Judging Buildings – Sherman and Park Rd, NW

Sept. 2011

Quite an improvement but what’s your overall vote – thumbs up, neutral or down?

Ed. Note: I believe readers have said in the past that it is going to become apartments.

April 2011

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  • It was so depressingly bad before, so definitely an improvment.

    But still hopelessly fugly

  • neutral. for sherman that’s a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!

  • I live a block away and pass this daily, and it is certainly an improvement and nice to see development on Sherman. That being said, it’s pretty bad. Weirdly placed, mismatched windows, awkwardly tall, no trim.

    I’ll be sad if they make the whole thing apartments because the ground floor’s begging to be some kind of cafe with lots of outdoor seating.

  • It’s better than before and it may not be so bad once the frames around the windows are done.

  • Much better than the disaster it’s been for many years, but still ugly — I hate the round windows in particular, would rather they have made the rectangular windows higher and longer, all the way around the building, and as someone else mentioned that need something — trim, roofline, etc, towards the top. Still, I’ll be glad when this is finally occupied.

  • Thumbs down. Hire an architect people! Don’t just slap brick on your facade. Sheesh.

  • franken-building ugly,
    franken-building hate aesthetics,
    franken-building no understand proportion… grrrrrr. franken-building glad he have brick hat. 🙂

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