out the box is better in my opinion.

  • I’ve eaten it twice and had an upset stomach afterwards both times. Disappointing because it was good though.

  • I’m a fan – though agree that sometimes it’s a little greasy. It’s definitely a two-serving portion that you get, btw, and eating the whole portion in one serving would likely cause discomfort!

  • I personally LOVE them! I’m not at all sensitive to dairy, so I’ve never had a problem – regardless of how much I ate. The goat cheese mac is phenomenal.

    And, I’m so glad they travel to Howard. As someone who works from home most days of the week, or is in Alexandria when I’m in the office, I rarely get to try out the food trucks.

  • I wanted to love this as well. Too greasy/heavy. I haven’t tried the goat cheese version though.

    I felt like it was hard to make it a meal. It was too much cheese/carbs on its own and made me crave vegetables. But it’s served as a meal in itself. First world problems.

  • It’s a 2-3 serving box. If you have high blood pressure, you should run like hell. Drink with plenty of water.

  • CapMac is so great. I have never had the “regular” mac and cheese but the goat cheese versions are out of this world!

  • Bad experience, really greasy, it made me physically ill too.

  • Goat cheese is good, but best to split it with someone… it’s way to rich on its own.

  • LOL @ all the ill comments. I got their regular mac and it was meh. Not cheesy/creamy at all. It’s like he was being stingy with the cheese or something. Got lost with all the fufu gourmet options and haven’t been back.

  • The Pastrami Mac was amazing, but they dropped that when they transitioned to a summer menu. Hopefully it will reappear when fall/winter really get into gear.

    The rest is rather meh, though several of my friends seem fond of the Goat Cheese Mac.

  • Their goat cheese mac is fantastic. It’s all I’ve ever ordered, so I can’t speak to the other varieties. Previous posters are correct that it should not be eaten all in one sitting, though.

  • Don’t waste your time. You can fancy up a box of kraft at home that would be better. Crumbled cheezits only go so far.

  • I had the pasta and meatballs at truckeroo on Friday and was not impressed. It was pretty tasteless and not worth the wait.

  • Tried for the first time at Truckeroo this past weekend. The original mac n cheese was great — had cheeze-its crushed on top, which gave it a zing. Definitely recommend!

  • I had CapMac at the July Truckeroo, and it was a huge disappointment. The dish I had was so rich and heavy (the noodles seem about 3 times as thick as normal macaroni) and the cheese was overwhelming. The cheezits on top (which I really, really wanted to like) were TOO MUCH. Luckily I had ordered the kind with sausage and onions (which were good) and this made this dish more palatable than what my friends got. A waste of $9 overall though.

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