Happy Friday


Good morning PoPville.

Welcome to the second and final day of this mini-reign of the Lord of Petworth. I am especially happy that, for the first time, I have managed to get through an entire day of filling in for the Prince without embarrassing myself, my neighbors, or (most of) you.

You folks were great yesterday too–playing along well and (kinda) well with each other. I laughed several times at your comments (and then there were the funny ones).

If you have items you’d like to suggest for me today–I’m all ears.

I’m still waiting for those advise questions to roll in. Perhaps you are too shy–perhaps you are too smart.

Regardless, reach me at eric dot nuzum at gmail dot com.

Have a great day.

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  • Let’s talk about Obama’s speech!

    The plan sounds pretty good in principle.

    I just hope that when he says “millionaires and billionaires” he doesn’t actually mean “two hundred and fifty thousand-aires” like he did before.

    • I’m a raging liberal and Obama supporter but that “plan” sounded exactly like the stimulus bill. Been there, done that. Now, I also believe the stimulus bill successfully kept our unemployment rate lower than it would have been (and I can name people who got jobs from stimulus funding). But in this political climate, there is no way any of that gets passed. And it won’t be enough to make a difference. This country has had a fundamental shift in the workforce as processes have become more automated and manufacturing jobs have headed to other countries. We survived for 8 years on a housing bubble. Until private companies choose to hire more workers, Uncle Sam is the only one hiring. And the Republicans have put a stop to that. I expect unemployment to be 11% by next election. And then under President Romney (the only potential nominee that won’t cause me to seek work in Toronto), it should be up to 15% by 2014. Good times.

    • pablo .raw

      Allow me to be pessimistic, even before anybody knew anything about the plan, Mr. McConnell was already saying that he was going to listen to the speech but they needed to find a different way to do things. President Obama is not going to get any support from Republicans on anything that will make him look good. This plan may be the best in the history of the US, but is not going to get any support because it could fix things, and then President’s Obama popularity can get better and could win the 2012 elections. That’s what I think.

      • Agreed with Pablo.

        The only way this is going to get support from Republicans is if they get embarrassed into it. They’d rather delay fixing the economy until after the election; if it gets fixed now, that increases the chance of Obama being reelected.

        • +1 that has been their mission all along and has been stated as such. McConnell even said he would rather NOT work on a debt deal/economy improvement measures in order to make sure Obama wouldnt get re-elected. What a sad group of petty individuals the GOP is.

          • Mitch McConnell needs to be put over my knee and smacked. Hard. He’s an overgrown child. For a public servant, he has no idea how to act like one. An embarrassment to his constituents.

  • no house of the days or anything like that?

  • I have a rant to start here:
    I am soooo sick of people who are genetically attached to their fucking iphones! I mean, seriously–get a life, and get some manners. I had a friend over for dinner the other night, just the two of us. I spent at least an hour making the dish, well before he got there. About halfway through dinner he starts texting back and forth with his uber-clingy girlfriend. Granted, she started it, but he would not put the damned phone down or turn it off. This went on for about 20 mins into dinner. I told him it was really annoying me and that it was rude, and it still didn’t stop him. Finally, I told him to just leave. What is wrong with people???
    Ok, I’ve opened the floodgates…

  • speaking as someone who is all about constant connection to the world via smartphone, you’re friend is a boor and you were right to put him in his place.

  • And these same idiots do it sitting at the light and don’t take note of the fact that the light just turned green. I was behind a guy who did it at two consecutive lights on 13th St. today, and I had to blow my horn at him both times. The second time, he gave me the finger. Pay attention, people!

    • I think there is something to be said about beeping at someone if they don’t move within .0001 seconds of the light turning green. Not saying that you did that, but give them a second or two. Blowing your horn vs lightly tapping it to get their attention would probably have me giving you the finger the second time as well.

      • I hate the people who have their hand posied above the horn, waiting for the light to turn green. I like to wait an extra half second to make sure no cars or pedestrians are trying to dart across. IS it really going to kill the guy behind me to wait?

      • If Soozles says the person was texting, why assume that Soozles was being overly impatient? The driver in front of him/her shouldn’t have been texting in the first place.

        And “blowing your horn vs. lightly tapping it” seems like you’re splitting hairs and inferring more than is necessary, simply to find fault with what Soozle did.

        • I don’t see anywhere where snoozles says the person was texting. And it seems that snoozles was being slightly impatient due to the fact that they wrote “the light just turned green.” It’s that ‘just’ that implies being impatient. I wasn’t there, so I’m not sure what happened, just stating how I read the post. Not really much more than that.

          • Soozles wrote, “And these same idiots do it sitting at the light and don’t take note of the fact that the light just turned green.” which I assume refers to texting (in response to what Eyeless in Gaza wrote above).

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