Greek Spot Expaning to include Sit Down Dining at 2017 11th Street, NW (11th and U St, NW)

Thanks to a PoP reader for sending word that “something is going on” at the Greek Spot located at 2017 11th St, NW. I spoke with the owner Monday night who confirmed that they would be expanding into the space next door. This is great news considering a few tipsters had fears the Greek Spot would be closing. Quite the opposite – there will soon be sit down dining available. For fans of the Greek Spot, you’ll know that beyond the patio out front it is mostly a take out spot. That all will change if build out goes according to plan by the end of October. The new dining space next door should seat around 20-25 people. Stay tuned for updates in late October when an opening date for the expansion firms up. Great news for U Street!

We judged the Greek Spot in June ’09 and Tina visited them in Nov. ’08.

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  • This is great news. The Greek Spot is still so good. Now if only they can get a liquor license and start serving Mythos with their gyros, I will be a happy man.

  • Good on them. This place is delicious.

  • Wonderful news! They have some of the best vegetarian fod in the City – try their vegetarian Gyros sandwich! This is one of the few Mom and pop places in DC that so define larger urban places like Chicago and New York.

  • this places is totes legit. wouldn’t mind if everything were $1 less, especially since it gets served in styrofoam, but it is delicious.

  • I saw they were having work done, but never feared that they were closing–my family alone probably covers 1/3 of their monthly expenses.

  • claire

    Hm, never eaten before, but since I love Greek food and everyone seems to be raving about this place here in the comments, I’ll have to try it! Does anyone know if they’ll deliver to Bloomingdale?

  • The house that used to stand at 2015 11th St NW was the greatest social institution DC had to offer. I respect Greek Spot’s expansion, but kicking those guys out of that house was criminal – and a loss for everyone in DC. Their bbq’s and parties were legendary.

  • I love their gyros, but the stupid feta sauce ruins them for me. You definitely need to remember to order a gyro without it.

  • This is good news, since their current “sit-down dining space” is actually at Solly’s across the street. While I love the idea of local businesses supporting each other, and picnicking at the bar … it’s often annoying when you’re by for a pint and a group of 6 come in with what smells like a Greek feast and make everyone hungry.

  • This place has great food, and the platter are beyond a good deal. A huge amount of food for what they charge.

    Gyro, slouvaki, it is all good. Be sure to ask for your Tzatziki or else they generally leave it out.

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