Indigo Frenzy Clothing Boutique Opens at 1412 Pennsylvania SE

“Dear PoP,

I just wanted to fill you in on a new boutique at 1412 Pennsylvania SE that quietly opened last Monday in the former ‘Shooters’ location. (Coincidentally two doors down from the gelato shop you recently wrote about coming to the corner of Potomac & Pennsylvania.) Its called Indigo Frenzy, specializing in “apparel for junior, missy, plus, children and accessories.” I visited last week, and was greeted warmly and enthusiastically by owner Jennifer Baker.

The shop looks great, and has a sort of clean quiet modern vibe to it, with a surprisingly great selection for the size of the shop. She has everything from funkier ‘going-out’ clothing to business and casual wear, along with a great selection of accessories, all at fantastic prices and excellent customer service. (I must admit I didn’t get out without buying a few things myself!) Indigo Frenzy is a welcome addition to this end of Pennsylvania, and has certainly made at least one loyal customer!”

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  • i was wondering about this place (i’m usually driving by it late and its closed) – thanks for the post! glad to hear its a cool shop, i will need to stop by.

    too bad she (or the landlord) couldn’t paint the second floor exterior that blue color – that would make it stand out more…(and make the row look a lot better).

  • “apparel for junior, missy, plus, children and accessories”


  • Funny, I go by this stretch every morning, early, for my runs and I was wondering if this place was new or not. It just kinda seemed like it had always been there. But this must be where Shooters was right?

    Slightly related…why do people get to park on the sidewalk on the next blok down? It forces pedestrians out into the street.

  • Somehow I never noticed this! How are the prices?

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