Good Deal or Not? “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of dark houses…” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 921 F St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of dark houses, I will fear no evil. My heart will be lifted and Rainbow Properties will comfort me with a space, a finish, and a design incomparable near Union Station. Mother will be pleased, Father appeased, and my wallet will remain heavy with dollars left-over from such a pleasurable price acquisition. Shepherd quickly, old time’s a-flyin’!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

Well, uh, that’s certainly an interesting description…

$598,500 sound right for this 3 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Priced low intentionally.

    Gorgeous remodel.

    My bet is that it goes for 650+.

    Why you no like grass?!?

    • Agreed on the price teaser.

    • Grass is a plague. And I mean the non-smokable kind.

      • I love my grassless front and back patios. When it’s warm out I fill them with potted plants and they look great. When it’s cold out I move the plants in and don’t have to look at dead grass all winter.

    • this depresses me. it’s still a shitty neighborhood. I don’t care how many overpriced scenester joints go in there.

      • What about the neighborhood do you not like?

      • Ha! Are you from Mars?

      • every time I go out to H street there are people who are quite obviously not gainfully employed just hanging out on their front steps/lawn until past midnight drinking being very loud. go one block off the strip and it’s shit. you can’t argue with that.

        • not to mention, it’s in a public transport nomansland, aside from one bus.

          • Which of the several buses that go through here are you refering to?

          • This house is 2-4 blocks away from about five bus lines, and 15 minutes to Union Station. Take your weak-ass trolling elsewhere.

          • haha, every neighborhood in DC is 15 minutes from a metro stop. I’m not trolling, I’m merely past the point of being open minded about this neighborhood. fine to party in, but any time I’m off the beaten path, it’s simply not a good neighborhood. I don’t see drug deals and late night front lawn drinking in my hood (which plenty of suburbanites think is dangerous) so it doesn’t make sense to me how a house with just one full bathroom is going for well over 1/2 a mil. like it all you want… doesn’t matter to me, I don’t.

          • Definitely not a public transport no mans land. There’s the X2, the 90/92/93, the D6, the X8, the B2…you get the idea.

        • “go one block off the strip and it’s shit. you can’t argue with that.”

          I can. My partner and I are not fans of H Street for the reasons you described, but we like the Hill and were ok with being close to H. We ended up buying south of here, down by Eastern Market, but the general character of the neighborhood is the same.

        • You describe it as a sh1tty neighborhood, but it still depresses you that its priced this high?

          Sounds to me like someone is green with envy but is resorting to their fifth grade “i’m going to punch the girl that I like” intellect.

          • it depresses me because it is a bad neighborhood. durrr…

          • You should be ecstatic that your inability to purchase this home won’t take you to such a sh1tty neighborhood!

            Reston town center awaits you!

          • arguing with you on the internet is the dumbest thing I’ve done all year.

          • Totally understand.

            Let me know if you want to meet at the Chili’s near your place in Reston Town Center to get some shrimp poppers, extreme fajitas or pizza shooters to continue the conversation.

            Meanwhile the rest of us will be walking through this neighborhood looking for drug dealers and other black people that frighten you.

          • er, I’m 1/2 black, my friend. and I’m still completely confused by this unrelated assertion that I’m moving to reston because I don’t want to live in a marginal neighborhood. anyway, I’m sure you’ll come up with some further shit wit comment so have at. and the last word by monster cow is:

          • Monster Cow, I’m somewhat disturbed by your innate knowledge of Chili’s menu items.

        • I can argue with that. Yes, there is one house I regularly pass where people hang out in the front yard and talk in to the night. They are not rowdy and don’t typically appear until about 6:30 or 7:00, so I’m guessing most of them are gainfully employed. And I walk through the neighborhood for about an hour nightly, so if this behavior you speak of is so prevalent, you would think I would have seen it more.

        • Luckily, I don’t see drug deals in this neighborhood, either. (And neither do 99% of the people you will poll on here.) I’m not so sure what’s so bad about sitting in one’s own front lawn and enjoying a drink with friends. And it’s something I’ve seen in every single neighborhood I’ve been in in D.C., including the nicest ones, such as Georgetown.

          Out of curiosity, what neighborhood do you live in?

      • Add one more to the thousands who will look back and wonder how they missed the boat on H Street.

  • You certainly have to wonder about the people that write these things.

    Looks like the house was bought less than a year ago for half as much, then it was forcelosed upon. I’m assuming somewhere in the meantime it was rennovated. I’ve seen a lot of houses like these (small, near H Street, with boring rennovations) and they’re usually in the $650-750 range so this might be a good price.

    • bfinpetworth

      This builder includes a crap load of recessed lighting in his houses. It gives rowhouses that can typically feel rather dark a very light feeling. I think that’s what its about.

      • Good point on the recessed lighting. I still think the Psalm 23 wording is weird… it would be better to say something like, “Bright light-filled rowhouse!”

        • strange descriptions are kinda this agent’s “thing”. sometimes he writes limericks, sometimes he talks about the love child of martha stewart and ralph lauren…

          • Descriptions don’t sell houses. Pictures sell houses. I applaud this realtor for being creative and interesting.

      • I understand that they’re touting the light-filled interior (there are skylights as well), and targeting the first-time home buyer with the “Mother will be pleased, Father appeased.” I was referring to the kooky wording.

  • This house looks really familiar… ther’es a good chance I saw it when it was on the market last year. I hate that open layout where the kitchen is plastered against one wall and there’s an awkward stretch of closets under the stairs, so I probably crossed it off my list right away.

  • The renovation looks very attractive, if perhaps a bit generic.

    The kitchen looks like it will age fairly well.

    I like the bathroom tile… it’s plain, not some super-busy pattern, and I think it will also age well.

    I suspect the two non-master bedrooms are pretty small, and I don’t like the skylights in the bedrooms. (What if you want to sleep late and require dark to sleep??) Other than that, the house looks good.

    Nice landscaping, too.

    I don’t have a sense of whether parking in this area is competitive… there’s no off-street parking, so if parking is competitive (or likely to become competitive in the future), that could be an issue.

    • I don’t think street parking is an issue in this neighborhood at all, and is unlikely to become an issue unless/until the middle of the H Street corridor becomes more developed.

  • I also really don’t like the layout. I think being able to see all the way to the back of the house from the front door makes the house look small.

    Surprised they didn’t add a 2nd bath.

  • Awful write up, but well renovated and priced property, which should go quickly. I imagine its lower than market either because they want to sell immediately / start bidding or because they got it on foreclosure and can afford to sell at a lower price. Possibly both. Either way, good deal, odd description.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rainbow Properties did our house in Petworth. Many of the same elements, although I do like our floor plan better, as we have a defined living room space separate from the kitchen but still with an open feel. They use quality materials and put serious thought into design and layout.

    Their work is high quality. And more importantly, the builder has returned multiple times to take care of some of the small issues that inevitably come up after a major renovation. But a buyer can feel safe that these people will stand behind their work and not abandon you after the papers are signed.

    That’s a great price for that location and house.

  • Very good deal. Surprised they aren’t asking for more given that the hoouse 2 doors down just sold for $650.

  • Went to the open house this past weekend. There is no storage at all outside of a small closet in each of the bedrooms. No closet downstairs (the Harry Potter space under the stairs holds a small hot water heater), no linen closet, and no attic, basement, or garage. Might be a good fit for someone who lives alone or a couple without children.

  • Nice property — would be better if it had another full bathroom. Also, this may just be me, but I don’t like how the sink is so far from the stove. I like have easy access to the sink when I’m cooking.

  • My captcha says it all:


  • You know, I really like the white bathroom tile & fixtures. They will look clean when they are clean, and I think all of that weird, brown, “stone” tile people are putting in these days looks dingy and will look really dated in 10 years.

  • Already under contract.

  • Yucko open floor plan. And why the awful cheap trim around the windows? Ick.

  • I like all the skylights but with no attic and no basement, where does one keep their luggage and skis and holiday decorations? Where to hang your coat when you come in the door? I’m thinking only a toddler’s wardrobe will fit into those bedroom closets.

    It’s a lovely house but the impracticality of no storage whatsoever would quickly become a problem.

    • jesus, how much crap do you own? I live in a 1br that has 1 closet with my guitar-loving, golfing husband and we fit everything just fine.

      • I don’t know how much crap jesus has, but my three-person family has enough stuff accumulated over seven years to fill up a three bedroom house.. It’s a little bit different from being a childless couple living in a 1 br. You would–or maybe someday will–be surprised at all the crap you can collect.

        Sure, there are armoires and wardrobes and dressers and shelving units but the rooms on this house look a little tight as it is.

        • add one kid to our mix and we’d just need one more closet which I’m sure a 3br house has. (try to give me all the “oh you’ll see when you finally do become a parent” crap all you want.) I’m just surprised that your family of 3 couldn’t fit in this 3br house is all.
          judgey mcjudgerson

        • Thanks for making me laugh out loud!! : )

    • One of the drawbacks to an old house is the lack of closets, but there are ways to make it work.

      Our basement is occupied by the kitchen/dining room, and we don’t store anything in the attic. We do have one closet, under the stairs, which is where the luggage goes. We don’t have skis or holiday decorations. We have a coat rack for the coats we’re using frequently at the moment, and an armoire to store the ones that are out of season. In the bedroom I used a combination of dressers and open shelving for my clothes. Clothes and shoes that are out of season, as well as sheets and blankets, are stored in slender containers under the bed.

  • Its unlikely you saw this exact house, Knowing rainbow properties, they purchased this within the last 6 months, gutted it to a shell and rebuilt. Its probably familiar b/c they do the EXACT same layout, color scheme, and staging for every house. Literally. the EXACT. But, they also do quality and dependable work. Their homes sell very quickly.

    • Yeah, I’ve definitely seen a lot of identical-looking interiors when I was house-hunting on the Hill. It’s a shame they always open up the first level–I think most buyers would prefer the original walls– but I guess it makes things easier.

      That also explains why this property was purchased for $310k in late 2010, just barely more than what the lot is worth. It must have been in bad shape then.

  • seems nicely done, but i don’t really know the pricing around there, even though its only a mile from my house. cap hill (including H st and hilleast) varies so much with housing prices that one can almost not even wager a guess anymore.

    anyway – with only 1 full bath, no basement, not the best storage, and a relatively far walk to a metro (which typically adds more value than bus lines, even though buses may be plentiful) it might be priced high. and the backyard is pretty, but sort of not functional at all due to the tiny rocks. however it seems to get tons of natural light, and they added some great recessed lighting (very important in these old attached houses) and all the finishes are classy and neutral without being too boring. the floors are also a nice color and the open layout makes it seem larger than it probably is. i think for someone who really wants turnkey and pretty, its a good price.

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