Judging Dessert Options – The Sweet Lobby

Their Web site says:

“At The Sweet Lobby, we go beyond the standard cupcake. We believe in using the best ingredients available to create a sensational cupcake that will delight all of your senses.

And, introducing: the Parisian macaron!

A long-time favorite of celebrated haute-patissiers of France, The Sweet Lobby has made this treat available right here on Capitol Hill, in flavors ranging from mango to matcha, chocolate to chai! Two delicate almond meringue cookies, encasing flavorful buttercream or ganache, our macarons feature California almonds and are gluten free!

Stop by The Sweet Lobby today to try our macarons, cupcakes or any of our other treats – madeleines, shortbread, mendiants, European-style hot chocolate, loose leaf tea and more!”

The Sweet Lobby is located at 404 8th Street SE on Barracks Row. You can see their menu here. Any fans?

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  • My girlfriend brought home a box of their cupcakes a few weeks ago. I don’t normally buy cupcakes because I make awesome ones myself, but they were very pretty and on par with (if not better than) Georgetown Cupcake.

    I’ve been meaning to try their macarons– those are harder to make so I’d consider buying them.

  • I didn’t think it was bad. So far I’ve had the carrot cupcake and the red velvet cupcake. They’re moist and you can taste the butter. I prefer Georgetown cupcake though

  • The macarons are delicious, but $10 for six. Which I think is expensive. For cookies. Even fancy cookies.

  • Sweet Lobby is the first place I ever had a macaron, and let me tell you, these little pastries are a revelation. SO GOOD!!! PUT THEM IN YOUR MOUTH WITHOUT DELAY! Sweet Lobby’s cupcakes are excellent, but it’s the macarons that really shine. (The pistachio are my favorite.) Also, the proprietors and other folks behind the counter are really nice.

  • And yes, the macarons are expensive but they are very difficult to make.

  • Macarons are very labor intensive and the ingredients are expensive, hence, the price.

    I’ve enjoyed the cupcakes, especially the carrot cake. Best part, no snotty attitude from the people behind the counter a la Georgetown Cupcake.

  • What I don’t understand is why they’re closed on Sundays. For a new business to be closed on a day when thousands of people come to the neighborhood to go to Eastern Market, that seems shortsighted. Why aren’t they closed on Mondays when the market is also closed?

    • I agree. The couple of times I was in the mood to try their macarons it was always on a Sunday!

    • There hours are lousy. Last time I checked they weren’t open for the after dinner crowd.

      I’ll probably forget this place exists before I ever try anything.

      Way to make it hard for customers to try your wares.

  • I think the cupcakes have a weird aniseed-like aftertaste. It’s kept me from trying their madeleines despite the fact that it’s the only place in town that sells them. I should just go for it.

  • Love some macarons. This place should emphasize them and other items over cupcakes…the cupcake craze needs to go away.

  • How will their sensational cupcakes delight my sense of hearing?

  • $10 for 6 macarons, is not that bad 😉 Newly opened Laduree in NYC sells them for $2.7 each. But then again, it’s Laduree…

  • I think the name is cute. ^_^ If only America had more cupcake lobbyists everyone would be happier. And pizza lobbyists… and and… puppy lobbyists.

  • I love this place!! The macarons are totally worth it considering the quality of ingredients and how labor-intensive they can be to make. And they have really unusual flavors– I like the passionfruit milk chocolate, lavender, and rose the best. The madeleines and shortbread are also really underrated, they’re awesome.

  • This place is great- love their vanilla and earl grey macarons. The owners are super nice, and their staff are very polite. I highly recommend this sweet shop.

  • My friend’s dad does some of the baking there and he couldn’t stop talking about how good the recipes are. They process a lot of ingredients in-house. You can definitely taste the quality.

  • I have had their macarons several times now and they are incredible! They have unique and inventive flavors. It is my new guilty pleasure.

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